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Today I want to talk to you about visualizing your future – especially your future self. I think sometimes this can be a little challenging to know what that means. Sometimes we are like – Huh? I’m not sure what the future holds.

I used to always think that. You know that question they ask you on the interview – where do you see yourself in 5 years? I used to be like – umm… not sure – hopefully still The thing is – a lot of us think life just happens to us. But that is not true – we create everything in our life. So, let’s start today by purposefully thinking about what that is.



Hello hello hello
Welcome back to the podcast
I’m so happy you are here
How are you guys today?
I’m feeling good
By the time you listen to this
I will have returned from an amazing
Kinda quick
But so worth it
Get-a-way with Marc
I’m recording this
a couple weeks ahead of time
But I already know
it was amazing
You might be like what?
Or – maybe if you’ve been listening for awhile
You know exactly what I’m talking about
I know it’s going to be amazing
Because I’m deciding ahead of time that it will be
And isn’t it so much fun when you think about vacations
I think it’s such an easy thing to visualize
Sometimes we let ourselves get confused
When we talk about visualizing
Like – our future
But vacations are such easy practice
To do that work
And when you make decisions ahead of time
And visualize
Your brain will know
To focus on all the amazing things
That go along with that vacation
I know
Initially this idea might seem a little woo woo
But it works –
You should totally try it
Your brain focuses on what you believe to be true
So if you set it up in advance
To believe something is going to be amazing
It will go to work finding all the evidence
Think about this example
Let’s say there is a gal you work with
And you think she is amazing – lets call her Sally
And then there is the other gal you work with
And – let’s call her Sandy
You don’t think she is quite as amazing
Shall we
Someone could come and tell you
Something terrible about Sally
And you would be like
No – no way
She’s amazing
Because that’s what you always see in her
Or –
Flip it –
Lets say someone comes
And tells you about Sandy doing something terrible
And you would be like
Could totally see it happening
Our brain likes to be able to prove our thoughts true
Actually as I am saying that
I just thought of another example
I think Howard Stern did something like this years ago
It was around politics
And he asked people about topics
And said it was the candidate they wanted
And the random folks were in such agreement
With all the ideas
And then they found out
He was actually talking
About the other candidate
So interesting
Ok –
So I digress a bit with Howard
But it all ties into what we are talking about today
Visualizing your future
Especially your future self
I think sometimes this can be a little challenging
Sometimes we are like
I’m not sure what the future holds
I used to always think that
You know that question they ask you on interviews
Where do you see yourself in 5 years
I used to be like – umm. Not sure
Hopefully still
But that’s because
A lot of us think
Life just happens to us
But that is not true
We create everything in our life
Lets start today
By purposefully thinking about what that is
But first
Its important to think about what you currently believe
Let’s look at the thought I just offered up
We just think life happens to us Do you believe life just happens to you?
If so we need to stop
And challenge it
Because if you continue to think that
You will never take new action to create new results
And A lot of times
This line of thinking
also limits us
Because we think –
Well – I would do that if
my boss would help me get promoted
Or – I would do that but
my spouse doesn’t agree
When we give the circumstances around us
The credit
Or the blame
We give them the power
But that’s not the case friends
The circumstances do not determine our life
Let’s think about the thought model here
What will you need in order to create new results
And take new actions?
You need new thinking
You know
It’s interesting
Because I have been on consult calls with new clients
Hey –
By the way
if you are ready to dive into this work
one on one we should totally get on
A consult call
It really is a great opportunity
To see where you are at
Where you want to go
And how to get you there
But Sometimes
I get on these calls
And People know they want something
But they don’t really know what that is
I get it
I was there
I thought
Well – I have a good life
I’m not sure what else I would be doing.
We are comfortable
being ourselves right?
It feels safe
But we know
Deep down that little voice keeps telling you
There are still so many possibilities
So the answer is
we need to
As Joe Dispenza says
We need to break the habit
Of being ourselves
We have been thinking
And feeling
And acting
In certain ways for years
And that’s why we have our current results
So we need to start
And feeling
And acting
In new ways in order to
Create new results
You guys
I created a new guide for you
To do this work
Go to
It will help you start visualizing
The future you want to create
But here’s the thing –
I don’t want you to just have the mental image
I also want you to think about
How you will feel when you are there
A lot of times we have goals
Let’s say
to have more control of your time
I want you To go to the place
you are in control of your time
How are you different?
How do you feel?
Our strongest memories are formed
when we include as many senses as possible
You know how a song can come on the radio and all of a sudden you are right back to 1988
Lol –
Well –
Maybe not all of you
But the thing is –
We do want to use as many senses as possible
To be in that future state
Our brain doesn’t know the difference
Between you thinking it
And you being in it
So let’s say you are in the future self
Where you are more in control of your time
I might guess you feel more
Well –
let’s go with on control lol
And what are you doing differently when
You are feeling more in control?
Maybe setting priorities?
Maybe sticking to your planned time?
Now – what do you think you are thinking
if you are that person?
That future version of you
has a different thought than what you think now
How can you work
to get closer to that thought?
Maybe you
in the future
I’m in complete control of my time
But you now
I have no control over my time
How do you get
to that future self thought?
It can be as simple as starting to think
– I’m learning how to have more control over my time
And then –
Check in –
How does that feel
Maybe a little more powerful
Than where you are now
What will you start doing differently
And then what results will come from those some actions?
It’s so much fun to start accessing your future self
Start taking the time to think about you
Having the new goal done
What does she do
How does she feel
what would she tell you
One of the things
I like to think my future self
would tell me
Is thank you
Thank you for doing this work
To bring me this life
You guys
We really do create our lives
I want to encourage You
To Take some time this week
and think about what that is for you
Have some fun and think about you
As your future self
And don’t forget
If you go to the show notes
I’ll have the link to the free guide
And how to work with me one on
Ok – That’s what I have for you today
Let’s circle back next week
But for now
Make it a great day
Take care!

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