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I think you can agree – we love the feeling of accomplishment.  You know – when you can check off the list of things to do.  But let’s be honest – we just add more to the list, and keep taking action – going and going and going.  If we don’t take a break it’s almost like we are someone one ice running in place and if you don’t stop you are going to start going backwards.

For myself and for the women I work with, it’s easier to keep going, and keep doing for everyone else Vs taking time to hear the voices in your head.  So many of us feel like we are stuck in our lives doing the same thing over and over.  That’s because – you are.  So today I want you to think about your biggest advocate – the future you you want to become.  Listen to learn what I mean and how to begin.

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Hello hello hello –

How are you doing today friends?

How was your holiday weekend?

I hope you had some time to yourself 

And you were able to do some of what you really wanted.

Normally I have some house project I like to do 

Like painting – or getting outside spruced up

But that did not happen this weekend 

Listen to what I did 

Well – a lot of what felt like

Not much to me..lol..

Here’s what I mean –

My coach told me I had to stop


Like running around with all my different projects 

And the reason I’m sharing this with you 

Is because I think a lot of you will benefit 

We all have 

A bunch of stuff going on right?

And I don’t know about you 

But I love the feeling of accomplishment

You know – when you can check off the list of things 

But let’s be honest –

Then we just add more to the list 

So we keep taking action

Going and going and going

Well Caryn pointed out

It seems I’m getting to be 

Like someone one ice running and running in place

And if I don’t stop 

I’m going to start going backwards

So – although I say it didn’t feel like 

I did a lot 

I actually took so much time to give my brain 

Some space 

And I want to encourage you to do the same

Here’s what I find

For myself and for the women I work with

It’s easier to keep going 

And keep doing for everyone else 


Taking time to hear the voices in your head

And then so many of us feel like 

We are stuck in our lives 

Doing the same thing over and over 

lol.. ummm that’s actually correct

But not because all the external sources are pulling you

It’s because you are not willing to feel 

Whatever the feeling is for you 

When you don’t have the busy to distract you

So here’s what I mean

I do not like the feeling of bored

I tend to think it’s a waste of time

I tend to think I’m being lazy 

I tend to think there is always something to do 

In order to be more productive

Did you hear what I said for each of those 

I think it 

None of that is a fact 


Some of the most successful people in the world 

Talk about how they meditate and journal 

We know mediation does wonders for stress levels

But it also allows your head some space

And maybe you can think of some new ideas

But here’s the tricky part

You have to be willing

To feel that feeling you are avoiding 

So for me – yikes

This weekend

I could see my brain going crazy 

The neighbors were doing projects 

And here I was 


And reading 

And thinking 

This is boring

And I have to say 

That also serves me up 

Some anxiety

But the truth is 

Emotions are the doorway to 

Growth and learning 

And you guys 

An emotion really is just a vibration in your body 

And I’m here to let you know –

I survived feeling them..lol..

After the first day 

I could start to see the benefit

I started to have some new ideas about 

How to serve my clients

And different ways to grown the business 

And interestingly 

Later in the weekend 

As I was kinda bringing it all to a close 

I saw a post that said 

Taking care of yourself

Is being productive

Now how about that thought ladies?

Seems like one we can all borrow

I’m just started reading this new book

Personality is not Permanent 

By Benjamin Hardy 

And it was perfect timing

Because a lot of what I was thinking about

Was my future self

And I’ve talked about this concept in previous podcasts

So who do you need to become 

In order to accomplish your next goal

And this book had so many discussion points 

Around this idea

About how we are not who we are 

Based on our past 

We don’t have to “find” your passion

We have to work for it 

And you have to decide what life you want to create

It doesn’t just fall upon you 

So when you tell yourself you are stuck

And you don’t know what you want to do

Well that this work

You have to start deciding 

Taking action


Here is how it can be a simple start for you 

Your future self could literally be you tomorrow

So let’s say you are looking for a promotion

Does your future self want you to make an extra call today?

Or if you are looking to lose weight

Does your future self getting on the scale tomorrow 

Want you to have that cookie?

Start thinking about her

How do you hook her up today 

So she gets what she really desires 

See – it’s easy in the moment 

And our brain loves instant 


But at what price?

Tomorrow do you beat yourself up

Or do you decide to be committed to 

The long term desire

Wait out the quick pleasure 

In order to obtain the true pleasure 

There is a difference 

Now – not everyone is willing to do it

And that’s why not everyone 

Has the results they want in life

But the key is 

Knowing you always have the power

Because that’s where you get to choose 

What it looks like for you

So this week I want to encourage you

To take some time

And imagine your future self

Think about what you ideally want

Once you have some of these ideas

Then you have a filter by which 

You make your choices today

And for some of my clients 

We have them write a little message 

From their future self 

So from you 

Having already accomplished the goal

Just a little something for you to look at 

If you hit some challenging times 

And we all do friends 

But this little note can just be in your phone

As a reminder to keep going

For her 

It’s kinds fun to think about 

And listen 

When you are ready

I’m here waiting for you sister

I offer 1:1 coaching to help you 

Do this work 

To help you get the new results in your life

And feel better 

I’m starting my next wave of coaching and 

I’m looking for 4 people who are ready

So go to michellebourqucoaching.com/workwithme 

And let’s get started

I wanted to keep this short and sweet 

and now you take the extra couple minutes

To begin thinking about future you

So that’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week

But for now – make it a great day 

Take care

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