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This is going to be a fun one! Today I am sharing my morning routine – how it has changed and the resources that can help you build any new habit.

Check out all of these resources and listen to find out how they helped me

Our morning routines set us up for the day. It is so important to begin the way you want – start each day in a way that sets you up for success.


Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast

This is going to be a fun one I think

I recently had a coworker ask me about my morning routine and I thought – what a great idea for the podcast
People often ask me about it

because I get up so early – 315 my friends

My husband says it’s the middle of the

So I figured I could use it as an opportunity to discuss a few concepts

Now, If you have listened for a while you know I discuss the idea of past self And I also discuss working on who you want to become
In fact, earlier this month

we discussed working on who you want to become in 2020 right?

So today I’m going to use my morning routine – and fill you in on how my past self navigated it And who I needed to become to get here today
I think our morning routines are so important – They really do set us up for the day
There is a really good book – Millionaire Mornings which dives into this – Some of what I do here is from ideas I learned from that book
So as we go I will also discuss some tips on what I found helpful in making the changes lol… listen –
Not that I think you all should be up at But the tips can apply to any habit building
And remember – the small changes in you make today And the new habits you begin implementing
Will make all the difference in getting you to your next best self Ok – lets get started

I used to get up at 404 or 414..

Yes – I had something with the number 4

So – I would get up and get some coffee started

I would take care of the dogs – trips outside and eating Sometimes I would swiffer the floors downstairs
Sometimes I would just tell myself I should swiffer the floors I would usually sit on the couch with the pups to drink my coffee
And back then I would watch Kelly and Michael –

I dvrd it and would usually just watch the host chat I would write my 5 things in my gratitude journal And I would get downstairs to work out
And would really just do whatever I felt like doing that morning Back upstairs to get ready
Have the news on in the background And jump into anything work related Seemed pretty ok right?
And I thought I was getting a lot done

So that was my past self morning routine Now let me tell you what happens It actually begins the night before
I take about 10 minutes to plan my day

As of this recording I am loving my Brendon Bouchard High performance planner
I will do my time schedule And when I do time schedule
So I literally put what I need to get done in a time slot

Now – my job sometimes changes based on other peoples schedules

I have patients, and doctors and sometimes things come up So I also have what I call buffer time
Its time where I know – if for some reason I am delayed and waiting on others I have a list of things to do
But otherwise

I do not go by a to do list

I go by a time slot specific day I find it so much more efficient I will also write down
Well – one of the questions on the planner is – top 3 priorities for the day And for me that is always – up at 330, workout, meditate
Now- you may say – hey – you said you get up at 315 So this is what I do
I set my alarm for 315, 323 and 330

Look at how I’ve changed from those even number 4s

But what this allows me to do is get my mind set before I get out of bed So the alarm goes off at 315 –
Honestly – my body usually wakes up around 240

But I just allow that to happen and tell myself I have a little more My husband might have me committed if I got out of bed that early..
So depending on how I wake up I might just take from 315 to 323 to On purpose tell myself things like
It’s going to be a great day

I am going to help so many people today I’m excited for x-y-z
Because listen –

I don’t wake up rainbows and Daisys

This is the work my friends

Training your brain to think what you want on purpose It is kinda like going to the gym
You don’t just start with 200lbs You have to build it all up
And practice daily

Now – I want to interject a little tip here Because sometimes people ask me. – How do you get up so early
I have to give credit to Mel Robbins

Have you heard of her and her 5 Second Rule? I read her book a couple years ago and in it
She suggested trying the 5 second rule and start getting up I think she said 30 minutes earlier
And at the time I was already up at 404

And I didn’t think I could do anything earlier than that But I was like –
Well – let’s give it a try

I think it was also around the time I started coaching

And so the mind management was really top of …well – my So the basic idea of the 5 second rule is
If you have an instinct to act on a goal – So for me getting up earlier
You must physically move within 5 seconds Or your brain will kill it
Now – of course in the moment you wake up your brain will Most likely

Be like – nahhh – lets sleep in But in that moment of hesitation You use the rule
And you start counting down 5-4-3-2-1 – Go
And you move towards action

The counting will help you focus on the goal to get up Vs listening to your brain tell you you need more sleep And that is how I started getting up earlier.
Sometimes I use the rule to jump in the ocean as You should try it out
So now I just have the habit built and I don’t really need it for this specifically So I get up – and every step down I say
Thank You
I really try to bring as much gratitude as possible to the day And let’s face it – lol
I’m getting older

Any day I wake up is a day to say Thank
You lol…
Coffee is still the first thing to get started

Now we have one pup so I feed him and take him out Yes – he likes the early breakfast – totally cool
I swiffer every morning You know what I found

It’s easier to just do it vs listen to my negative thoughts tell me for the rest of the day I should’ve
Maybe I toss some laundry in or put some dishes away Coffee is done – I sit down
And you know what – No more Live
I had to give that up to be who I am today

Instead – I drink my coffee and listen to my Think Up app for 5 minutes Have you guys heard of this?
It took me a little while to really get into it But I love it –
You can record Like mantras
I guess it’s more Positive affirmations And play them
So I listen with my eyes closed and drink my coffee

Once that’s done – depending on how much coffee I have left –

I might hop on the app I use for coaching to check in with clients Or check any updates in my coaching community
And then down for You guessed it – Peloton!
I am in love with all the options Peloton has But instead of just doing what I feel like
I already have a workout picked

I decide the night before when Im doing my schedule

That allows my brain to have a focus

And I don’t waste time thinking about what I feel like doing And you know what else this does
This helps build the relationship I have with myself I talk about his all the time
You guys – this is everything Honoring commitments to yourself
Showing your brain when you say you will do something You do it
So this is another way I do that

And as you build that muscle you know as things get harder Or you face challenges
You will be fine You will get it done You always do
Ok – so after movement and meditation Shower and get ready
But now – instead of listening to the news I put a class on
I recently purchased Master Class

It’s this platform where you can learn anything from like

Make up application to cooking to leadership to entrepreneurship I love it
I have been doing one presented by Sara Blakely on entrepreneurship And it is amazing
They have modules anywhere from like 9 minutes to maybe 20 So I fill my brain with some useful positive information

No more news

Man – that gets so negative.

I want to fill my mind with new solutions

To create greater opportunities for everyone Ok – so now it’s like 6am
I take the dog out

And then I do some self coaching

That usually looks like journaling and the gratitude journal And I am part of a program – self coaching scholars – which Has daily homework
And then – I am ready to take on the day

Sometimes I have coaching clients around 615 so my self coaching timing might change But by 7 I am ready to start the
Well – start the work day

Now – let’s take a minute here What I want to share with you
Is this didn’t all just happen overnight right? I started with the 5 second rule
I began implementing a new habit after I had one dialed in I really want to suggest you start with one at a time
Build on it

Because when we try to just change everything at once We often get overwhelmed
And give up

Go back to what we know What is comfortable and easy
Remember – our brains love comfortable and easy

But if you are listening to this you are ready for something more than Comfortable and easy
And you know what I think?

I think for me I was just at a place that I was like There has to be something more to life
I mean – I was super grateful for my life

But I just felt like I could do something more And so I started making smalls changes
And now my morning looks nothing like is did 3 years ago Thats how we change our lives my friends
We commit to making small shifts And when we do that consistently
We will – I promise you – you will see big changes Ok – well – I gave you so many resources in here –
So I will link up Mels info, the millionaire morning, Sara, Peloton, the Think Up app And don’t forget
I’m here to help you as well

If you are ready to make some of the changes lets chat

Just go to to see how we can work together

So much fun

Ok – that’s what I have for you today Thank you so much for listening Let’s circle back next week
But for now- make it a great day Take care!

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