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Today I want to talk to you about how you see your time – or lack of it – or maybe you think you need better time management. I’m going to fill you in on a secret: time management is never your problem.

The problem is not knowing your purpose, and not having clarity is. The problem is – everything you make up in your brain around time. We all have the same amount of time – but why can some people get more done in the morning, then others get done all day? I can tell you why: because each person sees time differently. It’s having clarity on the goals – having clarity on what’s important, and having clarity on what you tell yourself.



Hello hello hello
What’s going on friends?
Omg – I don’t know why, but I just had a visual

Of those ladies that used to be on a swing
Looking into their magic mirrors
Like I see Gina and Judy and Eleanor
Too funny
Ok – actually – this might be perfect lead in to todays topic
I want to talk to you about how you see your time
Or lack of it
Or maybe you think you need better time management
I’m going to fill you in on a secret

Time management is never your problem. The problem is not knowing your purpose, and not having clarity is.
The problem is – everything you make up in your brain around time
Because listen – we all have the same amount of time correct?
Which by the way – someone made up right?
Like we just all agree 60 minutes makes and hour And we have 24 hours in a day
But why Is it then
That some people get more done in a morning
Then others get done all day?
I can tell you why Because I see the difference in myself
It’s having clarity on the goals
Having clarity on what’s important
And having clarity on what I tell myself
Think about this – if you have a train to catch at 3pm you know where to be, and why.
The train leaves at 3pm.
If someone asked you to hop on a call,
or take them to practice,
or any other last-minute request –
you would have to decline to make the train.
You have a commitment to the train.
Time management is never an issue when you have a clear goal driving you.
What tends to happen is we wake up
and allow all the demands of the day run our lives,
instead of having a plan in place.
And at the end of the day we wonder what happened.
This used to be me
All day
Every day
And feel like such a victim to it all
It can be so overwhelming you guys
And not to mention –
When I would get home
I was like
I need a glass of wine to relax
The day has been crazy
But what if you didn’t need the glass of wine
Or whatever it is for you
Because you had a different way to deal with the stress and overwhelm
And it just decreased overall
It is possible
Ok –
So you know I like to share the work I do
In hopes of you seeing how it could work for you
And you know
I work on thought work
Every single day
Because this is not just a one and done thing
Its creating new results everyday
So I’m going to share my most recent evolution of
I mentioned a couple of podcasts ago about how I was taking a new class
Now let me just pause for a quick second
Because I want to take you back
And show you how the clarity has changed
And because of that how my thinking has changed
Which is changing my results
Ok – so you know I’ve mentioned in the past
How I used to think my job totally controlled my life
I didn’t think I had any time to do what I wanted
And it felt like everyday was just
Running around
Doing it all
But not even knowing what “all” of it really was
Because at the end of the day
I didn’t have like clear results
I always felt like I had a bunch of loose ends
That still needed to be tied up
My master coach instructor – Brooke Castillo
Would talk about how she made millions of dollars
And worked 3 days a week
I think at that point I was just like
Well that must be nice
And let me tell you a funny story
I remember when I was in coach certification training
We were at a hotel in California
And you guys know I love to be up early
So by 7am I already have my morning done
And I was down at the pool ready for class
Doing my work
Having like my 3rd cup of coffee right? And of course I already worked out ..
and was ready to go
But class didn’t start til like 9
And I saw all the seasoned coaches
Like I don’t know
Maybe around 8
Come strolling around for a nice walk
And I was like
This is crazy
How are they all so chilled
And one other thing
We didn’t start til 9
And we had a 2 hours lunch break
It was so foreign to me
Because in my world
I am in the OR by 7
I do not have a lunch break
I shovel some food down in my car
In a parking lot
I remember telling colleagues how
Crazy I thought these people were
And Brooke always said
When you get to work
You get to work
No messing around
Even in class
Phones are off
Another anxiety filled moment for me
Because I have always been attached to mine for work
But the point is
When you are working to accomplish
A specific result
You get after it
None of this – oh wait
I have to just check email
Oh wait –
I should take this call
If you say from 1-2 you are working on
Getting a specific project done
Then that’s what you do
Think about the example of the train
You know you have to be there by 3
You don’t let the distractions delay you
You have to get to the train
That’s the mindset for this
But I’m going to be honest
When I first started
And I think for about the first year
I just kept saying
I can’t do it that way
And I would watch Brooke coach doctors
And lawyers
And they would say things very similar to me
And she didn’t believe any of them
And I kept trying to get it
And you might be there with me know right?
Maybe you think it sounds nice
To be able to have a clear schedule
But you have too much to do
It that’s you
You especially need to listen
And you guys –
One of my goals here
And with the clients I coach one on one
Is to maybe speed up the process for you
To be able to see the possibilities
And make the changes
So you feel less stress
And less overwhelmed
But the amazing thing is
You can still continue to excel
Because I now see it
One day I was getting coached and something finally clicked
So notice – this was my first
Shall we say
Increase in clarity
Like I could finally see
It could be possible to schedule my time meter
And feel more in control
Now – when Brooke was teaching she always
Said you plan out your entire week
At the start of the week
Every single day
But I was like –
Nope – can’t do that
But what I was willing to try
Was planning 24 hours in advance
And so that’s what I have used to help my clients
Until now
Because I now have a new increase in clarity
It’s almost like when you go to the eye doctors right?
Is this better?
Or this?
But listen
I always say start small
Build on your success
So for some of you
It might still be starting with 24 hour in advance
But now
I see what a difference the 24 hours in advance planning
Has made in my life
And I now see the possibilities for the next level of results
By planning with entire week in advance
You guys
I still have the same job as I did when I felt like the victim
In fact
My territory has increased
But like double
So there is more to do
Which is one great reason for me to get clearer
On it right?
You have to be clear in order to get things done
So let me just share with you what I’ve learned from this class
Which by the way
Is from Brooke
If anyone is interested its called Monday Hour One
Today I’m going to share just the first two steps
They are super helpful to begin
And I’ll be incorporating the other ideas
In future podcasts
But I don’t want you to be overwhelmed
With too many steps
Just get started with steps one and two
And you will be amazed at how much more you can get done
And how much less stress you can feel
For me
I do it on Sundays
You could do what works for you
The first step is to empty out your brain
I take a notepad and write down everything
I can think of that needs to get done
This week
And then ask myself
What else
So I get it all out of my head
Like that step alone is amazing
Because so often we try to keep remembering
But our brains are not meant for storage
They are meant to process
So when you get it out
You free up space to create new results
Once I have it out
Oh – you know what else I changed
In the past I told you guys how much I loved the Brendon Bouchard
Well for this
I’m actually working on digital
So I go through and I first put in all my personal time
You heard me correctly
Crazy I know
But if you are doing this
You enter in on your calendar specifics to
For me
Working out every morning – block it off
I also use Saturday afternoons as like date time
So that gets blocked off
Put all of that in
And then go back and add everything else
Specific time frame
Now – there are also times
That are left open
As like buffer time
Because my job
Might have changes
Might have let minute add ons
So if that’s you too
You schedule time to be able to make up things
I might have to adjust a little
But it is so much more efficient
I am already getting so much more done
Now – I’m not quite at the
Making millions
And working 3 days a week
But I’ll tell you what
I am so much more enjoying my job
I am feeling so much better overall
I started my coaching practice
I mean seriously
I have no doubt
I will keep getting clearer
And one day I will be telling you all
How I made a million dollars last year
And only worked 3 days a week
How much fun will that be?
But – I have to keep doing the work
And so do you if you really want to see new results
So – I have a new worksheet for you to check out
Which can help you get started with gaining clarity on your time
But I want to tell you
The true changes come
When we do this work one one one
Just like for me
I have to keep getting coached
Because you guys –
We believe our own stories
We limit ourselves to what we think it possible
You need somebody to be able to show you what your brain
Is telling you
So if you are ready for that
Let’s get on a call and see what you need most
Go to and click on the work with me page to get started
The worksheet will be in the show notes
Ok my friends
As always – thank you so much for listening
That ’s what I have for you today
Let’s circle back next week
But for now –
Make it a great day – take care!

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