Ep 137 Leaving Your Job

Episode Notes: Think you had enough, and ready to leave your job?  I get it – join me today as I share a recent change in my team, my thoughts and some ideas that might help you if you are [...]

Ep 135 Trust

Episode notes –  Join me as I discuss the idea of trust – questions around what it means in business, relationships and most importantly self trust.  Today I talk about the importance [...]

Ep 134 Having Fun

Episode Notes: Join me today as I discuss having fun – in all areas of your life!  When we can incorporate more fun we have the ability to increase productivity, reduce stress and improve [...]

Ep 133 Mental Health

Episode Notes: May is Mental Health Awareness month and today I am discussing why our mental health is important, how coaching can help, and what we can look forward to in the future.  Our mental [...]

Ep 132 Overwhelm at Work

Episode Notes; Join me today as I discuss how our job influences our stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.  We just completed fiscal year end, have a new management team and reorganization, as well as [...]

Ep 129 Self Talk

Episode Notes: Join me today as I discuss the the importance of how you talk to yourself, and how mirroring plays into your life.  What you see in others is a reflection of what is within you.  [...]