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Today is the 40th episode, and as you know, each 10th episode, I like to share with you a mentor that has really resonated with me, and one that I hope you find helpful in the work that you are doing. In episode 10, I discussed Shira Gill, an amazing home organizer who really digs into the mindset while she puts you through a step by step process of getting it all organized.

In episode 20, I discussed my master coach instructor, Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School. And most recently, in episode 30, I discussed the book Atomic Habits, by James Clear, which is so good for starting any new habit.

In today’s episode, I’m discussing one of my teachers, Steve Chandler, a personal success coach, corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and a best-selling author who has helped thousands of people. Today I’ll be sharing lessons I learned from his book Time Warrior.

Topics in this episode

  • Steve Chandler’s different mindset on how to think about time
  • Time as a mental construct
  • Non-linear time management
  • Freeing up the cognitive load in your brain, and how that affects your daily life
  • Bringing awareness to the feelings we attach to situations
  • Cultivating happiness from within

Hello hello hello!
What’s going on friends?
You know what today is?
Well it’s episode 40 and each 10th podcast I like to share with you a mentor or book that has resonated.
As a recap – in the past –
for episode 10 – I discussed Shira Gill – an amazing home organizer,
then Brooke Castillo was episode 20 – my Master Coach instructor from The Life Coach School
And episode 30 was Atomic Habits
So today I want to share Steve Chandler with you.
Steve Chandler is a personal success coach, corporate trainer, a keynote speaker and a best selling author to multiple books and has helped thousands of people.
I love his books – if I’m being honest – one big part is because they are short chapters..lol.
You can literally pick them up and ready any part of it and have an amazing take-away.
Or you could read the entire book in a few hours.

Today I want to share from his book Time Warrior – but I also loved his book Wealth Warrior if you are looking for some new money mindset information.
One of the reasons I loved this book is because it is a totally different mindset about how you think about time.
And time really is a mental construct right?
I mean think about it – why does it seem like forever when you are waiting to be seen at the doctors office – but time flies when you are having a glass of wine with your girlfriends?
Chandler discusses non-linear time management.
The said Elvis summed this idea up best – it’s now or never, come hold me tight..
The idea being – you make decisions to take action in the present moment.
You do it now – or never – or at minimum if it’s not now you put it away – in a place on your calendar and out of your mind.
Did you ever notice how when you have open loops in your brain about things you still need to do it just seems like it looms right?
I totally see this happen to myself – I’ll say oh – I need to call that person.

And if I don’t do it right away it is in the back of my head as a “don’t forget to”..
When you can either do it now – or put it on the calendar at a specific time later – you free up the cognitive load in your brain.

And you know what that means – you move faster through the things that need to get done based on the goals you are looking to get accomplished.
No extra nagging in your brain.
So make a decision – do it – or move it – don’t let it hang over you.
Another point he discusses is how situations don’t cause feelings.
You guys know this is totally my jam.
We waste so much time thinking it other things that cause us to be stressed and overwhelmed – or to worry about things we have no control over.
We have some crazy imaginations sometimes right?
We create the difference scenarios in our lives and spend time worrying about things instead of taking the time to create some amazing things in our lives.
See – things happen
Then we add meaning to it
The Circumstance doesn’t hold the meaning on its own.
So I want to invite you to start paying attention to how often you catch yourself either worrying or blaming or giving your feelings to someone or something that really doesn’t hold the power.
Now listen – I sometimes catch myself doing this too – but the thing is – for the most part – I catch myself.
As you start to build awareness you may really surprise yourself – and the awareness is the first step – it will be what you need in order to begin cutting back on this habit and really starting to use your time in ways that are more helpful to you.
Another concept I think is so important is having process goals.
A lot of times we set these long term goals and I think they seem so far off and if we don’t believe we will accomplish them we just stop right?
Process goals are goals that you will have to achieve in order to get to the larger goals.
They are brief and achievable goals so you get your quick fix of accomplishment as you go through it all.

They are the gals that focus on the process of achieving you goals – and I love what he says here –
The worst thing to be so worried about your future that you miss CREATING it right now – right here in the present moment. The only place it can ever be created.
Soo good right?
We worry and think when we get “there” we will be happy.
But that’s not the case.
In fact – I was just reading something that talked about how you really need to cultivate happiness from within.
They were talking about celebrities who think once they get famous they will be happy – and then they get to the fame – and they still feel the same on the inside.
It’s real my friend.
When you know you are worthy just as you are you don’t need anybody else to make you feel happy.
OH – let me give you this visual – I was just listening to a podcast – In the Lead with Kris Plachy – consider that an extra bit of teacher sharing..lol..
So I was listening earlier this week where she was discussing this concept of knowing your worth.
She discussed having a crisp $100 bill and asking what it is worth.
The value is 100 correct?
Now – what if I take that same 100 and crumple it up?
What is the value?
100 dollars still right?
And what if I take it and toss it in the mud, pick it up, wipe of
f off a bit – maybe even tear the edge a little?
Value is now what?
100 dollars.
Are you picking up what I’m throwing down here..
And no – I’m not throwing down that 100 bill…lol…
But what I’m saying is no matter what your dirty dollar bill life might look like on any given day you are 100% worthy.
And imagine if we all believed that everyday?

What would you do with your time in that case?
So you wouldn’t be wasting time trying to people please and trying to get approval from others.
You would be using the precious time you have to live the life you want.
Another great quote from this book is “When you say you fear death, you are really saying that you fear you have not lived your true life.”
That’s really powerful.
When you think about your life and you think about what you’re doing with your time – what comes up?
Be honest with yourself.
What do you really want to be doing?
Let’s start doing it friends!
Ok – that’s what I have for you today.
As always – thank you so much for listening – let’s circle back next week – but for now – make it a great day – take care!

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