Ep 91 Tiny Changes = Big Results

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Today I want to talk to you about how tiny changes can lead to big results – lasting results in your life.  I don’t think we give enough credit to how much your life can change when you make tiny changes.  Today I discuss why thoughts and systems are the key to obtaining the new goals you want to achieve.


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  • Being ok with not being Ok
  • Atomic Habits
  • Tiny changes = big results
  • How Habits determine your health, wealth, and happiness
  • Motivational Triad of Brain
  • Systems and thoughts for habits
  • Myths from our brain as we create new results
  • Work with me – www.michellebourquecoaching.com/consult

Podcast Transcript:

Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast 

How are you all doing?

Like really doing?

I keep hearing my girl Robin Arzon – you know I love her from Peloton 

And in some of her classes I keep hearing her say that 

How are you really doing?

Because so often we go around life when people ask and say 




I love to watch peoples faces when I say 


Or Excellent 

With such enthusiasm

It’s like I’ve shocked them ..lol..

But there are days when I’m not really feeling so amazing

But we don’t always really talk about that right?

Hey – 

I’m here to pass along the message 

Sometimes its ok

To not be ok

And what I find is 

When I try to resist not being ok 

You know what I mean right?

Like when I tell myself I shouldn’t be feeling a certain way 

Whether is annoyed, or worried, or anxious 

Well when I tell myself I shouldn’t feel that way 

It doesn’t actually help

Ever notice?

So I like to always remember life is 50/50

Sometimes we feel amazing 

And sometimes we don’t 

And that’s totally ok

So give yourself some grace if today 

Is one of the days you don’t 

Ok – 

Let’s dive into todays topic

Today I want to talk to you about 

How tiny changes 

Can lead to big results 

Lasting results 

In your life 

And I don’t think we give enough credit

To how much your life can change 

When you make tiny changes 

And by tiny changes 

For today’s conversation 

I mean new habits 

Habits form our lives 

In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear 

He says “the habits your repeat

Or don’t repeat

Everyday largely determines your health, wealth, and happiness

Knowing how to change your habits means 

Knowing how to confidently own and manage your days,

Focus on the behaviors that have the highest impact, and 

Reverse-engineer the life you want”.

It really does come down to that friends 


Our brain is designed with the motivational triad

That looks to avoid pain

Seek pleasure 

And be as efficient as possible

So depending on the habits you consistently practice 

You will have different results in your life 

Makes sense right?

The work is in 

Knowing and practicing 

The habits that get you the results you want 

Its the work I love doing with my clients 

Owning your life

Managing your time 

Doing the things

That will get you the results you want in life

Think about it 

Your weight is a compilation of the habits your have 

For eating and exercise 

Your finances are a compilation of 

The habits you have for spending and saving 

Your relationships 

Are a compilation of the habits you have 

When interacting with others 

Your work-life balance 

Is a compilations of the habits you have around time management 

Its seems so simple when you break it down 

Into the little pieces 

But our brain likes to feed us a few myths along the way 

Things like – 

It  needs to be A BIG change 

In order to matter

Otherwise, don’t bother


We need to find the motivation before we get started

Not true

What we need is to know why it matters to us 

And the reason has to REALLY matter 

Otherwise – we give us when it gets hard 

Or – if we have a fail along the way 

Our brain likes to say things like 

You fell off the wagon 

You gotta start all over 

Not true 

First of all 

There is no wagon to fall off of..lol..

And second

It’s not starting over 

Once you begin making the changes 

You are not the same person you were when you started 

So you are actually that much more ahead to 

Just continue on 


brain also likes to tell us

We will be happy once we get there 

Not true 

It’s still all 50/50 like I mentioned at the start my friends

I promise you that 

I have changed my life in so many ways since coaching 

And my brain still likes to offer me the thoughts 

Like – it wasn’t  one great big change so it doesn’t count 

You need to make one million dollars in the business before you celebrate 

And on and on

Here is the difference 

I don’t believe all those thoughts like I used to 

I know if I keep going 

All of the changes are making significant 

Lasting changes in my life

And friends 

You have to enjoy the process


When I say that I think of one of my nieces 

A couple years ago we were walking through the Dollar Store 

Yeah – I know – I’m a big spender aunt..lol..

But we were walking through the store 

And of course I had a day full of 

Lets go lets go lets go 

We are here to have fun 

Its a fully packed day 

And we have to get moving 

And she looks at me 

And says 

Aunt Michelle 

I want to enjoy the journey 

I was floored 

Kids are so smart right?

She wants to enjoy the journey through the 

Dollar store 

But Im thinking 

No – the fun is up ahead 

It’s not

The fun is here

So what is the goal you have 

And more important than that 

What are the systems 

Or habits 

You are putting into place

In order to obtain the goal

We can all have the same goals 

We can all want to lose 5 lbs 

We can all want to get the promotion

We can all want to make 1m dollars 

We can all want to have work-life balance that works for us

But the systems you put into play 

Will be what determines your outcome

And I’m going to pause here for one moment 

Just so you don’t think I’m going rogue 

Talking about systems 

And not 

The ever important 


It’s actually a great opportunity 

To point out the thought model 

In real time 

So lets say you start implementing new systems

For more work-life balance

That may entail

Setting priorities 

Tracking your time to build awareness 

Planning your day 24 hours in advance 

Sticking to your plan

Having self care time scheduled 

Learning how to say no 

All of those items we put in the A line 

The action line 

Of the model

When you do those 

The R line – or result is 

You have more work-life balance 

But what is above the A line?

The feeling right?

So what do you need to feel 

In order to do all of those actions 

In order to begin implementing the new systems

I will guess something like committed 

Or determined right?

And if you are feeling committed 

What would you be thinking?


Something like 

I am going to improve my work-life balance 

Not matter what 

That thought – makes me feel committed 

You have to try it on for you

Now – 

You might have the goal 

Of more work-life balance

But if you have a thought like 

I can’t seem to ever figure this out 

My guess is you feel 


And if you are feeling uncertain 

What might you do?

My guess is 

Not much 


Because a lot of times our brain

Wants to tell us 

I don’t know 

Those 3 words


Are such dream stealers 

Seriously – 

You are not allowed to use that sentence

As an answer 

When we work together 

It gets you no where 

So – 

The systems determine the result

But the thinking 

Determines the systems

Even a simple thought like

Tiny changes 

Will give me big results 

Is a great shift 


Something like 

I can never stick to my schedule or 

I have to figure it all out 


I need to find the motivation to do this


Here’s is what you need friends

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Decide why it matters 
  3. Believe you can do it with small consistent changes 
  4. Get to work 

Because as you make the changes you give see the evidence 

Of how it is working 

Of how you really are making tiny changes 

That are giving you lasting results 

And listen 

If this resonates 

Let’s chat 

I love doing this work with clients 

Small, Compounding changes 

Changes lives 

It’s so much fun to do

And so much fun to watch you do

So head to michellebourquecoaching.com/consult 

And let’s get on a call to discuss 

What results you want 

And how to get you there 

There is no obligation with this call friends

We talk about where you are 

Where you want to be 

And if it seems like a fit for us to work together 

You will learn something 

No matter what 

Ok – that’s what I have for you today 

Lets circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy – and 

Make it a great day 

Take care!

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