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Join me today as I talk about the importance of challenging your perspective in order to get new results in your life.  The way you look at your circumstances will determine your results, and challenging what you currently believe may be the key to accomplishing your next goal .  I am not just talking about putting on your rose colored glasses and make everything positive.  Sometimes simply challenging our perspective to see what else is possible will help us make the changes you need.

In This Episode:

  • Client success story
  • The way you look at your job
  • The importance of challenging your perspective
  • Empowering yourself to make the change 
  • Conditioning of a sales rep
  • Going after more than the numbers 
  • Work with me – contact@michellebourquecoaching.com 


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Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the it’s your time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach and career mentor Michelle Arnold Burke. In today’s episode, I’m discussing perspective. Welcome to the it’s your time podcast, the podcast where busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule. So you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to the podcast. Friends, thank you for being here. I am so happy that you are investing in yourself by taking the time to listen here and hopefully implementing a few pearls now and again, in order to make the changes that you are looking for. And I love hearing the stories. In fact, I recently received a message I want to share with you all from one of my amazing clients. And impart It reads, I just got my numbers, another personal high for new scripts. It’s working. I’m so glad I called you and decided to do this, I can really tell my attitude is changing. And I am starting to love my job again. How fun is that? Listen, y’all, this is the work we do. It’s so nice to hear when people believe in themselves enough to take a chance on something new, right? And be able to change perspective about what is possible for them. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. perspective. And perspective is so important and what we do, and it will determine our results. And I don’t mean, just put on your rose colored glasses and make it a positive perspective necessarily. Sometimes it’s simply challenging our perspective. And what does this mean? So sometimes we get in a place with work, right? When maybe the numbers are not, shall we say, stellar. And in that moment, we have to see what we make that mean. And typically, there are layers of stories that we make that mean, right. And a lot of the women I coach, think the number determines their level of success determines their abilities, or determines their worth. And it makes sense, right? We hear things like, you go from hero to zero, what have you done for me this quarter? And I always joke, right? That this is the most important quarter in history until of course, next quarter, right? So it makes sense that we have been conditioned to go after the number go after the number go after the number. But what if we shift that perspective? And of course, the number is important. And what else? How can you challenge that perspective to think that the number is everything. And let me take a moment to say that if this perspective works for you, right, like the number is the only thing, then rocket, keep on going. But for the women that I work with, and the women that I coach, by the time they reach out to me, they are usually at a point of being so stressed and overwhelmed. They’re missing out on their family, they’re missing out on what they want to do. They feel like they are just never stopping work stuff, right? And they’re just about to the point that they want to quit. But there comes a point and a time that two things might happen here, right? Either you’re hating your job because you think you are not doing the quote unquote, right thing. If you’re not making your number, which PS By the way, oftentimes there are a number of variables that go into making that number, right? It doesn’t have to mean that we are doing something wrong. Or I know the other side is that a lot of women will just keep going and going and going until you burn yourself out. And that’s when you want to quit. And I always think when we get to that point, man, we are losing out on a lot for a number of people involved in this scenario, because the company likely loses an amazing employee. The patient’s lose an advocate who really cares about what they’re doing, and the employee misses out on the chance to make some changes in order to continue to excel in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm So how else can you look at your role as a rep. And we’ve already established that the number of course, is important. But when we only focus on that, we are not able to see all of the other parts of what we bring to the table, we kind of undermine ourselves. How can you show up, for example, knowing that you are a consultant for your providers, knowing that you are an advocate for your patients. And I know in my position, for example, we are sometimes the last hope for some of these patients in pain to feel better. And that might also help the family dynamics. And I always talk about the ripple effect here, right? That’s the part, we have a ripple effect that we have on each individual life. But when we can make a larger ripple effect by helping more people, challenging our perspective, you’re not only a number, then what is possible, and you are likely changing lives that you don’t even know about. So how are you as a rep, also, helping providers help more of their patients? And how are you maybe teaching new providers, new therapies that they will, I don’t know, 1020 years from now still be helping patients with. And I know in this culture, so many people think that you have to have a highly competitive attitude in order to be successful. And we’ve talked about it here before, right? I am all about competition, until it doesn’t work, until it starts being scarcity, thinking, until you’re at the point that you feel terrible, and you’re hating your job. And listen, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. If I said, I’ve never felt that way. After 15 years in one position, and five years in pharma before that, right? It has not always been Rainbows, daisies, and butterflies. But the key is, how long do you stay in that place of feeling so stressed and overwhelmed. Because at the end of the day, you get to choose what you do with your life. And remember that because the other part of getting to the point where you’re hating Your job is that oftentimes, we feel like we’re the victim to it all. But when you can shift perspective, you can see how powerful you really are. And what could that look like for you? How is what is happening today, in your life happening for you, not to you. Listen to that there’s a difference. Any of the challenges that we’re facing in this moment, we get to ask ourselves the questions that are most useful for us. How is this happening for me, versus to me, and there’s a lot going on these days, friends. So I use work as the example here. But maybe for you, it’s something that you’re struggling with in your health, or your finances. You have to just stop and one day say, I’m going to decide to do this differently, simply because it can be different now. And isn’t that the best part? We get to do it all. We don’t have to, we get to Oh, let me share one other tip here, because I recently heard this on a Lewis Howes podcast. And he took that little, I guess some might say cliche, right, we get to versus we have to, and took that to the next level by telling yourself something like, I am blessed to have this job, because I’m changing a patient’s life. Or I am blessed to have this job. because it provides me the income to be able to take my family on vacation, whatever it is for you. Again, it’s a change in perspective, and it makes all of the difference. Even just see these sentences to yourself. And notice how you feel when you feel more empowered, you will be aligned to take action from a more powerful place. And my friends, that’s when your results change. So don’t just make up something that you don’t believe. Really make your brain think about how you truly are blessed in a situation. Just try it and see how you show up differently. See how your job shows up differently. And I kind of chuckle because the job never changes. It’s us. It’s our perspective, which is really good to know. Because then again, that’s where we hold the power and making the decision that gives gives us the results that we want in our lives. And those results really are so much more than just a number my friend. You got this. Keep going. Remember that right? And as always, you know I am here to help you along the way. So if you are interested in learning more about one on one private coaching, reach out to me contact at Michelle Bourque coaching comm we can discuss how to get on a quick call and see if it makes sense. And then we take it from there. Super easy. No obligations. We are about having fun and changing lives here. Okay friends, that’s what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week, but for now stay safe and make it a great day. Take care. Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one. Go to Michelle Burt coaching comm and click on Get started to begin

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