Ep 89 The Importance of The Things You Say

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In today’s episode I am discussing the most important words ever said.  Listen today to find out why what you say to yourself is so crucial to creating the life you want to live.  This is not  an “airy fairy” way to think – it’s the integral work you do recognizing the  the small sentences you say to yourself daily which give you the results you have.



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Hello hello hello 

How is everyone doing today?  

I am so excited 

I have this week to work 

And next week we start vacation

I’ll be honest 

I had a bit 

of a heavy heart 

Because we won’t be going to our normal place

We love Nantucket 

But – to be safe 

We are going to be staying home 

And you know what 

Marc has actually come up with some fun ideas

For us to do here


even though we won’t be at the ocean

We are still going to have a great vacation

And if you guys know anything from what I talk about here 

You know 

Its not the ocean that makes me so happy

It’s all my amazing thoughts about the ocean

That make me feel so good 


It really is pretty interesting 

Think about it 

Before you go on vacation

You usually have all these thoughts about how great it is going to be 

So for me 

I think about how much I love running on the beach

And how I love to watch the sun come up and take pictures 

Or how I think I feel so inspired when I’m there 

And that feels so amazing

But the ocean is not in front of me when 

I’m thinking about all of that 

Before vacation 

So it’s not the ocean – it really is my thoughts 

And let’s be honest 

I think sometimes our thoughts leading up to vacation

Are sometimes even better than vacation..lol..

It’s such a trip right?

ahhahaha.. no pun intended 

But really think about how that works 


Enough vacation talk

And if we can’t dive into the ocean 

Let’s dive into todays episode lol 

Today I want to talk to you about the most 

Important words ever to be said

Do you know what they are?

Ok – 

lean in 

and listen

They are the words you say to yourself 

Take that in 

And really hear me 

Because it is so important 

The most important words are the ones you say to yourself

And friends 

A lot of times 

We don’t have kind things to say to ourselves 

And that needs to stop

But first 

You have to become aware 

of what it is 

you are saying to yourself 

Let me share a story with you so you can get an idea

Of what I mean 

Because I think the idea of 

the words you say to yourself are so important 

Is great 

But it almost might be a little airy fairy 

And I want you to know how insidious it can actually be 

Like at a micro level 

Where you don’t even recognize it 

And you need to recognize it 

In order to change it

So this is what it looked like for me this morning 

And yes – trust me 

I do all this work 


My friends 

The human brain is amazing 

And the human primitive brain 

Well – reminds me of my dog 

When he is running around like a crazy pup

Chasing his ball 

Almost taking me out at the knees 

Sometimes a little batshit crazy 

Just having fun …lol…

But you need to get that under control 

And the training comes from you 

From you managing with your more evolved brain

Your pre frontal cortex 

Got it?


So this morning 

Actually let me start with last night

You know each night I plan my workout for the next day

I pick the exact Peloton Classes I am taking 

And that makes it easy in the morning 

No wasted time

Deciding what I “feel” like doing 

 I can just get going 

But when I woke up today

I felt kinda off

And let me be clear

It wasn’t sick 

I know the difference for me 

And in those instances

If I’m really feeling sick 

I will take some time to rest

But this was just kinda off

And my brain hopped on that opportunity 

Like a runaway train with Keanu Reeves on it 

Or wait – that was a bus right? lol.. 

Anyhow –

It offered me the following:

You know – you might want to take today off 

You know – you have been spinning a lot lately – you should do a rest day

You know – you have some work to do before vacation – you could use the extra time 

You know – you likely won’t have a great ride so why bother 

THATS it my friends 

Those are some of the little sentences

 that are so important 

For you to be on to yourself 

Because let’s play it out 

Let’s say you take the day off from working out 

And you do the work 

Where does that leave you?

Well I know for me 

I really need the endorphins 

Working out truly allows me to feel better

So if I don’t work out – 

I know I’m not going to feel any better 

I know the next time I get on the scale there could be an increase

And then I have the opportunity to be myself up for that 

And if I do the work 

Then I feel like a victim to the job

Because I never have time for myself 

And work takes all my time 

That is such an oldie but goodie that runs in my brain at times 

And guess what?

It might not be my best workout 

But trust me 

Getting my butt on the bike and doing something 

Is always better than nothing 

Our perfectionist brains love to tell us

If it can’t be perfect don’t bother 

So messed up right? 

But see how that happens?

Seems like such a little innocent thought 

Just take the day off 

And again – I’m not saying if you are really sick 

To just power through

You understand the difference right?

Now – 

here’s what I think

Might be even more profound in this example 

When you take the day off

 Because in the moment you don’t really “feel” like doing it 

You know what happens?

You discount the commitment you made to yourself the day before 

You discount what your evolved brain had planned for you

Knowing it was exactly what your future self needed

When you act on the immediate pleasure 

You miss out on the long lasting goals 

The goals You truly desire 

When you don’t honor the commitments you make to yourself 

You lose out on the opportunity to build that relationship you have with yourself 

And that my friends is EVERYTHING

The relationship you have with yourself 

Is what allows you to show up 

As your best version 

Not only to create the life you want 

But also to serve the world 

In whatever way you want 

Maybe as a professional 

Or a mom 

Or a volunteer 

All of it 

And these 

What seem like such small decisions 

To workout or not 

Is everything 

Because small increments over time

Leads to big changes 

So think about where you will be 

If over and over you listen to the voice that says you can’t


Purposefully telling yourself you can 

And then you do 

And listen 

This is just one example 

This thinking spreads like wildfire 

Because how you do one thing is how you do everything 

So for you maybe its 

Making or missing the one last call you had planned 

Or eating exactly what is on your food plan or not 

Or drinking exactly how much alcohol you said you would or not 

Or truly disconnecting on vacation when you said you would or not 

It all adds up 

Now – I will give you a tip

When you first start 

You might not be fully aware until after the event

So you might not realize until after you make the decision 

That’s totally ok

Brining the awareness is the key 

So what I mean is 

Let’s keep with my example 

Let’s say you didn’t workout and instead I did the work 

After you complete the work you might realize 

Oh – that was an opportunity for me to honor my plan 

I didn’t 

And then get curious 

Why do you think you didn’t stick to it?

And then the next time 

You might realize it a little sooner 

So you might be doing the work 

And think – oh – 

I missed that opportunity to stick to my plan

I wonder what was going on

And then 

The next time 

You will be where I was this morning 

I noticed it before 

And I didn’t listen to that primitive brain of mine 

I simply reminded myself 

I know how good I feel at the end of the workout 

And I reminded myself 

I want to workout to be healthy 

Gentle reminders – be kind to yourself friends 

And then just do it 


An additional benefit to doing this is 

You now have evidence to show yourself  

You take care of yourself 

You do what you say you will 

I want this for all of you

It’s work friends 

It doesn’t just happen overnight 

So you have to stay curious 

And compassionate 

Novel idea here – 

say nice things to yourself 

You are figuring it out 

You are learning new ways 

It’s all good 

Because – 

It really is 

And look at that 

One last benefit for me today?

I had the opportunity to share it here with you

Which you know I love doing 

Now – this week 

I really want to encourage you to pay attention

to how you talk to yourself 

Are you saying things that are moving you forward 

Like towards your goals 

If not – start doing so

What you have to say is everything 

Make sure it’s useful 

And if this resonates 

I want to invite you to join my free 

Private facebook community 

It’s where we do so much of this work 

Being able to learn the tools to excel in your life 

But without the stress and overwhelm

So you can do more of what you want 

Just go to www.michellebourquecoaching.com/itsyourtime 

To join 

So much fun!

Ok – that’s what I have for you today 

Lets circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy 

And make it a great day 

Take care!

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