Ep 88 Work-Life Balance

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Episode Notes:

I was recently in a Facebook group looking at women responding to the question – what is your biggest struggle with work, and overwhelmingly, the answers included work life balance and time management.

Women trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed – not being able to do what they want.

Today I wanted to share a few ideas because I think this is such an important topic. Being able to control your time is everything to living the life you want.


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Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast friends!

So excited to have you here.

Can you even believe we have the 4th of July just around the corner?

We love the 4th – it will be different this year but that’s fine – we will figure it out

We always do right friends?

I mean like you – me – us – we always figure it out.

Ok – let’s dive in to today’s topic

I was recently in a Facebook group looking at women responding to the question – what is your biggest struggle with work

And overwhelmingly

the answers included work life balance

and time management

Women trying to do it all right?

I know you know what I’m talking about

So today I wanted to share a few ideas because I think this is so important

And when I talk about work life balance

I don’t mean

Only if you have kids

I mean all of us

Because –

I’ll be honest – I sometimes think

That women without kids


I’m really just speaking for myself here right

But I think sometimes women without kids –

Sometimes feel the need to do more for work

because We don’t have kids

Or – The truth is –

In the past it has sometimes Been expected

That I stay late

Or do the extra

because I don’t have kids

But I still have a life

We all do right?

They look different

– but one is not more worthy than the other

So that’s why –

when I speak work life balance –

i truly mean –

your work

Your life

Whatever that looks like for you



It’s interesting

There are a few things I see going on with clients

when they feel so out of control

The first thing is

Not a having a crystal clear idea on priorities

The problem with not have priorities is you think everything is important

And you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off

Trying to take care of it all

Here is a super interesting exercise to try to gain awareness of how this is true for you

Take a couple of minutes and right down your top priorities on life

You know –




Work maybe

Take a nice look at them


Look back at how you spent your last 24 hours

Write it all down

What did you do each hour

This is the interesting part

Look at how the two compare

Are they aligned?

I know the first time I did this

they were So far off

Which totally explains why I used to feel

Like work “took” all of my time right?

Work doesn’t take our time friends

We give it away

Because we don’t set clear priorities

and plan what is important to us

I promise you

As you start to plan more

And be specific in what you want

and how much time you want to allott

You will find

so much more Time

And most importantly

The more you plan and stick to your plans

The more you honor commitments to yourself

Which might even look like

just starting to schedule 5 minutes to meditate

Or read a couple of pages in a book

The more you do what you say

The more you know you have total control

and hold the power over your schedule

Telling yourself anything different feels terrible

And when you feel more in control of it all you are likely to do more of what you want

It’s everything friends

So the other component to this is

Stop with the beating the crap out of yourself

You know

The chatter that goes on when you are at work

That you should be doing more for the kids

Or more for the partner

Or more for the dog

And then the chatter that goes on when you are home

thinking you should’ve done that project differently


You shouldn’t said that to your client

Think of the time and energy you spend telling yourself how you are doing it wrong

There is no upside


We sometimes think if we do this enough we will finally figure it out

It’s not how it works

When you catch yourself going down that path stop

And listen

This is how our brain works

It’s always looking for the negative

You didn’t do it right

Don’t do it unless it’s perfect

You should know better

All of that chatter is normal

But you don’t have to believe it all

So when you hear that track going in your brain


Instead try giving

Yourself some credit


That in this moment

What you are doing is important

What you are doing

is something you are choosing to do

In this moment

And friends

In my opinion

Balance of time is not about 50/50 all the time

I don’t really believe that exists

I think the balance comes in you

Giving yourself credit for all you do

Being present when you are doing what you are doing

So you are not wasting energy tearing yourself down

Make sense?

Sometimes work takes more time

Sometimes life needs more time

But the power –

or maybe since we are coming up on the 4th

we say – freedom

Comes in knowing you are in charge of it

Because from that place

You can start making the changes you want most

So – two pieces of follow up for you this week

Do the activity to write down your priorities

Look back at how you spent your last 24 hours

Decide if you wAnt to make any changes

And when you hear those voices in your head

Be sure to make them kind

Ok – that’s what I have for you today.

Let’s circle back next week

But for now –

Stay healthy and

Make it a great day – enjoy the 4th

Take care!

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