Ep 285 Empowering Women – Having Agency in Your Health

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Join me today as I talk about some ideas, tools and concepts to help you increase the agency you have in your health.  Knowing you have the agency to control decisions around your mind, body, Spirit empowers you to make the changes you need to live the life you most desire.

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  • Women’s health, mind-body-spirit connection, and taking control of thoughts. 0:00
  • Practicing self-awareness and challenging limiting beliefs can lead to new insights and improved results in life.
  • Foundations of women’s healthcare
  • Women’s health, fitness, and self-care. 10:08
  • The importance of self-awareness and agency in women’s health care decisions.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Dr. Stephanie Estima
  • Dr. Mary Claire Haver
  • Dr. Vonda Wright
  • Dr. Lisa Mosconi


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Episode Transcript: Edited by OtterAI with minimal edits

You are listening to the It’s your time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque. And today’s episode I’m discussing empowering women having agency in your health. Welcome to the it’s your time Podcast, the podcast where busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule. So you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. Hello, hello, hello. Welcome back to the podcast friends. Here we are in May, which happens to be Women’s Health Awareness Month and mental health awareness. But today, I want to focus on women’s health. And I really want to look at a couple of different topics because I think, well, a couple of different topics, I guess, specific to your health, because I think that you are also multifaceted, right? Like we are not just one thing in life. And I think a lot of times, we’re putting these boxes like your mom or your sister or your wife or you’re an employee. And yes, you are that is for sure. And you also get to decide what all of that means for you. It was interesting, my girl Robin from peloton, she recently had a quote something to the effect of you are deserving of remembering who you were before you had kids, you are deserving of showing up as your full self meaning you get to decide what success looks like for you in your life. And that can change during different seasons of life. And that’s okay. And so with that I want you to as you’re listening, kind of think of that, around the idea of your health, what you need in your life might also change as you change. And before I get started, I do want to share a couple of different podcasts that I have been totally digging recently around women’s health. The first one actually, it’s no particular order. It might have just been how it showed up on my feed hot for your health doctor Vonda, right. And I will put all of this in the show notes also better with Dr. Stephanie a steamer. In fact, I have also read her book a couple years ago, I think I might go back and reread it. Very good book and then two others that I would say to follow. I hear them on podcast as guests. I don’t know that I’ve actually found a podcast specific that they have. But Dr. Lisa Moscone. She is like a neuroscientist and also look at women’s health. And then Dr. Mary Claire Heever, she actually just released a book that I am reading currently. So I will talk to you about all of that I’m sure down the road. And when we talk about women’s health here today, I want us to think about things like Mind, Body Spirit. Now listen, I think your mind is one of if not the most powerful tool that you have in your health, I think it is one of the most important tools that you have around your health, making the decisions that work for you. And you getting to decide how you react to things that happen in your life, family, friends, work, it all happens, right? But you are the most empowered knowing that you are in control of what you want to think about all of it. And you know what, there are circumstances that happen in life, and many people will have a variety of responses to it, right. But at the end of the day, you get to decide how you want to be in alignment with what you decide to think. And I am always talking about the think fuel do model here there’s been a number of podcasts where I’ve talked about it. In the earlier podcast, you might see it as a title, the model thought model, it’s all the same concepts. So let me just say, first, it is normal for our brains to have an initial reaction to something or someone. And we talked about the importance of your habits here on the podcast, right? We’ve also done a number of podcasts around habits, what you’re thinking is also a habit. So let’s say you have a family member that annoys the crap out of you. Your initial thought might be when they do something right, it might just be that they are so freaking annoying. But in that moment, you can take a pause and decide, is this useful for me? Do I want to keep thinking this? And do I want to keep feeling annoyed? I remember it’s so funny when I look back because I remember talking to one of my girlfriends years ago before I started all of this training, and I was just learning about this idea that thing feel do or the thought model and we were sitting at her restaurant and she was like wait, what do you mean your thoughts create your results. And quite honestly, at the time, I was like, I am not sure I haven’t gone to training yet, it seemed so far out to me like such a reach. So I want you to know, if you’re kind of new to all of this, just stick with it. Because when I think back to that time, and now what I know, it is life changing, because you knowing that you get to choose how you think, which drives how you feel, and then what you do to get you those results. It will make you feel so much better. And when we talk about your mental health, practicing, this will decrease your stress immensely. And decreasing stress, at least the chronic stress, right? I mean, listen, we all have stressors in life. And there is research to show that sometimes stress is actually a good thing for us, the chronic, daily stress not so good. So it is important to your physical health as well, right when we look at the importance of decreasing stress. And I think the word that I want to kind of sum this all up with is agency, at the end of the day, cleaning up your mental mess. And I say that with so much love because we all have it. I especially do right, there’s a lot of cleaning that goes on here. But cleaning that up knowing that you have agency in your life. It is so important. Now, I think the other part of the importance around this right is the knowing, because you need to have awareness around what that mental mess is, in fact, and becoming aware of what you are actually thinking, well, that’s the first step. So what I want to say here is start paying attention to that, as you start seeing Hmm, what else could be true questioning what I my thinking, is this useful? As you do that, you will start to make cracks and some of the BS that you have meaning some of the old belief systems that maybe no longer serve you. Maybe you are that person who I talked to often that says you feel stuck, right? These are the things that we want to start questioning, am I feeling stuck because I keep thinking the same thing. And I keep thinking that I am the victim to something, knowing that you have control over all of it is truly what will help you make that pivot. And once you start making the cracks and some of the old BS, then you’re able to begin implementing new thoughts and ideas that will help you get the new results that you want. I think agency and your mental health is such an important tool for you to begin practicing and implementing every single day. Okay, now, I do want to touch on some of the topics that I’ve been researching with some of the doctors I mentioned above for the podcast. And I don’t want you to skip past this because when I tell you the next part, you might think oh, that doesn’t really pertain to me. A lot of these doctors seem to have a focus on the ideas around or concepts tools around perimenopause and menopause. And I say please do not skip because even if you are in your 20s and 30s this can affect you. And listen, not for nothing, you should start to become aware of some of these ideas now so that you can start having agency over the decisions, the daily decisions, the micro decisions that you are making in your life because it all adds up my friend. And I will tell you I wish that I had some of this info when I was younger. The thing is, people haven’t really been willing to talk about these things, right? How often do you talk about menopause perimenopause hormones, what’s going on with your health that maybe you think is only affecting you? I assure you, probably not. And also, our physicians have little to no training on this topic. I have been floored listening to some of these doctors talk about the lack of training around women’s health and women’s health in general is severely underfunded. In fact, most of the studies that we look at for our health have been done with men. I think it’s Dr. Lisa Moscone actually says we are not little men. There needs to be more research done for women’s health. And some of the research that they’ve been talking about in these podcasts. They are talking about how women will, for example, show up to a doctor’s office. And they might be talking about anxiety, heart palpitations, maybe even something as benign as frozen shoulder or brain fog. And either they might be blown off as that just happens when you get older. Or here take some of this anti anxiety medication. Now listen, I am all for medications that can help you but the question is, Does anyone do testing on hormonal levels? Is anyone questioning to a deeper level? What might be going on? Sometimes it’s a matter of finding balance with your internal systems that can and actually be most beneficial for you. And the other thing that these women doctors are talking about a lot is the importance of strength building. I think I mentioned here before, like, I wanted 50 to be my strongest year yet. And the more I listened to these people, the more I think it is imperative. weightlifting, many of us have grown up in a society that tells you to be small, play small, stay small. And I remember right where we were told this silly little lie that if you lift too much, you’ll become bulky. Looking back, I’m like, What the hell does that even mean? What does being bulky, actually mean? Like, really, it’s okay, that we are strong, because we need strong bones and muscles, especially as we get older, I don’t want to be frail, falling down, like I gotta keep up with the nieces. Right? I have to continue the legacy of being crazy, Amma Shelly, and I want us to all extend the quality of our life. You know, one interesting point that they were making is that men will often live their life, right, and then they die of a heart attack. Women will often live longer, but not necessarily in a healthy way. So when we’re talking about living longer, I want us to live in a way that actually brings us joy daily that we are not just suffering. So I am starting to think that things like weightlifting, weightlifting, not just little pink, light weights, lifting more and more often could actually be the fountain of youth. So I will continue talking about that this year, for sure. I always talk about the fact that I believe movement is medicine, I cannot tell you, and listen, I’ve talked about this for a number of years, right, like I enjoy working out. But I do find that sometimes, more often lately than not, I literally have to talk myself into it, I have to remind myself that once I get the energy moving, once I get the endorphins going, I will feel so much better. So I want you to think about this, when we’re talking about implementing new health habits or any new habit, you do not have to go from zero to 100. If you just start with small, new, incremental habits, it can be life changing. So for me, sometimes it’s just a matter of telling myself, you know, you’ll feel better if you just go downstairs or just go down and start with 10 minutes. And I tell you just getting down there will start the momentum. See, a lot of times we think, oh, I need to feel motivated. In order to do that you do not need to feel motivated, you just need to get your butt down there, or start the project or whatever it is. And guess what, as you get going, you will feel the momentum. And that will help to build the motivation. You though, have to figure out what that means for you. What works best for you, because all of the experts can tell you do this do that. This diets the best that it best weightlifting for X amount of days, rest for this amount of days, and there’s science and research behind all of it, right. But when I was younger, I think I was so much more into like, okay, these are the rules. This is what they said, we have to do this. But sometimes it just might not be best for your body. Or it might be something that you’re not able to sustain yet. And just keep that word in mind yet. So as we look at women’s health care, I want you to look at what does that mean for you? I always say, take what works, leave what doesn’t. And that applies to all things that you do in life. You have to trust the knowing that you have within yourself, you know, best. I think it’s super important to keep learning. everything evolves, right? Yes, I mean, think about it back in the day. For some of you. Maybe you weren’t born. But back in the day, Susan powder was all about like the cardio and no fat mean, think about how things have changed, right? So let’s keep learning. Let’s keep evolving. Let’s keep up on all of it. But when it comes to your body, you do you, you have to pay attention to what is working for you. And again, it goes back to the idea of having agency in your life of having agency around your health care decisions. That sense of control that you feel in your life, your capacity to influence your own thoughts. You having faith in your ability to handle what life sends your way. To me, that is the foundation of your women’s health. And like I said, it all keeps evolving. We all keep evolving, which is a magnificent thing, my friend. Let’s keep doing this. As always, please feel free to reach out to me on the socials at Michellebourquecoaching. Also, I have a new monthly newsletter that I am sharing. So it is just a great place for me to kind of share what’s been going on during the month. Things that I’m reading or listening to or selling reading or new coaching tools. So if you are interested, please go to Michellebourquecoaching.com You can sign up and get on the list and also you will get a free PDF download of three things you can do to decrease your stress and overwhelm while still excelling in your career. Okay friends, that’s what I have for you today. I look forward to connecting with you next time for now. Make it a great day take care Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one. Go to Michellebourquecoaching.com and click on get started to begin

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