Ep 283: Multiply Your Impact – A Conversation with Motivational Speaker and Author Nick Klingensmith

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Join me today for a special Multiply Your Impact Series episode.  Today I am sharing a conversation with Nick Klingensmith.  As someone who has walked the path of a sales professional, Nick is an expert in propelling other achievement-driven professionals and leaders to oercome fear and rejection and push past self-limiting doubts, by inspiring them to take purposeful action towards their goals.

Nick shared gems on motivation, overcoming adversity, dreaming big and living an inspired life.

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Episode Transcript:  (Transcribed by OtterAI with minimal edits)

You are listening to the It’s Your Time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque. Today’s episode is a special multiplayer impact series and I’m sharing a recent conversation with motivational speaker Nick Klingensmith. We talked self leadership, living inspired and the importance of a Limitless Mindset.

Unknown Speaker 0:22 Welcome to the It’s Your time Podcast, the podcast where busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule so you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. 

0:46 Hello, hello. Hello. Welcome back to the podcast friends. Today I have a special multiply your impact conversation that I am sharing. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nick Klingensmith. And Nick is the author of through the fire the story of the four time cancer survivor type one diabetic and recovering alcoholic who became an obstacle course racer and defied it all. Nick is a motivational speaker and the gems that he shared in this conversation were so much fun, we talked about living inspired the importance of self leadership, releasing the hold on limiting beliefs that you have for yourself, and the importance of dreaming and evolving even as we get older. And of course, so much more. So without further ado, please take a listen. Okay, thank you so much for being here. This is going to be so much fun. Can you just get started by introducing yourself in a way that you most like to? 

1:43 Absolutely. My name is Nick Klingensmith. I’m a motivational speaker. And I am the four time cancer survivor type one diabetic and recovering alcoholic who became an obstacle course racer and defied it all. Wow, that’s a lot. 
1:57 That’s and that’s just the headline. 

2:01 Okay, so this series, and we’re gonna dig into that and unpack it a bit. But this series is about multiplying your impact. So when we’re talking about your book, through the fire, who do you think you were most looking to help when you were starting that? Unknown Speaker 2:17 People who think they can’t? And I know that’s a broad term. But 

2:23 I thought I talked about this the other day, that when we asked when we were asked as children, what do we want to be when we grow up? That is such a poisonous question. It should be who do we want to be when we grow up? And to that answer, there should be limitless, limitless dreaming that we all tend to not do as much as we get older, we start to build these blocks around us for whatever reason or another. And for me, it had to do with my medical conditions, and my mental attitude, mostly because of past behaviors. And so for years, I was an active alcoholic, and I didn’t realize the impact on my life and my decisions. But what I was doing, by cultivating this victim mindset for myself that I’ve used to justify my drinking and behavior, I started to believe it. And I started to believe I can’t run because of my knees anymore. I can’t go do all this activity because I’m a diabetic. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Unknown Speaker 3:25 And I didn’t want to. So it wasn’t a bother to me, at least I didn’t realize it the conflict that was inside. But I think that a lot of people get hung up in these doubts in this this bubble that we create for ourselves. And I do think there is this inert desire to achieve to do more than we’re doing to actually get off the metaphorical or physical couch. I want to inspire people that they can more than anything, I want them to know that whatever it is that limits them, it is still a choice and one that they can overcome. Yeah, I think what you’re saying is so important, because I see this so often, right? Like as kids, you dream about, like getting into college, and then you know, maybe you’re getting married and then you think about having kids. And then there just comes this time in our life when we stop thinking like, things are possible. Like either I’ve gotten to be too old, or you know, I just or maybe now you have the kids and you think you can’t because of the kids, but it’s just so fascinating, like where our brain goes to. And I think the other thing that you mentioned the doubt, we need to start doubting our doubt about ourselves in our abilities to do things. Something and I think you and I talked about this the other day too, but it goes a lot broader than the one I’m about to say is my doctors and I do not share the same goals. Unknown Speaker 4:43 Their goal is to you know, have me live long, healthy, that’s great, right? They would like it if I was on the couch forever except for maybe 30 minutes walking around the block. They want me safe. That’s not my goal. My goal is to live the life Unknown Speaker 5:00 For that I have it’s simply to live. And Unknown Speaker 5:04 discomfort is a part of life. And it’s, it’s our normal, it’s human beings normal thing to seek safe ground, right? Like we want the path of least resistance, we want to avoid predators like these are things that have just been ingrained in our souls. Unknown Speaker 5:19 Because we’ve been conditioned to survive. But to thrive as a choice, you have to make that decision to live beyond those means. And sometimes it comes with risk. Sometimes it comes with a little pain. You know, I’m not suggesting people go out and just do really stupid things. But we should do a little bit stupid things. And we’re doing now. Right? Yeah, who is really to say that it’s stupid, right? It’s gonna be like, what we call it, but it’s to your point, right? Doctors say one thing, you have another thing. 

5:49 That’s, I mean, that’s it. Like, where I’m not afraid to take some risk in my life. And here’s why I’ve, I know what it’s like when you do. Unknown Speaker 5:58 I know what life is like when I allow these limitations that I place on myself. And I know what life is like, when I step beyond those limitations, sometimes a little, sometimes a law. And either way, every time you move beyond that doubt, even just a little bit, you literally redefine the space that you live in you, you open up your entire world, just by stepping out of that. I think that’s yeah, I love that. Because I do think like discomfort is the currency to our growth and evolution, right? Like, we have to go through that. And there are so many people that say like, Oh, I feel stuck. But it’s because they are staying in that comfort zone, oftentimes, right, which to your point, our brain loves it there, we want to be efficient, we want to be safe, like it all makes sense. So it’s us being intentional with going out and trying new things and learning new things. And also the thing that we talked about when we hit these, you know, I got, well, I don’t have kids, but you know, you get to this, I got the job, the house, the kids, like the spouse, like everything’s Check, check, check, right? 

6:59 We achieved some sort of success in our life from by some definition, or another. And then we instantly instinctively start playing defense. Unknown Speaker 7:09 We’re afraid of losing everything that we have, we stopped exploring outside the cave, we stopped trying to grow, we stopped trying to develop in fact, anything that threatens us. 

7:19 We become defensive about, you know, somebody then begins to if you feel challenged or questioned, all of a sudden, it’s like, well, that person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And we get so entrenched on just protecting, protecting our egos. Yeah, that purpose is an evolve. Your purpose is is an evolution, I guess discover my purpose till five years ago. And I do believe it is a life purpose. But how it manifest will change over time. I hope it does. Oh, my gosh, yes, I think that’s so important. And I think sometimes people equate purpose to like their job. And that does not have to be one in the same it can change during whatever season you are in life. And it does not have to be your job. I talked about it yesterday that our purpose is not our profession. And I have been down that road where I identified with my job. And 

8:08 if if things are going well you don’t realize how toxic that is your tire validation is upon Unknown Speaker 8:16 someone who you have a business relationship with, I don’t care if you’re friends with them or not. It’s still a like, it’s a business contract. It’s not about who you are as a person. And when you equate your success, and you really identify with your job and your career. When that changes, it throws you for a loop it did for me. And I stayed there one year too long at the farm, the company began to change. And I felt like it was an indictment of me personally, when it literally had nothing to do with me. And it took some time to realize that even though I started by saying I’m a motivational speaker, that’s not who I am. That’s what I’m doing to make money. Now. Those aren’t necessarily the same thing. Yes, when they are life is awesome. But yeah, I think that’s such a great point. Because I think also when we’re talking about being willing to change and grow and get into, you know, an area of discomfort. Oftentimes, it might even be that things aren’t going so well, right, that you don’t like I shouldn’t want more than this. Like, I’m very lucky. I know. I’ve gotten coached on that, and also that my identity is around my job. So I think for some people, it’s often hard to leave because then who are you without that job? And who are you without that, you know, company? I’ll even I’ve been coached on the fact of like, well, my, you know, company pays my mortgage. And my coach is like, no, they don’t just sit there and hand out money. You are the one working right. It’s that differentiation of you and what you do. And actually that’s where the last two years where I was in logistics still. And I felt that was languishing because I knew this is what I knew my purpose is to inspire others to my purpose to overcome every obstacle and inspire others that they can and I want to Unknown Speaker 10:00 Do it the way that I’m doing it. However, for two years, I was in a job that I was no longer passionate about. And the way that I, I stayed focused. And the way that I stayed good at it was I aligned my purpose. And it wasn’t that the company was not paying my mortgage, the company paid me to do a job. What I do with that money, Unknown Speaker 10:21 is what is my choice. And I wasn’t working to build that company, because I no longer wanted. That’s not how I identified myself anymore. I wasn’t doing it to support customers, I wasn’t doing it to make sales. I was doing it because my purpose is to overcome every obstacle and inspire others that they can too. And that was my vehicle. To get me there, I had opportunities with every action, every interaction that I had with another human being was an opportunity to help somebody, everything was an opportunity to network to learn something to develop my own craft, and to support the lifestyle that I was living, that helps me to achieve the goals and purpose in my life. And that’s why when I you know, I almost regret saying I’m a motivational speaker, because the fact is, that itself is still just a vehicle for me, of how I’m going to deliver my purpose. Yeah. And I think that brings me to the next question, which I think is so important, because I think a lot of times, people don’t look at every opportunity, like they want a perfect plan, and everything has to be very strategic. And I will start when I have it together. But you talk about this idea in chapter four of day one or one day, can you maybe discuss that a little bit and the mindset around that? Absolutely. And I had languished for a while I’m using that word a lot today a cup for about a couple of years before. So actually, I’ll even go back in my 20s, I was a competitive beat volleyball player. And I kept in very good shape, and very good aesthetic shape. And so it absolutely fed my ego, which also meant that when I became 240 pounds, Unknown Speaker 11:54 my ego was shot and my self worth was shot and my self confidence was shot. And I kept saying I’m gonna get back in shape, I’m gonna get back in shape for years, I suffered under the weight of the weight of changing. Unknown Speaker 12:11 You can do that forever. And say one day, I’m going to do this, or make today day one, what ever it is. And this is something I’ve worked with all my clients right now because I’m coaching couple people. And we start with the limitless dreaming aspect people who are like, I need a purpose, or I’m stuck. And I’m like, Okay, let’s Daydream the crap out of something. All right. And then we’re gonna break it down into one, tangible action, and oftentimes, just like overcoming an obstacle, it’s learning how to do it. So some people it might be like, Alright, step one, I want you to identify five mentors in that space, you know, step two, for someone else’s, like they’re trying to plan some trips, and I said, I want you to identify three potential dates, ask that person when it’s going to be it’s about taking that first action. I signed up for one race, all I did was say yes to a race when my boss asked me to do it, I did not expect to change my life. But I wanted a catalyst to get in shape again, finally, and I said, Alright, tomorrow is day one, this is it, we have to start. And you’re right most, the first step is always the hardest. And that’s why most people don’t take it. Unknown Speaker 13:14 But just start action inspires action and action will overcome will always overcome doubt. It will always overcome fear.

13:23 It builds momentum, you don’t know what you don’t know, know what you have to learn the skills that you have to acquire or get this the skills that you already have. And haven’t tapped into yet. Unknown Speaker 13:35 Nothing gets accomplished on the couch. Now I’m using that as a metaphor. Just start. Yeah, I think two things that you mentioned there. Number one, I think sometimes especially high achieving folks think that it needs to be all or nothing. And they think like, a little is not enough. So instead, we just like don’t do anything. But Darren Hardy talks about this in the importance of the compound effect, just doing small things over time lasting change. And I also think what you mentioned about building momentum, like sometimes I talk to people, they’re like, I just don’t feel motivated. I’m like, motivation doesn’t just like come down raining from the sky, right? You have to take action and then you start to feel motivated as you get going and build momentum like

14:18 Right, yes, we need to start something to get motivated. I actually say all the time that I’m people like how do you stay motivated, I’m not Unknown Speaker 14:26 purely motivated. Okay. I’m purpose driven. So I know what I’m going after. I then I rely on my priorities and discipline to carry me to the action I make a plan every single day. And the reason I have to the worst 15 minutes of my day or when I’m making the plan, because once it’s because that’s where all the anxiety lives. Once the plan is done, I just go through it. I don’t feel like it. Who cares where am I plan to say check your feelings it didn’t it didn’t make the next call. It said take the next action. When I work when I wake up tomorrow at 430 in the morning. I’m not going to Unknown Speaker 15:00 Want to run? Right? I’m going to do my warm up while I’m gonna get my I’m gonna say my prayers, I’m going to get my coffee, I’m going to do my warm up, I’m going to take the dog for a walk, I’m going to come back and do drills. And I’m going to do the run because you go step by step by step. And you know, what, about a mile and a half into the run, I am going to be thrilled about what I’m doing. That’s where my positivity, my meditation comes in. We’re all my morning videos, and all the creativity happens. One step in front of the other is the only way anyone’s ever got anywhere. But you have to take the first step. Yeah, I’m always like, as long as you feel willing, like you don’t have to feel rainbows, daisies and butterflies, but I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel like I’ll wake up. And I like to work out. But there are mornings that I’m just like, come on, I have to tell myself just get down there. You know, you’re gonna feel better once you get started. And and sometimes it’s just a commitment of like, okay, I’ll just do at least 10 minutes. And if I still don’t feel like it, then I won’t. But I always do. I always keep going because I feel so much better. You know, this something is better than nothing mentality is 100% accurate. And I you know, one of the reasons that I’m very open on my on my videos, I post my social, I post my obstacle failures, I post my slow run times. And, you know, I’m not David Goggins. I’m not saying everyone has to go run an ultra. But I’m not even saying you have to run. But you should do something. And

16:16 people will sometimes not do things because they don’t think it’s enough. But if you’re not doing five minutes, that’s five minutes, I’ll tell you what, it’s not about right or wrong. It closer to where you want to be, or further away from you want to be which which way does that five minutes take you. Even if it doesn’t have a lasting impact, and plus five minutes can turn into 10. And builds momentum, it builds energy, it builds other practices, there’s just when you take positive steps in the right direction, even if you don’t accomplish what you set out to. You still enact positivity in your life, you still practice discipline, like all those things have a ripple effect that is exponential. Again, I did not sign up for 160 races, I signed up for one. Unknown Speaker 16:59 Yes. And I feel like to your point about the failures and stuff too. I think that’s also important how we redefine or define look at what a failure is, because it oftentimes I think holds people back because not only are they you know, is doubt holding them back. But the fear of failing and making it mean something so bad about them versus like it’s also can just be a learning experience. Unknown Speaker 17:19 Failure. 

17:21 Again, if you it’s like this, the question has sometimes been asked, What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I’m going to change the question, though. What would you do? If nobody else would know that? You failed? Hmm, yep. Because I do think far too often, too many of us avoid failure, not because of the failure, but of how we might think that other people might think about us or failure, when in fact, Unknown Speaker 17:47 the people who think that aren’t thinking about when someone else fails, because most of us are too self involved to care. Unknown Speaker 17:53 Here’s the thing. The people that are rooting for you to fail or will judging you fail, like forget them, those aren’t your people, what the people who are supporting you, encouraging you and cheering for you. Number one, they don’t see it as failure either. It’s another attempt, failure should not have such a holdover as it has to be experienced. And if you continue to fail forward, another word for failure just becomes practice. 

18:21 And I think we often fail and advanced by not going after those first steps, because we’re afraid to do whatever it is, you know what, I’m actually going to challenge that only for a thought. Small semantic thought. Yeah. It’s not that we fail forward, and then don’t do it. We quit. Yes. And there’s a difference between failing and quitting. We didn’t fail when we don’t take the first step. When there’s a lot of reasons I might fail something. All right, it might not have the skill I might not have prepared enough the sun might actually be in my eyes. Who knows? All right. There’s a lot of reasons that I can fail. Unknown Speaker 18:58 But when you quit, it is you.

19:03 No other explanation. There’s no other excuse. You could say I quit because but it doesn’t matter. You are responsible. You made the decision, you quit. And you’re the only one who can make that choice. Quitting is a conscious choice to not move forward. And if we fear failure, that’s what prevents us. You didn’t fail. You quit. Yeah, that is so interesting. And is it interesting too, because we look at as you’re talking about, like when we think about other people and their ideas of failure, I think a lot of times we often even gauge our success based on what we think others think versus how much easier is it if we just start like going internally and figuring out what how do we want to speak to ourselves as we have a quote unquote, fail and also what do we want to define as success? So you know, it’s funny, I’ve been talking about that a lot lately too. 

19:52 I attended a Franklin Covey time management seminar back in 22,007. And in that they had us do the be do have exercise Unknown Speaker 20:00 What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have what you want to do, and I kept that binder. All right. And by 2015, I had achieved most of the things that I put on that list, right like, including like the who I wanted to be traveling to foreign country a bunch of times, I had been to Vegas 15 times in eight years, like things that I put on the list, like small things like getting a new couch, surfing Costa Rica, just whatever. Unknown Speaker 20:21 So by all every measurable standard and 2015, I was wildly successful. But then, with that same logic, every year since then, I’ve been, I’ve been a massive failure. I’ve made more money, my career has progressed, I’ve changed careers, I’ve done different things. Success is a moving target. But that’s not how we look at it, we look at it like it’s a finish line. And so one of two things happens, either we, we fail and get frustrated, or we succeed and become paralyzed. Unknown Speaker 20:48 I don’t talk about success anymore. As a matter of fact, when I’m almost done with the first draft of my new book, and I’m gonna go back through it and make sure I don’t use the word success in there, like at all the word I want to use as achievement. Unknown Speaker 21:01 Because yes, I understand that we may kind of be talking about the same thing, but I feel that achievement is time based, it is a moment it is a it is something specific that you achieve forward. And because I don’t know what the rest of my life is gonna be like, it took me 45 years to realize that 

21:18 I can’t be planning all these other things. But I know that I’m achievement driven, and I need to continue to achieve and achievement isn’t going to be granted to me by anybody else. I’m the only one who can determine did I achieve x? Or did I achieve why? Or did I not? And it’s not based on somebody else’s opinion. Okay, I think that is so important. Because I know I’ve talked to people also about like, you know, I started out as a rep, for example, and now I have kids and like, what does it mean to be successful, because that identity, right, as a rep was always successful. So I love that idea of achievement, because that can for sure be looked at throughout a number of different lenses as to what that means. And when you talk about your seminar, it reminds me of the other question that I had for you, because we had talked about the importance of visualization. And you talked about writing down things you wanted to accomplish. Can you maybe now not everybody’s gonna be maybe trading for a Spartan Race. And it’s so funny, because when I was telling my brother about you, he has actually met you, because I think he’s done like the Killington beast east, something we can chat about that afterwards. But I was thinking, the importance of visualization, just in any, like career life point, like, what are your thoughts? And maybe can you talk about how that has impacted you? Unknown Speaker 22:30 First, I think everybody should do a Spartan Race. But this definitely applies to a broader, a broader thing. And I mean, it was transformative in every way in the sheer fact that there’s somebody listening to this right now who thinks they can’t, that’s why you have to. 

22:43 Because when you can do that, what else can you do? That said, the first time I really understood the power of visualization was in 2018, when I was training for the Boston Marathon for three straight months, literally, now I grew up up there. Alright, I’ve been in the marathon a dozen times, I used to skip, work and play hooky and go to the Red Sox game at 11 o’clock, and then just go get drunk and celebrate the marathon runners. My family grew up on Heartbreak Hill. So I knew the area, my old sales territory was framing him. 

23:14 So literally for 90 days, both on my runs in the morning, and while I’m stretching at night, I visualized the course I even watched a video of like virtual course things on YouTube, or I wanted to just see it in my head. And I would visualize me going through the course and not just I’m not just seeing it, right. I’m listening to the crowds. I’m I know what the air feels like I’m smelling the food at certain areas. And I’m listening to the music at all the sidewalk parties. And I’m just taking myself turn by turn. And as I got deeper and deeper into visualization, I’m seeing how I feel at certain areas. I’m repeating mantras to myself, I’m literally experiencing the race. And every single time it resulted with me celebrating over that blue and yellow iconic finish line down Boylston. Unknown Speaker 24:04 What I didn’t foresee was what might have been the worst weather in the history of the Boston Marathon. It was 18 degrees. sleeting torrential rain 40 mile an hour head winds, the entire race it warmed up to be about maybe 40 degrees by the end of the race. And I’m a slow runner. And because I hate wearing a lot of clothes and because I trained in Florida, I was wearing an a shirt that’s probably thinner than the t shirt I head on now. Unknown Speaker 24:31 And I had these like Thinsulate gloves that later I had to get rid of because they were frozen. All right, at one one point I want to say it was maybe my old 15 or something I wanted. I was going up to an aid station and they’re handing out gels and I had I was like open it she’s like why I’m like my hands are frozen solid. I couldn’t open the it was I suffered so hard to that race and it was also the greatest experience of my life. And when people asked me if I ever considered quitting I Unknown Speaker 25:00 I literally did not know how

25:03 90 straight days I saw and felt this one outcome. Even though again, I had hypothermia, I was absolutely miserable. And never saw another outcome, quitting was truly not an option. There was no other way off of that course for me, besides the finish line, Unknown Speaker 25:20 the great power of visualization was an unmistakable so much to the point that every time I talk about it, I’m kicking myself that I’m not doing it more and more aspects of my life. And I’ll be honest, before I really realized that something, I thought I was powerful. And here’s why all the bad things that ever happened to me, I saw them happening to So change the narrative.

25:42 What, Why, why focus on all these bad things that might happen? Why don’t I take that power and apply it to something else? This morning, when I did my morning prayers, I did a meditation and I focused on a call that I had a little while ago. Unknown Speaker 25:56 And we booked a call. So like, did I manifest it that I make it happen? Maybe. But I was certainly I was prepared to be at my peak state to handle it because of how I basically mentally trained for the event. Yeah, we are. I love Robin from peloton and she always says what if we were willing to put that energy more into believing versus worrying? Right? It’s so easy for us to worry about things when we could also flip that narrative for sure. I think that we do not give the little engine that could enough credit. And I’m I was on a mountain race the summer in Indiana. Yeah, Indiana. And one of the obstacles is a sandbag carry where you take a 60 pound sandbag about maybe a quarter to a half mile loop. Only this one was directly on the face of the mountain. It was about a 35 degree incline. It was high tall grass in June who had been raining the night before. So it was like a steam bath. It was awful, okay.

26:50 To the point and it was all wet and slippery. So you kept falling. And so literally this, I’m instead of carrying the sandbag on my shoulder and just trudging up the mountain, I am dead lifting it, putting it up like four inches in front of me Unknown Speaker 27:03 walking to it and doing that over and over again. And even though everything inside of me saying no, no. No. out loud. I just said yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. I might have had to say it six or 700 times to get through that exercise. But who was right? Yeah, that is Yeah, such a great point. All right, we’ve talked a lot about doing and going after the dreams and all of that stuff. And I think it’s also important, I just saw you recently talking about the importance of rest, but differentiating from the idea of laziness. And I think a lot of people who are listening probably do not allow themselves time to rest because they are always going you know, whether it be to impress other people, whatever it is, right? The busy badge of honor is, by far worn very well, to most of the people listening here. So can you maybe talk a little bit about that before we kind of close up? Yeah, there’s, it’s a thin line, right. And I think it’s important to be very self aware. And we should ask ourselves, like, we want to be careful not to judge and condemn, because negative thoughts have negative impacts. And they’re also really easy and keep going. That said, it is one of the reasons to differentiate the difference between rest and laziness is rest is intentional. Unknown Speaker 28:19 So Unknown Speaker 28:21 outing myself, I did not wake up to workout this morning. Unknown Speaker 28:26 I was lazy.

28:27 I was comfortable in bed. I was in a dream. I was trying to get back to it. And I made a decision, although a half asleep, one to sacrifice my training for that. Now a couple of weeks ago, it was a Thursday afternoon and I was just I was feeling really heavy. I don’t know why or what. And so I cancelled a couple podcasts that I was going to be on that day. And I went and lay down and the thing is like I could barely fall asleep because I felt guilty. Unknown Speaker 28:53 I think when a kid fake sick, it’s like the worst thing they can ever do to themselves, because then they never know how to just be sick. And what I didn’t realize is I was coming down with something pretty severe. I just didn’t have the symptom, the other symptoms yet. And so I was tortured inside. Am I being lazy? Or am I resting like I’m supposed to? Well, I found out the hard way that I needed to rest. And realize especially as an adult that like taking care of your yourself medically and physically is not something to apologize for. If you don’t protect the rescuer, if you don’t protect number one, it really doesn’t matter much what number two is. So rest is intentional for whether we’re training physically working, you know, I used to encourage people I was a absolutely a slave driver of a boss. All right, like I wanted high tempo, high activity all the time. Unknown Speaker 29:41 Unless you needed a break. Unknown Speaker 29:44 And I wanted you to get up and go away and take a break when I didn’t want you to do was start shouting around with three other people who are still in the grind. That’s laziness. All right, when you just don’t want to do your responsibility. 

29:56 That’s being lazy. I told you earlier about how after I make the plan and I do Unknown Speaker 30:00 scroll through it right? Because that won’t, that’s not being, I can feel lazy and still do the work. And it’s still going to be more beneficial. But there are times where I’m going to say, I need a rest, I might be in my LinkedIn messages all day. And for the first hour, I might be able to bang out 20 messages in an hour. On the fifth hour, if I realized I’d bang out two in an hour, it’s just time to rest. You know, the rest is intentional, we have to hit reset, we have to fill the fuel and the fuel sometimes is rest. And by the way, if Netflix and chillin on the couch on social media is your thing, do it LAN it, though, don’t let it be the excuse for why you don’t go live your life. But there’s nothing wrong with hitting reset and seeking some mental and physical comfort from time to time, if that’s going to help you be at your best and next day. So I just believe there’s a big difference between that intentional and then when we let excuses getting away. Yeah, I love that. And I feel like that kind of also brings us full circle as far as like, again, being intentional and paying attention to what it is that you want in your life and, and paying attention to like your physical being, and also your mental spiritual, like whatever that is, like more of us doing the things that we need to do in order to achieve right. You know, when I the name of my company is stride motivation. And there’s a couple of reasons for that. One of which is just that my last name is obnoxious, and it’s easier to find me on Instagram with stride motivation. The second part though, is its motivation to hit your stride. So I even told this to somebody yesterday, I might do some coaching with and I said literally, if you said that you want to be the world’s best couch potato, then my job is to help you get there. It’s not I’m, I’m not trying to force anyone to make changes. Unknown Speaker 31:43 If they need to change, I would love to be the catalyst to help them get there. And thing is everybody does at one point will need a change because everything else is changing. Unknown Speaker 31:55 So it doesn’t mean you always have to change who you are. But if you don’t make changes, you will fall behind. And that’s where we feel a lot of that conflict, that tension inside is when we refuse to change. And so we don’t want other things or other people to change. It’s literally trying to stop a train in its tracks, and it’s just not going to happen. And so it’s about just finding out how to be the best version of who you want to be. Oh, I love that. And before the last question, I think that part about change and other people changing is also being okay, when you are the one changing and other people don’t want you to be changing, because they’re not doing the work. I’ve been very fortunate that for different walks of my life, there have been a couple of my closer or best friends that have sort of done with me if you know what I mean. Like we’re still very close. And even the ones that don’t talk to every time like every day all the time. You know, we pick up where we left off when but most others you move on in your life, you’ve got different phases. This isn’t like the cartoon, or like the TV we saw as kids where somebody grows up in the same hometown forever, and nothing ever changes. Like I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived in three different states. I don’t know how many cities, you know, we have different jobs, I don’t have my favorite blankie anymore. Like, it’s great that you can stay in contact with certain people. But there are a lot of relationships that I’m not as close with as I was seven years ago, because this is a big part of my life now. And that’s okay. You know, like I forgive them it just like I hope they forgive me. And there are people who are going to be threatened by your progress. And Unknown Speaker 33:24 well, quite frankly, they’re not your circle. They’re not your friends, they, they were your friends. But they’re not anymore. And we have to be okay with that doesn’t mean you have to go tell somebody off but Unknown Speaker 33:36 it’s not their life, their decisions should not affect us. And if they support it, you know who your fans are? And the rest of them. Well, if they want to catch up, I’ll be here. Yeah, don’t drag them along. They’re invited but we don’t drag them along. I’m not judging them from not wanting to do you know their thing, but I just I can’t let we’re growing. This is a growing circle. We’re elevating that’s always going to be the case and you can come for the ride or I support I support you and your life by I’m gonna go live my own. Yes, I love that. Now we talk about multiplying your impact and all the work that you have done. Is there a person or a thing like something that stands out for you who has really made an influence and bend the biggest impact in your life? Oh, that is a good one. I could go in a lot of different ways.

34:21 You know, I talked about it enough when I think I just need to make it official that I’m going to say my dad. 

34:27 And and here’s why. A couple reasons. All right. He’s got four decades of sobriety. I don’t know if I get to where I am if he wasn’t the role model for me. Unknown Speaker 34:37 And not just that, Oh, I see he got sober he lives his life like he can go to any restaurant, any bar any concert. He’s bought me rounds back in the day when I was drinking he when he said no money, he was happy. He just builds great quality relationships. Everywhere he goes. He’s always had this great attitude and I’m like, why would I not want that? But I’ve also seen him at 

35:00 At some of the darkest of times of the way life can hit, Unknown Speaker 35:04 and he just refuses to quit. You know, we used to, I used to joke that my dad only taught me two lessons in life one was never run out of toilet paper. And the second was document everything. Yeah, he said that before 2020, by the way, so he was like, call him a trendsetter.

35:20 But it’s, but it’s not true. My dad taught me how not to quit. And thing is that as a course of his own recovery to like, Unknown Speaker 35:30 I don’t know if he say his purpose is this, but it’s what he does. He’s constantly focused on helping others. It’s always been his attitude. He’s open and willing to be vulnerable and always looks for the best in people. And I mean, he’s leagues ahead of me as far as that’s concerned. So I think I just need to be mature enough now to finally say that yeah, that person is my dad. Oh, I love that. That’s such a great, I love that. All right. Now I know you mentioned Instagram and LinkedIn are there are those the best ways for people to connect with you? You know, best way to connect to me is hop on my website, stride motivation.com and book a call, I would love to connect. But that said, I am everywhere available on social media at stride motivation. And we’ll put all the links in the show notes. Also, this is so much fun. Is there anything else that we’ve missed? Before we close it out? We could go for hours. So I know. I know. I feel like I don’t know if I should ask this question because I definitely think

36:23 I will just say this and I want to close with this all the time too is I tell people to Live Inspired. And you know, we mentioned about motivation earlier right? Those words get used a lot. But Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look for it. And if you want inspiration, inspiring yourself do something inspiring just do something you think you can’t do anything. I’m not saying to go climb a mountain race but go take a five minute walk drink an extra cup of water call somebody let somebody into traffic do something for someone else. Look around at the humanity that surrounds you get out of the dredges have negative conversations on social media, they don’t serve a purpose at all. Positivity is everywhere. Choose to look for it.

37:06 I love that. That’s a great way to end. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. Okay, wasn’t that great? I am telling you I could have kept talking for hours that stuff is my jam. I love that he is multiplying his impact by inspiring others. And I hope that something landed a little differently for you today. Maybe hearing this sparked the voice in your head to tick up a bit on the volume. You know the voice the one that says Hmm, maybe I can do that. Or Unknown Speaker 37:38 maybe I should toss my hat in the ring. Or maybe I will have that difficult conversation after all. Whatever it is for you friends. Tomorrow is not promised. Don’t wait to get moving on your dreams the perfect time is right now. You will figure out the rest as you go. Pretty sure you always do. Okay Don’t forget to follow Nick. I will have all of the links in the show notes. That’s what I have for you today. Make it a great day take care Unknown Speaker 38:15 Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one, go to MichelleBourquecoaching.com, and click on get started to begin






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