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Today I want to jump right in and talk about overwhelm,  I was recently working with a client on the idea of feeling very overwhelmed around the amount of time we have to get everything done.  Often times we have the list looping in our mind, we have no idea where to begin – and we remain stuck.  Listen today to learn new ways to overcome the feeling of overwhelm and how to keep moving forward.


  • Time as a mental construct
  • Clarity on priorities
  • Making powerful decisions
  • Having your own back
  • Your thoughts around time management
  • Work with me:  www.michellebourquecoaching.com

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Hello hello hello

How are you doing today? 

What a nice holiday weekend 

We were able to visit the fam 

And spend some time outside 

And work on the new course I’m launching soon 

So much fun 

Ok – today I want to jump right in and talk about overwhelm

I was recently talking with a client about this

And I thought it would be helpful to discuss here

Because I think a lot of us – are either currently feeling overwhelmed

Or we for sure have felt overwhelmed at one time 

And sometimes I think overwhelm and anxious

Are pretty close to being related 


Lets start with what we think is causing us the overwhelm – or anxiety

For a lot of us 

It’s around the idea of not having enough time

You have so many things to do

And never have enough time 

I was actually  just thinking that this morning 

I totally felt my heart racing 

And I had to stop 

And examine 

What was I thinking?

Because here is the thing friends

We have all these ideas in our head

Just looping around

Day after day

Of what we need to do

Respond to the emails

Get the boss the reports

Follow up with customers 

Check on the patient

Figure out dinner 

And we get so overwhelmed 

Because our brain just keeps reminding us of all we have to do 

And we don’t know where to start 

So we just continue to feel overwhelmed 

And don’t get much done 

But let’s stop and think about the thought model

The emails, 

the report that is due, 


those are all our circumstances right?


Until we have thoughts about them

So they don’t cause us our overwhelm 

It’s what we think about them that causes it 

And what we think about each of them 

Is the key to finding the root of the overwhelm

So if you are thinking 

Something like

I don’t know what to do first 


I have too much to do


I don’t have enough time 

My guess is 

You likely feel overwhelmed 

I remember I used to alwaysss feel like that 

There was never enough time 

I mean 

Just think about how that thought feels

There is never enough time

Overwhelm for sure comes up 

When we are in it 

we think we are just reporting the facts right?

There really isn’t enough time

But that is totally a thought


An optional one at that 

Here is the thing

We have to question everything 

Where can you poke holes in that thought to prove the opposite is true?

You do have enough time

Well first off 

Time is a mental construct 

How much we get done 

In a specific time frame 

Varies for each of us 

Why is it that a week of vacation flies by

And sitting in traffic for 10 minutes is infuriating 

And seems like forever?

Because we have different thoughts about what time is

How could it be possible you have enough time?

How else can you poke a hole in the idea that you don’t have enough?

Well – ask your brain how much would exactly constitute enough? 


This is such a good question for all the not enoughers out there

Me included

Not enough time

Not enough weight loss

Not enough money 

Not enough sales 

You feel me?

Thinking that over and over in multiple aspects of your life?

My guess is 

Feels a little overwhelming

So take the time to stop 

What do you want to think about your time?


We always have enough time 

That is never the problem

It is our lack of clarity on what is important to us

And around our time 

That is often the issue

We run around by the seat of our pants 

Because we think everything is important 

It isn’t 


At the end of the day 

What is important to you?

Figure that out 

and get it on the calendar 

Prioritize everything else from there

Stop telling yourself you don’t know what to do

I don’t know 

will always stop you in your tracks

Take a guess 

Trust yourself enough to know you do know

You know exactly what needs to be done 

And you know what?

You will learn something every single time 

It’s almost like a merry go round

Remember those things at recess?

I mean 

Full transparency and side note 

I hated them 

I pretty much hated recess entirely to be honest 

I was so not athletic 

And I for sure was not the one to be trusted to get that 

Contraption going 


Oh – And that bubble of metal 

Terrible …lol


I can recall other kids being in charge of the merry go round 

Remember how at first it was hard to get going 

You take some steps 

And the more you go 

The faster you go 

And eventually momentum takes over 

That’s what life is friends 

You don’t just sit around and look at the merry go round

You get up there

You start taking steps 

And then you are going 

You make a decision to get started 

You take the first steps 

You keep going 

And here is another tip

Consider the idea there is no right or wrong decision

We think there is 

And so we often wait to try to figure that out 

And that keeps us stuck as well

But who determines if it is right or wrong?

We do!

So don’t start second guessing your decision

Because then you are right back where you started

Make the powerful decision 

Have your own back

Keep going 

Here is one thing I know for sure 

Change is the constant in life

When we make decisions we can make changes

When we change we evolve to our next best self

And let me tell you 

When you can start having less time in overwhelm 

You will truly be able to do more of what you want 

And that my friends 

Is pretty fun


Thats what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care 

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