One Year – Wine, Working women, and the ripple effect

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Welcome to episode 52, the one year anniversary of this podcast. In this episode, I look back at where we started. I also share my “why” for creating this show, which was to create a ripple effect on the world and people’s lives. This podcast was originally created to help people drink less, but after working with clients more and more, I realized that it was a by-product of people needing more balance in their life. So it inspired me to shift the focus on what it is today: helping you create the necessary work/life balance we all need.

What I’m excited about that is coming up

  • I am starting a new one-on-one program for my clients. If you are interested, please send me an email and we can chat about how I can help you.
  • A new facebook group in conjunction with my friends from Sanctuary Magazine. A place to read and discuss personal development books.
  • A retreat to look at and create plans for 2020 and new things to share with you.
  • I have a new resource to share with you as well, a download on the top three things you need for more work/life balance, which you can find at

I would love to help you find what you want to do with your life. Let me know you’re ready by sending me an email to


Hello hello hello
Welcome back to the podcast..
Do you know what today is?
This is episode 52
One year of us coming together
I can’t believe it
Well we technically launched on 11/9
I pre-recorded some of them so we started with a few in the bag
But at the end of the day we are at 52
A few things have changed right
Today I want to take a look back and give you an idea of some future ideas
And be sure to stick around because I have something for you at the end
But you have to listen to the end to get the 411
I want to start with something that happened over the weekend
I had a realization
I was at a meeting and saw an old pal
Well – not old – lol.. just one that goes back –
But what I realized was the ripple effect we have on peoples life
Do you ever take the time to think about it
Really –
Because here’s the thing
When I started all this work my why –
which I talk to you about the importance of having a why for any goal –
Was to have a ripple effect in the world
And when I started I had my nieces in mind
tHinking I could show them anything really is possible for them
But now I see the ripple effect is so much more

Like – in this friends example I helped him get a job and then he helped another gal
And she has done amazing
So do you ever take the time to think about that for you?
Really – what you do with your life matters
Not just for you
Although that is a pretty important person to make it matter for
But also by the ripple effect you have on others
So the next question is – what are you doing with your life?
A lot of times I chat with women and they talk about feeling
Not really knowing what is next –
But wanting something more
And maybe part of what is holding them back
In addition to not ever taking the time to decide what that is
Is they think they don’t even have the time to do it
It’s such a shame
Because – if this is you – you have so much to offer the world
And listen – that’s what we do
When I work with my clients I help them figure that out
And then they start getting to work
And the results are so much fun to see
Really – it’s amazing what is possible
If you have been listening for awhile and you think maybe you should make a change I want to help you
Let me know you are ready – just send an email –
Ok – so that is my why
The ripple effect I can have on so many lives
But you know where it all started?

Well if you have been with me for the start the podcast was initially called Drink Less
And I worked with women who wanted to cut back on drinking
The thing is – as I worked with more and more people I could see the drinking was just the by product of what was really going on
This idea of needing to find a way to relax
A way to unwind
Just take the edge off of the anxiety
Its is almost like a way to be able to find some balance in life
So I shifted the podcast a little to talk about Your Time
And I love to share ideas and concepts to help you get more balance in your life
But still excel at your career
Because at the end of the day you do still want to do well
And you know what
I still work with women who want to cut back on drinking
Because listen
If this is you you know what I mean
It’s not like you are an alcoholic
Maybe you have just a little more than you really want
You maybe wake up feeling a little like ass lol ..
But not like throwing up hung over
You just want to feel a little more energetic
Like more productive
Or get a better workout in
There is such shame around the whole situation
Because –
Did you ever notice
When you say you want to cut back on drinking people think you

Have a problem
But there are so many women who just want to cut back
And it’s not super easy
Because wine does allow you to feel better
It seems fun
In the moment
But not so much fun the next morning right?
So if this is you – I want to help you – same thing – reach out to me and let me know you are ready to make some changes
This was me –
So I get it
And here’s how you know if you want to do this
Do you like your results?
See some of – most of my clients – and myself
Still have some wine
But it is so different
Because it is more planned and I love the results I’m having in my life now that I’ve cut back
It’s totally possible my friend
So – we talked about the ripple effect of your life, we talked about drinking less and now I want to talk about more time
Your time
What are you doing with it?
Are you taking control of it or do you blame others for what happens
Here is the thing
You always have a choice in your life
What are you choosing to do with it
I’ll share a few things with you that I’m looking forward to
I’m starting a new program for my one on one clients

You can still be a part of it – again – just by sending me an email and we will get on a call to confirm it would be a good fit
I’m starting a new Facebook group – in conjunction with some of my friends from Sanctuary Magazine –
follow me on facebook – michellebourquecoaching if you want the details
I’m just putting the finishing touches on it
the idea is it will be a place for us to read and discuss personal development books – it’s going to be so much fun
I have a retreat I’m attending in a couple of weeks to look at 2020 – its a new decade you guys
I’m going to have time set aside to just think about what I can do to help more of you
Oh – and if you are digging this please share it with your friends who you think it can help
That’s one simple way to have a ripple effect
Ok – so back to the new decade – can you even believe it –
What are you going to do on purpose?
What is going to be the ripple effect you have?
I really want you to think about it.
I know you are running around and often feel like you don’t have a minute to catch your breath
Doing this work is everything
And you will be so amazed at how much more balanced and peaceful you feel when you do it
I know I have said
multiple times in this episode –
I want to help you –
So here’s what I have for you today-
I told you I had something if you kept listening
And if I remember correctly one year anniversary is paper right
So – I
n honor of us doing this for 52 weeks
I have a free download of the top 3 things you need for more work/life balance

To help you decrease some of the anxiety and overwhelm
Just go to
The link will be in the show notes
You guys
I can not thank you enough for being here
There is so much more to come
This truly is just the beginning
Cheers to another 52 friends
So let’s circle back next week
For now – make it a great day –
Take care!

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