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Today’s topic is one I think many of us can relate to on certain days: our weight.

I mentioned at the start of the month I wanted to take a week and discuss some ideas around heart health and I think a big part of that is our weight – and stress – and how the two might relate.

Today I’m sharing some new ideas and the importance of mindset in weight loss. I think it’s more about what’s in your brain vs what you stick in your mouth.

I also want to tell you about an amazing book that helped me learn more about the science of weight loss and the changes to make for lasting results.


  • Weight loss being “easy”
  • Planning in advance
  • Math and drama
  • Mindfulness in weight loss
  • Dr. Jason Fung – The Obesity Code
  • The importance of hormones

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Hello hello hello
Welcome back to the podcast friends
Whats up today?
I have to say – it has been a fun week
I had the opportunity at work to be part of two amazing presentations on leadership
One was on the Art of Self Promotion –
which I think as women we can all benefit from learning more
And the other was on Harnessing the Leader Within –

Kind of a similar trend
Showing up to lead
Right where you are today
And part of it is owning who you are
And not listening to the negative self talk we sometimes take part in right?
And speaking of negative self talk
I want to dive into today’s topic
A topic I think
Is an easy place for many of us to relate to on certain days
Our weight
I mentioned at the start of the month
I wanted to take a week and discuss some ideas around heart health
And I think part of that is our weight
And stress
And how the two might relate
And some new ideas that might be helpful for you
Now I”m going to share the importance of mindset in weight loss
And I also want to tell you about an amazing book
Which helped me learn more about the science of weight loss
Especially at my age
Im in my 40s so we know
Things change right? Lol
You younger folks … just wait ..lol…
Ok – I’m going to start with a kinda bold statement right off the bat
Losing weight is not hard
Think about it

You don’t eat
You lose weight
If you think about it
It’s harder to not lose it
Because you actually have to
Go get the food
Prepare it
Eat it
Now – that might seem kinda extreme but here’s why I say it
The issue is not as much the food
As it is your thinking
When you take away the food
I want to take you through some of the concepts I use if I’m coaching clients on weight loss
Even if its just the last couple of pounds
And you know how this relates to time friends?
Think about how much time we think about
How we just need to lose those last couple of pounds
Or how we should not have had that extra glass of wine
Because now we are eating the chips and cookies at night
Or how we should have a salad for dinner
But after a long day I’m starving and will take anything in sight
Or how we should be getting the gym
But we have to get to work
And then think about how work takes over our lives

I don’t think it’s just me right?
So –
When I work with clients one of the first things we need to do is realize
There is math
And there is drama
Now math is the number on the scale
The drama is everything you make up about it
Because the truth is
I bet there are a lot of people that would love to be your weight
So what do you make it mean?
I love that meme on Facebook with the older lady
Like shooting the scale ..lol..
We’ve been there right?
The scale is just a piece of metal
But we give it so much power
I have been known to weigh myself
And then like go blow dry my hair and
Get back on the scale just to see if that helped the number
We do crazy stuff right?
So recognize you have the option to have any thoughts when you get on the scale
What I mean is
You could even have a thought before you get on the scale
And no matter what the number is
And think it
So maybe it’s
Something like

I’m doing what’s best for my body today
The other place I see the drama –
and this for me
And many of my clients
For either cutting back on wine –
Or eating
Is around what others will think
The drama we attach to that
Im in sales but you can apply this to many work scenarios
Let’s say its eating
You go out for dinners
Or even in an office setting
And everyone is either ordering items that might not be best for you
Or they have cakes and cookies in the break room
The drama is
You telling yourself
You have to order the drinks out
Or eat the cookies in the room
Because – now this is where you can insert what you tell yourself
You don’t want them to think you don’t drink
lol.. which is kinda funny right?
We don’t want to not drink because
We don’t want them to think we have a problem
Huh? lol..
Or maybe with the cookies you don’t want to hurt your
Coworkers feelings because she took the time to make them
You guys – these are real stories

I’ve heard from clients
So pay attention to what your brain is telling you
Let me remind you
We don’t hurt other peoples feelings
Their feelings come from their thoughts
So you not eating a cookie
Because you want to make yourself better
Is only going to hurt their feelings
If they think something about it
Because listen –
I could make cookies
And you not eat them
And I’m totally ok with it
So what you need to work on
If this is you
Whether its the wine or the cookies
You need to work on being ok with letting
The other person think whatever they want
And that’s the sometimes challenging part
Because we think we can control how others feel
Now –
I want to circle back on the scale numbers drama
So you can either have the drama
the other option is
take the information and learn from it
So what is the number on the scale, and why is it that number

You can look at weight loss as an experiment
Tracking the weight
Looking at what you are eating
And seeing how to tweak it
Which leads me to the next point
I like to have a protocol set for eating
That means – 24 hours in advance I choose what I’m eating
Because choosing in advance
Allows you to decide with your pre frontal cortex
So that’s the planning part of your brain
Instead of just acting on what you “feel” like eating in the moment
Typically we don’t just “feel” like eating some spinach and egg whites
I actually love to prep my lunch food every Sunday
So easy to make some salads
Or roast some veggies
Stick them in containers
and I am good to go for the week
Plus – you guys
It not only saves money
It saves so much time
Some people like to say they don’t have time to do the prep
You totally have time
Bang it out within 30 minutes
And you have the full week done
No need to waste time thinking about it each day

No need to waste time stopping for anything
Free up that brain energy for other amazing things
But watch how you reacted when I suggested it
Did you think something like
Well I won’t know what I want to eat
Or what if I don’t feel like having what I prepped
Those are some of the thoughts I’m talking about
When I talk about the importance of mindfulness
Around weight loss
We make food this important part of our lives
Like food is joy
And food is love
And food is family
It’s not
Food is food
And you can use it to simply fuel your body
Your family is your family
And you can love them
And you can have joy with them
Without the food
And think about this
We say things like food is love
Food is joy
And then we are pissed when we can’t lose the weight
So it’s not really joyful

But here’s the thing
in the moment
It’s more compelling to you
Or maybe comfortable
Which you guys
We know is the human brain right?
The brain is wired to stay comfortable
To avoid pain
To seek pleasure
So in the moment
it might seem comfortable to just go ahead and indulge
This is where you need your compelling reason
Your compelling reason as to why you want to lose the weight
If you haven’t already listed to episode 62 go back and
Check it out
I talk about the importance of the compelling reason
And commitment
So – math and drama, setting a protocol, and compelling reason
Now –
Another thing about the idea of the protocol
We don’t all have the same protocol
You develop it
Then you test it
Then you tweak it
Based on the results
So the math
That you receive

And I want to share a book that was super helpful for me
It’s called The Obesity Code
By Dr. Jason Fung
In it he talks about the importance of hormones around weight loss
Especially insulin
Weight loss is not calories in
Calories out
If that really worked
Why do we have such an obesity epidemic?
It’s about so much more
It’s about the hormones

And Cortisol
Fung talks about the importance
Insulin resistance plays in the process
And offers solutions and new ideas around the topic
He offers ways to help reduce stress to decrease the cortisol
You want to know one way I found to help that?
It’s so funny
When I first started meditating
I would literally set my timer for one minute
And I would be peaking before like 30 seconds to see if I was close to done ..lol.
Now – it is a must
Everysingle day

At least 15 minutes
It has made such a difference
So listen
If you are thinking about it
And don’t think you have time
Well you are likely one of the ones that needs it most
Just start small
And build on it
That’s what we do with all of the work here my friends
It’s a way of living
It’s not like you just do it
And you are amazingly mindful all the time
We all have human brains
If we want to take our lives to the next level
We need to do the thought work
It’s kinda like yoga right
You don’t just show up one time to a class and then
Consider yourself a yogee
You keep going
You keep practicing
You grow and evolve
And you get to be so amazed by yourself
When you blow your own mind
So much fun
And if you are ready
I have 2 spots opened for consult calls this week

We can hop on a call
See what you have going on
I’ll let you know where I can help
We make sure it’s a good fit
And we get to work
Just head to michellebourquecoaching.com and hit the work with me page
To set an appointment
And – if you want more work on these ideas
I’m sharing one of the tools I use with clients developing their food protocol
Just grab the link in the show notes to get started
Now remember – it’s a tool to help you get thinking about a protocol that works for you
It helps you get your brain being deliberate in what you are deciding to eat
I’m not selling you the magic pill on here’s what to eat
I’m selling you on – you get your brain in order
And the weight will follow
Ok – that’s what I have for you today
Lets’ circle back next week
But for now – make it a great day – take care!

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