You are tired of feeling like you have no control over your time because of your job.

You are stressed and overwhelmed from everything you do at work.

You end most days thinking you didn’t do enough.

You tired of always feeling anxious, and done turning to things like wine and food to relax.

You just want to be able to have a life outside of work.

You are looking for a new way to be able to continue to excel professionally in a male dominated industry, without the stress and overwhelm so you can do more of what you want.

You are in the right spot.

I love helping women in device sales strategically implement new tools in both your business and personal life.

It is totally possible to hit higher numbers, win your award, and feel better along the way.

Let’s connect and discuss how I can help.

My private 1:1 coaching program is a new solution for professional women who want to:

  • Elevate the integration of your personal and professional life.
  • Feel more in control and organized with your time
  • Expand your energy
  • Increase your sales numbers
  • Decrease your stress and overwhelm
  • Stop feeling stuck in your life
  • Set boundaries
  • Create new habits
  • Enjoy family time
  • Leave work at work
  • Feel fulfillment in your life
  • Do more of what you want

How Will I Know If I Will Benefit?

You will know.  I offer a number of opportunities to check out free content and you decide.  You can get on my email list and reply to any message – if you think you are ready we can hop on a transformational 45 Minute Time & Energy Audit Call.  This call will help you

  • Talk about what you have going on now & what you want to achieve.
  • Complete a time audit and daily design plan
  • Discuss the new solution.
  • Find more time in your day
  • Know exactly what needs to be done in order to feel proud at the end of the day, and not feel guilty about things left on your list.
  • Ask questions
  • Have some fun, and begin implementing changes immediately.
  • Let’s get started!


  • Michelle is a committed professional intent on helping make one’s body and mind sound. Initially, I was focused on changes to what I bring into my body, then noticed from my weekly discussions with michelle that my mind was less anxious and my confidence to solve other personal challenges was growing. So, beyond her 6 week introductory program, I am still a client. An ardent listener, michelle takes judicious notes and follows up, asking what is going on/right/wrong. If I listed all the ways she has helped me, you might not believe me. I am constantly amazed by michelle’s capacity to guide me to create changes that really count.

    J NY
  • It can be intimidating to look closely at your thoughts and how your respond to them. It is well worth the effort. It is very eye opening to realize how we regularly "talk" to ourselves. It is work, like any new practice, but we can actually take hold of our feelings and our responses to them. I find myself living my world with more thoughtful intent rather than feeling at the mercy of circumstances in my life.

    E NY
  • Michelle you helped me so much with your coaching about I have control of my schedule.  It was revolutionary!!!  I owned it after that.  I take breaks when I need to and no longer push myself beyond my capacity.  I took ownership of my thoughts and my time and lit that bitch up!!!!!!  Thank you sooo much Michelle!

    S, MN
  • To those with list of wishes but no plans to make them reality, you need life coaching with Michelle!
    I gained so much confidence in my ability to make decisions. My advice is to take advantage of this opportunity, commit to the work and love your life the way it can be!
    Since last May, I have overcome a lot. I stopped letting what my family members say work me up for days, I can date and not get devastated when it doesn’t work out, I can make boundaries with friends and set the way I will tolerate being treated. I now run my own dream business - when I didn’t know where to start before. (Learning Enhancement by Carrie). I am now helping other young widows deal with their grief in healthy ways as the leader of Widow Strong, Lufkin, Tx Chapter.
    Carrie Stringer
    Carrie Stringer Learning Enhancement By Carrie & Widow Strong
  • Having found myself in the throws of entrepreneurship in my forties and having no idea how to manage all the demands of work and family, Michelle is giving me back my time and most importantly my sanity. Click here to learn more about Rhonda

    Rhonda Farr
    Rhonda Farr Life Coach and Emotions Expert