Ep 87 What To Do If You Are Stuck

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I am so excited to share some new changes and talk a bit about how coaching can help if you are feeling stuck.  The truth is – the discomfort of making changes in your life offers you the opportunity to feel more alive than ever – vs – staying stagnant in a life you just live day after day thinking there must be something more.  Listen today to hear just some of the ways it has worked for me, and start thinking about what you would want if we could wave a magic wand and help you achieve it.  How fun!


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Hello hello hello 

How are you doing today friends?

Hopefully amazing 

I’m super pumped 

Because I’ve been working on my 1:1 coaching program

And changing it up a bit 

And having so much fun

And since I hear so many people 

Say they are really not sure what exactly coaching is

Or maybe how is it different from therapy 

So I thought I would share some of my take 

On these questions 

For you today

Because I think a lot of ya all

Know you want something more in life


kinda feel stuck but you don’t know what to do

It’s like – you feel stuck – 

And yet 

you don’t even know what exactly you want 

I totally get it 

But at the same time

 you are like 


I’m not sure how coaching could help me 


You know 

I am pretty open 

about different areas 

Of how this work has helped me

So I’ll weave some of those stories for you as well

Let’s dive in 

To begin 

And you have heard me say this before 

I think everyone needs a life coach

Honestly – I do believe 


everyone will have a coach

Just like we go to the gym 

(or Peloton of course)

for your physical health

We also need someone to help  

With our mental health

The state of your mental health 

Is so important 

And it’s not just like a 

Self care 

Self improvement 

Kind of indulgence

It’s doing the work 

To make a difference in your world 

With your family 

In your job 

In your bank account


how all that work 

Changes the way you show up in the world

Think of the money you spend 

On so many things that don’t even last that long 

Im suggesting you start to be open

To investing in yourself 

And I promise you – that return 

On investment will be unlike 

Any other you’ve ever done

It’s funny 

because a lot of times when  I tell someone 

I’m a life coach

They say – oh – I think I need one of those 


Or – 

Better yet 

Oh – I know someone who needs you 

lol.. right?

We always know best for others 


let me start 

by telling you a little about what this has looked like for me 

And honestly – 

I still do the work and have a coach 

I actually have a couple of coaches 

But when I started 

So when I was just listening to the podcast that got me started

The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo 

I was at a place in my job 

Where I was ready to find something else 

I felt like I had noooo time 

To do anything I wanted 

I couldn’t do doctors appointments 

If I did 

they would have to be rescheduled most of the time

And I was a bit resentful 

From previous years of not being able to even consider 

Fertility option treatments when we were trying for kids 

Because my schedule was so unknown and last minute 

I felt like I was always running 

And never having time to do what I wanted 

At the same time 

I knew I was also grateful to work 

For an amazing company 

But it felt like there had to be more in life

You know what I’m talking about right?

That voice you hear that whispers 

Maybe there is something more 

But I didn’t know what that even was 

So how could I possibly get a coach?

I’ll tell you what happens though

The discomfort of not growing and evolving 

Gets to a point where 

You will make the move 

To try something new –

Like coaching 

Because the pain of staying the same 

Becomes more 

than the discomfort

Of trying something new

So how is coaching different from therapy?

Sometimes I think coaching 

Sounds a little weird 

Here’s how I like to think about it 

When I hire a coach 

I am doing so 

To help me be able to see 

Where I have some limiting thoughts 

We all have blind spots friends 

What I mean by that is 

Areas of our life 

Where we just don’t see our own potential

Or where we don’t quite get 

How there could possibly be a different angle to

Look at something causing us pain in our lives 

When I invest in a coach 

It’s because I believe 

The work they do will help teach me 

To believe something new 

About myself 

So I can get the new results in my life

That I haven’t been able to get on my own

Make sense?

And I’ve been in therapy before 

It has a place for sure 

But for me 

I think therapy was more 

Let’s go back into the past 

And dig around a bit 

See what dark secrets might be causing me 

To be the way I am today 

But what I found is 

Where therapy kinda mucks around in the past 

Coaching says 

(at least the way I do it)

Let’s get on a call and discuss

what do you want for your future?

I mean 

We already lived in our past right?

No need to go back there 

If you are looking for new results

You need new perspective 

And new tools to use 

So coaching looks at where you are now 

Where you want to go 

And we implement a plan to get you there

Let me tell you a little story about that 

If you’ve been with me for awhile 

You know 

I used to really enjoy my wine 

As a way to escape some of the stress from work

And really 

to just be able to relax at night

I know this is a lot of you too 

It’s not like you are an alcoholic

you just want to cut back 

Because you don’t want to feel sluggish the next day

Or maybe 

I know for a lot of you 

It’s the extra couple of lbs 

that frustrates you

The work I did in my initial coaching

Was learning some of the tools

To not want the wine to relax 

And not from the old 

Will power 

White knuckle 

And I have to tell you

Doing that alone

Has changed my life

I have so much more time to do 

Things that make be feel amazing 

And I still have some wine 

But it’s different 

So much better 

And I was able to lose

Some of those pesky pounds in the process

I have to say 

Even more profound then that 

May have been 

Changing my relationship 

With time management 

And taking control of my calendar

And not feeling like work 

Controlled my life

And I still have the same job

In fact 

This is so crazy 

But since coaching 

So lets say

Since about 2017 

Where I was ready to just do 

anything  totally different 

I won back to back to back awards 

And increased my revenue to make 

More money than I ever before 


This year 

I’m taking on 4 new leadership opportunities 

In different capacities 

And its still the same job

Oh – and by the way

I started my coaching practice 

Where I teach all the tools 

To busy professional women 

Who want to excel in your career 

But without the stress and overwhelm

So you can do more of what you want 


I have never felt more peaceful in my overall life 

The job didn’t change friends 

I did 

And so can you 

This is not a podcast to say all the great things 

That have happened in my life

Although – 

I am pretty excited to share some of them with you 

This podcast is to tell you 

It’s your time 

It’s totally possible for you 

To get the results you want 

Listen to the voice that says you can 

We all have an inner critic 

And an inner advocate

Listen to the second 

You can literally blow your own mind 

And yes – there is discomfort in making the changes 

But I promise you 

You will feel more alive than ever

after doing so

The alternative 

Is to stay where you are 


I think you know 

Just like I did 

The discomfort of staying stagnant 

Can be way more painful

So listen

Next month I have a class coming up 

In our free private online community 


by the way 

If you are not there yet 

What are you waiting for? 

Go to michellebourquecoahing.com/itsyourtime to join 

Next month I’m doing a class on relationships 

This is a big one 

Relationships with your boss

With your loved one 

With your siblings 

Whoever causes you the most grief..lol.

We will be digging into all of it 

It’s a great place to get started 

And when you are ready 

Which – I think a lot of you are 

Lets get on a call

I want to hear what you have going on 

And I’ll let you know if I can help

I have limited spots so 

We want to be sure it’s a good fit 

Before you commit 

Just send me a quick email


To let me know you want to get started

And I’ll take care of the rest 

You show up friend

And I got you.

Ok – that’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy

And make it a great day 

Take care!

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