Ep 99 The Brilliance of Curiosity

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In today’s episode I want to discuss the brilliance of curiosity.  Our brain is programmed to find all the negative judgements in our lives in order to survive – but when you learn to come from a curious mindset you will gain so much more useful information.  It is from curiosity that you make changes – not beating yourself up.  Listen today as I discuss some tools you can use in both your personal and professional life to find better answers – and be able to make the changes you desire.


  • The importance of curiosity 
  • Curiosity vs Judgement
  • Better questions = better answers 
  • Curiosity in the work place
  • Curiosity in your personal life
  • Work with me:  www.michellebourquecoachign.com/workwithme

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

What’s going on friends?  

It’s nice to have you here.

It’s nice to be here – really – 

I love sharing this info with you

Because I know what a difference it can make in your life

And today I want to talk to you about the brilliance of 


It’s kinda interesting 

As kids 

we are super curious 




So annoying as adults right?  Lol

Because I said so – lol

That is such a lazy answer 

Says the aunt who sees the kids and leaves..lol.

Speaking of aunts

I remember yearsss ago

My aunt Terri was asking all these questions 

And finally my dad said

Ter – you know curiosity killed the cat

Her response?

Your cat died?



You guys – 

We didn’t even have a cat!

Let me tell you 

My aunt terri

Is free entertainment for the family 


We are so lucky to have her..lol..


Here’s the thing

There really is a brilliance in curiosity 

In so many aspects of your life

And since we talk work and life here

I’m going to discuss how it applies to both areas

And I know for a lot of you 

Life and work 

Are very blurred 

It seems like life is all work 

And curiosity could even be helpful with just figuring out 

Why that is ?

But that is for an entire podcast of its own

So let’s start with why curiosity is important 

When we get curious 

We can find new ways to survive 

That is our brains focus right?


On default it wants to always tell us all the terrible things that could kill us

But we no longer have saber tooth tigers chasing us

So when we can get curious about things that are changing in our worlds

And seriously you guys

Let’s face it 

This year there has been a lot of change 

A lot of brains suffered – are suffering 

From great anxiety 

Because we are looking for all of the terrible things on default 

But if you can get curious

And ask yourself how you can possibly evolve

Or grow 

From all that we are going through 

You might start finding more powerful answers 

And our brain likes to get the dopamine hit of something new 

When you are curious to find the new things 

You get that hit 

It’s just like the hit you get 

When you get on social media


When you are curious and learning something new 

Well that hit is a bit more useful right?

The other thing is 

When you invite curiosity in your life



You will find so many new answers

to how to live your best life

Here’s what I 

I’ve seen

For myself 

And my clients 

We have a lot of judgements against ourselves

We shouldn’t have done that 

We shouldn’t have said that 

We aren’t thin enough

Smart enough

We didn’t do it right 

Its crazy right?

When you take a couple of minutes 

To get all of those thoughts that loop In you brain

On paper 

And see how you talk to yourself

Holy smokes 

You would never speak to a girlfriend like that right?


And remember 

Our brain likes to find evidence for what we believe is true

So when we ask ourselves judgmental questions like 

Why can I never get this right?

Why can I never seem to lose the weight?

Well your brain is going to tell you alll the reasons

But if you get curious 

And ask better questions

Well that’s when you find the answers 

To make the changes in your life 

That will lead you to more of what you want 


Curiosity can increase your level of empathy for others 





Instead of thinking how they are doing it all wrong 

Get curious 

About why they might be doing what they are doing 


So lets dive into some specific examples for work

Think about the times when you are so frustrated

Because you are not quite making your number 

And some of the things I hear 

And maybe have said in the past 

And honestly 

Maybe sometimes catch myself even now at times 

When I’m not managing my mind

And let me take a moment here

Because you guys

This is continuous work 

I was just talking to a client 

About how important it is to practice this 

Every day 

It’s like building a new muscle 

And rewiring your brain

To find new ways to improve 

Sometimes in my coaching community 

We say even a half managed mind 

Puts you ahead of the game 

So the unmanaged mind says

things like 

This number is ridiculous 

We don’t have enough people to support this 

We don’t have enough inventory 

But all of those thoughts 

Puts the control out of our hands

And into others 

And folks

It’s hard enough for us to control ourselves right? Lol

So here’s where you get curious 

Ask yourself 

How can I find new ways to make my number

What might be some different opportunities to help my clients

How might I be able to have fun while doing all of it

See the difference?

Curious will allow you to find different answers 

And you will be much more likely 

To find useful answers 

You can also think about 

Getting curious at the end of each week

Or month 

Or quarter

Whether you make the number or not 

Look at 

What worked

What didn’t work

And what can you do next time?

That might be some of the same things that worked

And it might be new things to try 

I think what happens sometimes is

We tell ourselves how terrible we are that we missed the number

But instead

When you can step into curiosity 

You find answers that can help you next quarter

Judging yourself and beating yourself up

Achieves nothing new

Ok – lets look at your personal life

All the judgements you have against yourself could be a nice place to start

Maybe you are trying to lose weight 

Or drink less

Or manage your time better 

Whatever it is for you

Notice when you catch yourself 

Saying things like 

Why can I never figure this out 


Get curious

And a super helpful exercise 

Is to take a look at what your goal is

So let’s say lose weight just for simplicity 

So you want to lose weight 

And maybe you even plan in advance what you are going to eat

But then you don’t stick to it


What happened?

Write it down 

What happened, 

How were you feeling 

And then 

What will you do next time?

And then

Move on 

Write it down, 


Move on

This activity can be super helpful

And let me say 

If you ever ask yourself a question

And the answer comes back as 

I don’t know





I don’t know 

Blocks all access to answers

Take a guess

What if you did know

That curiosity 

Will move you closer to finding any answer 


I don’t know 

Because here is the thing

The true brilliance 

Is already within you

You have exactly what you need

It’s just a matter of seeing it

And curiosity 

Allows you some different angles

And that my friends 

Is when you can make the changes you desire

And listen 

If you want more help with this

One on one

That’s what I do 

We get on a no cost call to begin

See how I can help 

And decide to move forward

So much fun

Go to michellebourquecoaching.com/workwithme 

To get started 


That’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week

Oh – next week is episode 100 

I have a special treat 

A conversation with one of my amazing clients

So in case you aren’t exactly sure what coaching 

Is all about 

You will want to listen to what she has to say 


So until then friends 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day

Take care!

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