Episode 103 Balance vs Integration

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Episode Notes:

Today I have some exciting news to share.  I just created a program that – when you implement the tools you can double your time enjoying life – and make more money.  This week is work-life balance awareness week, and although I don’t believe a true balance exists in any moment – I do 100% believe work-life integration exists, and for most people – can be improved.  Listen today as I discuss the difference and tell you all about the new ways I can help you. 

In this episode:

  • Work-life balance awareness week
  • Work-life integration 
  • General tools to integrate 

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Episode Transcript

Hello hello hello 

Welcome Back to the podcast 

Do you guys know what this week is? 

Work /life balance awareness week 

I know 

I know 

I used to always think 

There is no such thing as Work life balance 

I think that word “balance” is the kicker right? 

Meaning – Even distribution 

I don’t know about you 

But I don’t always think think there is even distribution 

Between my work time 

And my personal time 


What I do think is more appropriate 

Is work life integration 

Worklife integration is a mix 

of how you use time for work and personal life

but it doesn’t need to be a state of both 

at the same time. 

Now you may have heard me say in the past life is 50/50

But what I’m talking about there is the mix of emotions


Signing up for the entire human experience 

Because the truth is 

We wouldn’t know joy without sadness right?

I do not talk 50/50 

For work and life 

Integration is more like 

Fully enjoying time time with your family Saturday afternoon, or at dinner each night 

Maybe Checking emails before and after

but when we have planned to spend time with family, we really focus on that 

That’s integration

It’s more of you as a whole 

Vs thinking this is the time I only work

And this is the time I only do family

And then beat yourself up 

And blame the job

If something comes up 



Sometimes I need to make some adjustments 

But I always figure out how it works best for me

See the difference? 

It’s everything friends 

Improving your skills to integrate 

Work and life 

Is what allows you to be able to enjoy more of your life 

Things like plan and keep a schedule 

Work with a purpose in mind 

Love what you do 


Do less 

Because listen 

Everything is not equally important 

We sometimes run around during the day 

Trying to take care of all of it 

When really 

We don’t need to

I see this a lot 

And it totally used to be me 

And yes – sometimes I still catch myself

When you are not managing your mind 

And thinking on purpose 

You allow everything else around you to run your day

And that feels terrible 

It is so disempowering to think 

You have no control of your schedule 

I know lol..

I thought it for a long time 

You want to know something friends 

We may be different in gender and race and economics 

But there is one absolute thing we all have in common 

24 hours a day

And they are all yours

You get to choose what to do with them 

Think about that 

Why do some people get more done than others?

We all have the same amount 

And don’t forget 

It’s like those vacation plans 

If you don’t use it 

You lose it 


Choose wisely 

And guess what 

If you are ready for help on this 

But don’t think you have the time to commit to 1:1 coaching 

I just created a self paced 

Online course and group program

I totally have you in mind

Because I remember when I first started 

And told myself I didn’t have time to do anything more 

PS – it’s a lie we tell ourselves 

I love what Jim Kwik says in his book Limitless about Lies 

Limited Ideas Entertained

See – I know you have more time 

You just need some tools to help you 

So that’s what this 12 week program is 

Using the tools 

you will double your time to enjoy more of what you want to do

And the fun part is 

You can implement the ideas and concepts into not only your personal life

But your work as well to make more money 

The online portion is self paced 

Bite sized lessons on the concepts 

And ways to implement in your life immediately 


We have a private Facebook community 

Where you can ask questions that come 


Have some fun 


We will have group coaching calls every other weekend 


This might be my most favorite part 

You have 1:1 private voxer access to me 

So if you have a specific thing that comes up in a module over the 12 weeks

You can go to voxer


Leave me a message

And I’ll get back to you within 24 hours 

It really is an amazing mix

Of opportunities to learn


And most importantly 


So you see the results 

I promise you 

Once you start using the tools 

Your life will not be the same 

The way you can learn more 

Is to head to michellebourquecoahcing.com/course 

Our first call is on Oct 24th 

so we will be closing down enrollment on the 23rd


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