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Hello hello hello – how is everyone doing today?

This is so exciting – the new podcast is here – Its your time.

And it is my friend – it’s your time for so many things.

So when I was thinking about this title I was thinking you can insert anything in there – like – it’s your time to make a change, its your time to create the life you imagine but mostly I want you to know – that truly time – it is yours.

Here’s what I mean.

So many of the women I work with tell me they don’t have control of their time, they can’t find time to do anything for themselves.

And they feel so stressed and overwhelmed.

Now listen – I know you all want to continue to strive in your careers – or as the best mom you can be – but we need to bridge the gap between that striving, and stress.

And that’s where this podcast come in!

We will be looking at different ways to allow you  to be the best in your career, but do it without the stress.

I was just reading something that talked about how terrible stress is for so many aspects of your life – you know this right – relationships, health – your energy.

So – that is the work here.

And I want to fill you in a little on how I have come to this focus because I think it’s important to know you are not alone if you are feeling this way.

I’ve been doing a lot of my own coaching and I see a pattern – not only with myself, but with my clients.

Lets see if this resonates a bit.

Now, as a kid I was overweight – with red hair and freckles.  You can imagine the teasing.  I don’t know if as a kid if you realize what is going on – but looking back at some level I started to believe I wasn’t good enough.  I’m sure all very subconscious – as is a lot of things that happen in our lives right?  But let’s see how it plays out…

Now – as a kid my dad was my hero – lol.. oh – if my siblings were here they would be ripping me about being a suck anyhow – it’s true.

My dad worked hard – and still does – every single day.  So, growing up I knew you had to work hard to do well.

And I did.

I started working at the local grocery store at 14.  I could pack a mean grocery bag you all.  And I know I’m getting old when I go to the store now and think the packer should consider it a nice challenge to get all the items neatly in the bags… but they rarely

And growing up through school an A was really the only acceptable grade I wanted in order to prove success.  Not to mention my aunt betty would kick us a buck for every A we had.  So of course I wanted that.

I did 2 years commuting to a Community College, graduated, and went on to receive my bachelors degree – all while working and interning.  I didn’t live on campus – I didn’t have time for the things the college kids do… I’m not even sure I knew what they did – I just knew my time was being spent working, doing, achieving.

Now stay with me here – because I’m giving you this background info so it may spark some awareness in what you have going on in your life.  We are watching for the patterns – because all of this thinking – thinking you have to do, you have to achieve – well, it all leads to the result you have in your life.

Out of college I landed a full time job with the farm team of the NJ Devils at the time.  I started working on getting my Master’s Degree and I actually started having some fun outside of work.

But there came I time when I knew I should be doing more.

I moved on to work for the local NBC affiliate in an entry level position and soon moved into an Account Executive role – selling at 100% commission.

Talk about needing to prove yourself – my entire livelihood now depended on how much I could do – how much I could sell – how hard could I work to get the commission and prove my worth.

And I did.  I won awards and made the most money to that point in my life.

But the time came again, where I knew I needed to do more.  You with me sister?  I know you are…

I moved on to work for a pharmaceutical company where I earned salary – but again mostly commission.  Another way for me to prove how much I could sell and show my worth.  I traveled more for work, learned some amazing things, but still always felt like I should be doing more.  My time was spent visiting the physicians the company said to,  saying what they said I could and I never really felt like I was able to “own it”.

My time for sure -was dedicated to the job.

When I turned 31 I got married.

And at 32 I was offered a highly coveted role in the sales world, with one of the top medical device companies in the world.  I felt super fortunate.

It was crazy hours – always unpredictable, I never felt in control, and almost quit after the first year.

But a change in my position made me take a second thought and I decided to stay.

Now I was at the beck and call of physicians and patients.

I felt like I had no control over my time since it was based on an operating room schedule which was completed less than 18 hours in advance.

This was also the time we would start trying to have kids.

Except, I was not able to get pregnant, and I couldn’t take the time to go to fertility treatment appointments.

I thought this was a terrible mom job.

There was no time for my personal life.

And this is the kind of stuff I hear from the women I work with – not having control of your time, not having time to do what you want.

So for me, I wasn’t able to become the mom I dreamed I would be – and I blamed the job and my lack of time for it.

Years went by, and in order to deal with the stress, overwhelm and disappointment in not being a mom I enjoyed wine time.

I continued to feel out of control of my time every single day, and again – knew I needed to do something more.

But let me tell you what changed.

One day, as I was traveling again for work, I heard a podcast which talked about life coaching.

Listen – I was always a self help junkie so this seemed like the perfect fit.

I listened for hours as I drove through three states for work.

When I returned home I knew this was it.

I was literally in the parking lot of a local pub when I signed up to begin the courses.

Honestly – I didn’t really believe I would have any time to do it because my schedule was so hectic and unpredictable – but the coach promised my life would change if I started.

And it has.

I have since gone on to get certified as a Life Coach, had my best years in my corporate job since I started – increasing sales year on year on year – and growing my territory.  I’m building my business to help other women, and now I know I am in complete control of my time.

Personally I realize now that this was always going to be my path.

I was confused about being a mom – and doing this work has be better understand this.

I was always in control of my time – right?  Because I choose to stay in my career.

And now I am a leader for women to see how we absolutely can control our time – and it can be done without the stress and overwhelm.

It is my mission to help professional women struggling with the stress and overwhelm that comes with a crazy schedule.  I want to help you increase their energy and improve your time management and productivity without the stress and overwhelm.

When you know the tools on how to accomplish this every aspect of your life will improve.

I know – I’ve done it – and if I can, anyone can.

I promise you you can too – and so that’s what this new focus on the podcast will be.

Helping you get a hold of your schedule, improving your time management and energy so you can become the best in your career – but without the stress and overwhelm.

I want you to know – the stress seems so necessary in the moment, but its not.

You don’t have to keeping doing, doing, doing and achieving achieving achieving in order to prove your worth.

You are enough in this moment.

Believe that.

And from there you can strive to be your next best self – but from a place because you want to – not you have to in order to prove anything.

That is the magic my friend.

I can’t wait to share it with you here.

Thanks for tuning in.

Let’s circle back next week – but for now – make it a great day – take care!

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