Ep 270 Multiply Your Impact: A Conversation with Montie Maners, Senior Regional Sales Director Medtronic CST: Power of Positivity and CASA Child Enrichment

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Join me today for our final episode of the year as I share a conversation with Montie Maners, Senior Regional Sales Director at Medtronic in the Multiply Your Impact Series.  Today we are talking about the power of positivity and CASA Child Enrichment.

In this Episode: 

  • Positivity and child enrichment with Monty Manners. 0:00
  • Career path in medical device sales. 3:07
  • Career growth and networking within Medtronic. 5:44
  • Positivity and self-awareness in the workplace. 9:52
  • Leadership, positivity, and assuming the best in people. 12:24
  • Positivity, growth mindset, and vibrations in sales. 17:31
  • Manifestation and volunteering for child advocacy. 20:36
  • Multiplying impact through volunteering and donations. 26:36
  • Personal growth and professional development. 33:06


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Transcribed by OtterAI with minimal edits:

You are listening to the it’s your time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque, and today’s episode I’m sharing a multiply your impact conversation with Montie Maners discussing the power of positivity and child enrichment. Welcome to the It’s Your time Podcast, the podcast. We’re busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule so you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. Hello, hello. Hello. Welcome back to the podcast friends. Here we are the final episode of 2023. And it’s episode 270. And for those of you who have been around for a while you know that every 10th episode, I like to share either a mentor or a book. And I have to tell you, I was preparing an entirely different episode as a wrap up for the year and at the same time prepping another podcast for release next month. And as I listened to the interview, I thought this needs to be released this week. And so for this 10th episode, it is truly my privilege to share a multiply your impact series interview with Montie Maners. When you listen to her, you will likely pick up on why I decided to move this up, you have to listen to it before we close out the year Montie is full of positivity. She is her authentic self day in and day out. She wants to help others and does. And she exudes this energy that is truly, truly amazing. And the interview just seemed like the perfect wrap up not only for the year, but also one that will get you inspired as we start 2024. If you recall, at the start of 2023, I said I wanted to bring more powerful women to this show. And we did. Thank you. I feel so fortunate with all of the guests that we were able to share with you it has been such an honor. And it seems fitting to close with one I am telling you she is a powerhouse woman. And I also shared with you my word for 2023 which was energy. And we actually ended up talking about it totally off the cuff in the interview. So again, it just seemed to make sense to use this as the close. And I feel so lucky to have Monty in my universe and I hope after listening you get a touch of her magic as well which sidenote magic is my word of the year for 2024. Okay, friends without further ado, please take a listen. Okay, thank you so much for doing this. This is going to be a blast. Can you go first? Unknown Speaker 2:58 I’m happy to be here. Michelle Bourque 2:59 Can you um, just maybe start by telling introducing yourself in a way that you feel most appropriate like share all the goodness? Speaker 1 3:06 Okay, so my name is Elizabeth Montgomery Clawson. Mainers everyone in Medtronic knows me as Mani. Mani is short for Montgomery. I’m from the south we have double names we like to be called by the middle name. So that’s how Amani landed. I am originally from Augusta, Georgia and back in Augusta, Georgia, which is my hometown. But I have not been back here in almost 20 years since I graduated. Since I left to go to college at the University of Georgia Go Dawgs. So, yeah, I left to go to college. And then right after that. I know you and I’ve talked about our love of broadcast news journalism. And so that’s what I thought I was going to do. I thought I was going to be a TV reporter. And that’s what I went to study and what I did right out of college in Atlanta, Georgia. And as a one man band and Atlanta, Georgia, I realized very quickly making $24,000 a year in working crazy hours, even though that was 20 years ago. I didn’t want to 20 years on it. It still was a little money live very little money. I decided to dive into med device. My dad’s best friend was a neurosurgeon in he did his residency and fellowship here in Augusta, Georgia. And at the time, I moved from there from Atlanta to Macon, Georgia. And this surgeon started his own distributorship. And so I started working for him in spine so I’m a spine gal through through have only done spine. So spine has been my forte. There is not a lot of women in spine at all. I think the stats show less than 9% of female sales reps in spine are are female reps are female. So and then they said that the tenure for a female in spine is two years. Wow. Most people with you can make it two years you can make it forever. And so I made it two years. I don’t know how I think it was a lot of alcohol and medication and praying every day and some good luck along the way. And so I went from Macon, Georgia to another company called NuVasive, which is very proud of, they are the the mainstay in spine industry for lateral approach to spine surgeries to go in and through the spine to access going through the side to access the spine. So you’re staying away from the nerves that come out, which at the time was very novel, people actually thought it was crazy. So my very first sales job, I remember going into a doctor’s office to talk about lateral approach spine surgery, and a surgeon kicked me out of his office said that is reckless. That is crazy. No one will ever do that. And it is now the standard of care. Neurosurgeon what is smart as he thought he was, he was right, I had no clue what I was talking about. So he wasn’t completely wrong. And I was there in Charleston, and Conway, South Carolina, and Florence, South Carolina, that whole part of of the world, the the country and I loved it. And then Medtronic came a knockin for me to come over to join their specialty team and lateral. So we moved to Nashville, Tennessee, I started off in a specialty role with Medtronic seven years ago. And in seven years, I’ve had more five different promotions in five different jobs. And it leads me to where I am now. Is I am currently the senior regional director on the spine side transitioning to sales operations. Michelle Bourque 6:37 Wow, I did not realize all of that. I Speaker 1 6:41 mean, who would and it’s not even, it’s not even that impressive. You know, anytime you get to talk about yourself, you’re like, Ooh, you make it sound better than it really is. Michelle Bourque 6:49 There was a lot of you’re also a published author, correct. Speaker 1 6:53 I am a published author yet. Thank you. Thank you so much for making me feel good about myself. Yes, I got to publish a medical journal article on single position spine surgery. It is the biggest accomplishment I think, in my career. I don’t know of any other reps that have ever published in spine so and I was so afraid. Truth be told, again, going back to my name, y’all know me as Monty manners. I was so afraid to put moneymakers and people know, that was a route that I did. Elizabeth Clawson made hers. So, and I thought it made me sound more official and smart, because you know, down south, a little bit. So. Yeah, um, thank you for bringing that up. Oh, my Michelle Bourque 7:37 gosh, absolutely. And we are connected. I met you through a spire, one of our employee resource groups here at Medtronic. So can you maybe talk a little bit about what you do in that role? Absolutely. Speaker 1 7:48 So, before I go into what I do in that role, I want to say that in the seven years I’ve been with Medtronic I did not know about Aspire until almost three and a half, almost four years into in with Medtronic which is truly a travesty, because our employee relationship groups are, are just a wonderful way to connect with one another. I obviously know you via aspire, and I would have never gotten to meet you and had the opportunity to learn and work with you and understand about your side of the business as if it hadn’t been first fire. And then you and I work together on membership. And so again, I think the reason I bring this up is it’s such an important opportunity for us to gauge people and get them right in the front doors. And when they walk into Medtronic, I wish so badly that right? When I opened up the big, beautiful blue doors into Medtronic, I’d known about Aspire. It’s a huge company, you know, when we have over 100,000 employees, it’s very easy to feel lost. And there’s a ton of information, there’s a ton of different use different operating units, business units, there’s a lot of different structures within those. And so I think that a spire, originally how it was positioned to me is, Hey, these are women coming together to empower women and learn more about our company and more about one another. And what I found out through a spire is it’s not just women, it’s men that have elevated women to put us where we are, as you very well know, on the on the Aspire membership. Our group and our steering committee, you know, we have a man that sits on the board with us, which is so awesome, awesome. And I think it’s so important that we make sure we have that platform for men to join with us because we can’t know and get the feedback that we need, unless we’re getting it from everyone. And so, yeah, Aspire is been a wonderful way to connect. And, again, I look at being here with you today. If it hadn’t been for spider, we wouldn’t be here Michelle Bourque 9:37 talking. Oh my gosh. And I feel so lucky. I always say I feel so fortunate that you have come into my universe through this. And you know, this series did come out of a conversation that we’ve had with the Aspire team wanting to talk about how people multiply their impact. And I think that you do that in so many ways. But for today, I would love to pick two areas. Now Why power of positivity? And then number? Oh, yeah. Yeah, the work that you do with Casa and I think for you, you know, I feel like you have been such an example of the importance of being your authentic self, in line with positivity. So can you maybe talk a little bit about that and why you think it’s so important? Speaker 1 10:20 First of all, thank you, I will tell you one of the things that Medtronic has afforded me and for anyone else out there that’s listening. We have great programs within Medtronic that allow us to develop ourselves, not even not only through aspire, but other things that Aspire can help us with an even your manager. One of those things that I did was the Clifton Strengths finders, which I don’t know, have you done that? Michelle? Yes. So that was that I love doing that, you know, looks at looks at your strengths and areas of opportunity, don’t want to call them weaknesses, even their weaknesses, I’ll get 34 different attributes and really lined you up with where you are, and how you can lean into those and develop those. And for me, my number one attribute, or quality was positivity. And I never really thought I always knew as a positive person. But I really didn’t realize how strong that positivity was a thing until I did that Strength Finders. And now I’ve taken the opportunity to really lean into that. I think it’s also great to know with positivity in particular, is that it is wonderful and amazing to be positive, you also have to balance out yourself. Because sometimes, you know, you’re only thinking positive that you may miss some things that your positivity. Focus mind allows you to kind of turn a blind eye to so I think it’s always good to kind of balance those two things. But I bring that up because number one, if you’re not familiar with Clifton Strengths finders, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about yourself. Number two, if you manage a team, I think it’s equally important for them to take it for you to understand what their strengths are, you know, I may be super, super positive person. And that may be a little bit tough for someone that maybe isn’t, maybe that’s their lowest area of opportunity. And so I think it’s important when we’re communicating with one another, to try and gauge that and kind of level out with how we’re communicating with one another. But I think that the reason positivity has been so important to me, and there’s a quote that I love, and I don’t even know who came up with this quote. But an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with death difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. And it’s something that is so true, because life is tough. And it’s tough for everyone. It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of win, like we will all struggle through life, we all struggle at work, hopefully you’re not going to be let go. Hopefully I’m not going to be let go. But I’ve been rough before, you know, and I’ve been able and in that moment, I was recently on maternity leave, you know, and in that moment thinking, oh God, why me? Why did this happen? And then it really launched me into other opportunities that within Medtronic that I could have never even fathom and that again to that era watching me back in that difficulty and springing me forward to something great. And so I think that as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I realized that life’s too short not to be positive. Even if it’s a simple How are you in a smile to a stranger? I know that people you hear that routinely. But it really does make a difference. I think when you lead people, if you can lead people and show that there’s hope. And sometimes that hope may not be that your backorder is going to get cleared. But that hope may be that you believe in them, that you believe that they can get creative. And you can work together to find ways to give that hope back in them and instill that you find a way to win. And I have loved the teams that I’ve worked with that every single team that I’ve worked with, whether it’s been, I’ve been put into a situation with a team where I’m the youngest person tenfold, where again, I sometimes feel like oh my goodness, we talked about imposter syndrome all the time. How am I sitting here telling these men how and what to do with their career when they’ve done their career twice the age that I you know, oh my god, okay. But at the same time, I also really lean into that, you know, there’s a reason that you’re here, there’s a reason you can learn from that from them. And in return, they’re gonna learn something from you. And I will say this right now, of all the teams that I’ve led, and I’ve led quite a few within Medtronic. Every single one of them, good or bad, has taught me something so influential. And his made me not only as a mother, not only as a wife, as a friend as all of these different aspects of life, I’ve been enriched because of it. And so again, I think that and also we’ll take one last thing, one last thing, because you know, I’ll just get oh, yeah, Michelle Bourque 14:47 I love it. Speaker 1 14:49 I think that as human beings, we automatically assume the worst in people. We assume someone’s talking about about us, we assume that person’s not doing their job because of x, y, we assume like the absolute worst? What if just 10% of the time, we assume the best? What if we were like, okay, you know what? Maybe this is what’s going on or go to clarify it. Hey, you know what? I’m uplifting, upbeat person, I could tell that you were struggling with this. Can you tell me what’s going on? Like, what can I help you with. And I think that if we could just go into situations and expecting the best, and instead of expecting the worst out of people, humanity as a whole, would be much more whole. Michelle Bourque 15:34 100% and I was gonna say, once you were starting there, I think the reason you’re able to find the lesson and feel like you have learned and come out of it in a positive way is because you have that mindset, that’s what you’re looking for. Right? Like, you have that. And I feel like we do find what we believe to be true. And I think our brains as humans are designed to find the negative, right? Like, it’s meant for survival, our, it’s our prefrontal cortex that we need to bring in and be intentional with it. And that’s not always an easy task for people. But I love what you said, like 10%, you don’t have to go to like rainbows, daisies, and everybody, Speaker 1 16:06 but just like, maybe one time during that day, you assume the best of someone. And again, I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m a martyr. I’m just as guilty. You know, Misery loves company, I love to bid just like the rest of you know. But I also think at the same time, you know, as a leader, I had somebody that I managed that taught me something, I love this. His name’s Matthew marks, and I’d worked with him at the previous company, he came over to Medtronic, and we would do these weekly calls where we check in, how’s everybody doing? And he was like, You know what money we’re gonna call these. I was like, what? He’s like, you’re in Georgia. We’re gonna call them Peach Pit calls. I’m like peach pit. He’s like, Yeah, like a peach, like a sweet peach. And the pit, the sour pit of a beach. I’m like, okay, he’s like, so we’re gonna start off with the pen. We’re gonna, everyone’s gonna go around, and they’re gonna pit or bitch about something that’s been tough with their day. personal, professional, just something that we as a group can, like, get it out, say it out loud. And then maybe if it’s something work later, even personal related, we can listen to one another and come up with ideas of how to handle it. But then, we’re gonna get through all the bitches. We’re gonna bitch, we’re gonna complain, we’re going to kick our feet, stop them. Oh. And then after that, we’re gonna get a sweet part, the peach we’re going to end on something good. Because hopefully that good that we end on will catalyst, another good. And it’s easy. It’s really easy. It’s like, you know, people are just like, What books do you read, I’m like, I would love to tell you all that this book can be bought. It can’t. It’s called my mother. My mother is the most positive human being you will ever meet in your whole entire life. I had growing up, it frustrated me so I can understand, like, why sometimes people get frustrated with my positivity because my mother, I’m just like, Oh, dear God, mom. Like, Michelle Bourque 17:46 I think it’s a different story when it’s moms, you know? Yes. I’m Speaker 1 17:49 like, why can’t we just be like, No, this is like, not good. But then at the same time, it’s like, well, why can’t it be good? Why? Why can’t we just change how we look at it a little bit. And I can’t It’s so cliche, but someone always has it worse. Like, and it’s true, like you talk to people, you start messing with other people, they’re going to tell you something, they’re bitching about which again, I encourage, listen a little bit, you know, a lot of times their situation is gonna be worse than yours. And then you’re like, hell, and then you get the opportunity to turn to be that positive person for that person. You know? Absolutely. It’s a conversation that just got it starts off. Pit ish. And then and sweet Michelle Bourque 18:33 peach, Speaker 1 18:33 you know, and sweet peaches. So yeah, positivity, I think instilling that, you know, I’m trying to instill that in my children. I know, it’s something that my mother instilled in me. I’ve done a number of talks on the paws, the power of positivity, Jeff Dortch, again, you know, somebody that’s on the membership share with us. You know, he, he talks about a growth mindset why that’s so important. And I think a lot of that growth mindset is also rooted in positivity. So I think that there’s a lot there that I look forward to in this next role unpacking more and figuring out ways that I can be more positive, and help others to see that in themselves. Michelle Bourque 19:11 That is so important. I love that. I also love you talking about the quotes. Sometimes when I’m facing situations, this or something better. So that I know like to your arrow, right? It’s similar type of mindset like this, or something better. Speaker 1 19:24 It like I said, it’s so easy. Like, it’s so now again, I’ll also tell you this, and now this is kind of kooky. So like Hear me out here, but um, I work with a life coach, and this woman’s name page, and she’s amazing. And she talked about a positive, like, why are you so positive? And she brought it something to me, which is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve started to research it a little bit more. It’s kind of cool. You will notice that if you put out positivity, people gravitate towards it. People that aren’t as positive want some of your positivity and it’s rooted in this idea of vibrations. That unbeknownst to anyone else, your body because of this positive nature is putting off these small vibrations. And in return, others that are struggling, want that positivity and, and where you think that that’s so important in sales it is because again, you’re going to be surrounded by people, especially women in sales that don’t want to talk to you, you’re gonna be surrounded by people that are having a tough day in the bar. And so if you can be positive and get out and find a way to exude those vibrations, people will gravitate towards it. And then you’ll start to interact as humans and so it doesn’t become transactional, it becomes human. Yes. Michelle Bourque 20:36 Oh my gosh, I don’t think that’s kooky at all. I’m totally intuitive. I, my word for the year of 2023 was energy. And so I did a lot more research on energy and chakras and all of that, like quantum physics. I love it. In fact, I, one of my colleagues, my husband’s always like, you’re lucky, they’re young, and they actually listened to you. Because at the end of the quarter, sometimes I’ll be like, I’m gonna do breath work, and we’re going to manifest it. Okay, we’re gonna bring it. Speaker 1 21:01 Okay, so to that point, man manifestation, I will always without a doubt, like, you got to put it out there. When I say you put it out there, you have to physically say, like, I am going to be 97% to quota this quarter. It’s not 100% Because I know how to present not reasonable. Like, listen, I’m positive, but I’m not delusional, okay. I’m crazy. I know, I’m crazy. That which makes me, you know, normal, crazy. Because I know that I’m crazy. But I’m gonna be 97% to plan and then it’s not just putting it out there, it’s manifesting it, it’s telling others that, then having others believe that and then find and working that plan to get there, you can do this, and here’s how we’re going to do it. But if you’re not putting it out there and manifesting it, the ones to say it’s gonna happen. Yes. And on the other side of it, if you don’t do it, and nothing happens, or you don’t do it, and something happens, I think it’s more fun to think that you manifested it Michelle Bourque 21:54 100%. And I believe that we have it a little bit backwards. In society in general, kind of, we always say like, I need to believe it, I need to see it in order to believe it. But we really need to believe it in order to like make it happen is kind of my personal is Speaker 1 22:08 1000. Again, it’s the power of positivity, I can do this, I can put it out there, those vibrations are going out there. I’m manifesting it, we can do this. Now again, I’m not completely kooky in the sense of I understand and know that you have to work a plan, like you have to work a plan to get you there. But I think again, if we’re out loud, saying what it is that we’re trying to strive to. And we work a plan to get there. What’s to say we can’t do it. Absolutely. Michelle Bourque 22:33 I could talk for hours about this. But I do want to make sure. Maybe that’ll be round two. I want to make sure because I know the second part of this. CASA is very near and dear to your heart. And so I want to make sure that we have time to talk about all of that information. Speaker 1 22:50 Yes. So what would you like to know? First, I Michelle Bourque 22:53 think there are probably a lot of folks. Well, I’ll say I did not know what Casa was, and you did an amazing webinar that really helped to enlighten me. And I have to say, full transparency. I was like, I don’t know, I would love to volunteer, but I’m not sure if I could handle this like some of it is so sad. Speaker 1 23:10 It is in put some of it’s also so great. Well, let me say this, the majority of it so great. So to answer your question, casa, you are a court appointed special advocate. That is what Casa stands for. And it is an advocacy program within child enrichment. And every single state has a child enrichment. And what child enrichment does is it works with children in foster care. So the goal in child enrichment in casa, at the end of the day, our goal is reunification, we want to take a child that’s in foster care, and we want to reunite them with their parents, like at the end of the day. Again, as a mother, that’s the last thing I want to do is take a child away from their parent. So again, that’s number one, the ultimate goal. However, because of life situations, there may be some reasons that mother is unable or that father isn’t able to complete a plan to reunite with their child. And it’s not for us to judge it. It’s not for us to you know, give negativity towards its us, it’s up for us to assess it with the help of trout enrichment. And you know, again, you get to work with loggers and D facts and say, Hey, is this a good environment for this child? And if not, what is a good environment for them? And so, to answer the second part of of what you just talked about, some of it is very sad. Some of it is you realize that there are parents out there that have no interest in reuniting with their children. And a lot of times it’s because they mentally are not where they need to be in order to do that. And so it’s one of those where I never sit here and say that person is a bad mother. That person right now for today can’t be what they need to be and that’s okay. It’s our job to find a way to make sure that child is going to be okay. And so through it, you know, you do see situations like that Got that are tough, like they’re very, very tough. You know, I was in court because again, you get to go to court you get to testify several weeks ago where a mother said, you know, I have three children, and due to these ailments that I have, and some mental disabilities, like, I can’t care for my children, I mean, for streaming down her face, this isn’t something that that person wanted to do. But she knew that that wasn’t what was right for her children. The other thing is, I think, also, when we think of foster care, now, again, a lot of children do go out into the foster care system. But also a lot of times foster care is family. So you can be in the foster care system and be with a foster family, and that family could be a family member. So it’s not like you see in the movies and again, sometimes it is a group home or you know, individuals go to that that definitely exist. But in my experience in the last almost year and a half, two years that I’ve been doing it it’s been situations where it’s been an aunt, a you know, distant family member or grandparent that’s been able to step in and, and the reason casa, in shadow Richmond is so important. Like I said, every single state has one Casa originally came about from health care providers, and the foster care system in the late 70s. And I think since 1978, close to 30,000 children have been serviced by Casa and child enrichment, which is unbelievable. And I know in this past year alone, the CASA program that we have here in Augusta, I want to say there, I know, we just raised we did presents for Christmas for 350. Children. Wow. So it’s a great way to get involved and into your to your point about it being hard. And this is what I would say to everyone. In my mind, originally when I started, I was like, You know what, give me the toughest family, I want the old kid that like hates life, and you know, my power positivity is gonna win them over. And you go through tons of training, I mean, it’s hours upon hours of training, it is it is a it is definitely a you know, you make they make sure you’re prepared for everything. And after going through it, I was like, okay, you know what, I’m gonna need something simple and easy. Can I have like a child that doesn’t speak and like, it’s like, not a bad situation, because at the end of the day, there’s babies, you know, there’s one year olds, two year olds. And so that’s really what I leaned into, for my first year and a half, almost two years in the program was it wasn’t, quote, unquote, easier situation. I’ve learned so much in it. And one of my children was just adopted two weeks ago. So by family member, which was a fantastic scenario. And so now this next year, again, with the job change, and everything, I’m thinking, I may want to take on a case that may be a little bit tougher, because I’ll have the time to do it. So I say all that to say, you know, again, there’s a lot of great, you know, there is bad that you see, it makes you feel very fortunate if you have parents or whoever you have identify as your parents that someone’s cared and go that extra mile. And then if you don’t, it’s more so of a reason to get involved in in again, if you have you find a lot of attributes that you want to instill in these children to know that someone cares about them as well. Michelle Bourque 28:08 Oh, that’s such a great point. Absolutely. If people want to learn more about it, how is the best way to just google search casa, you said every state has one that’s so what I would tell Speaker 1 28:19 you to do so you would go into trout enrichment.org. And under the neath there there’s you know a tab that comes up and you can drop down on what I’m that says casa, and then you’ll be able to take us state by state. And again, I know that people have Googled costs as well, you know, for me, I did child enrichment, Georgia casa, and it took me right to to their website. Also, we are doing a webinar coming up. I believe it is in March, I’ll have to get you the exact date. We’re we’re having a couple of ERGs come together. And we’re going to talk a lot about what we’re doing. You know, nationally, when it comes to child enrichment and ways that people can get involved. There’s plenty of drives again, I just told you 350 children we were able to fulfill their Christmas wish list is actually I went by there today, because as a casa, I didn’t get to take the children’s wish list to them. And I get to give it to that foster parent. And that child thinks that that foster parents, the one that procured all of this, you know, it’s not something that it’s like, oh, this is from me, Mani or this is from Casa No, this is for them to feel like they have someone that cares about them. And I went there today and it was so beautiful because TMobile had donated when I tell you for cardboard boxes that were size of my car full of namebrand toys, it was to the point they’re like, We don’t know what to do with all these. So there’s a way that people can get involved even if it’s just donating a toy to Casa so if you don’t feel like you can go the route of being a mentor per se. There’s other ways that you can get involved that still matter and will mean something to those children. That’s Michelle Bourque 29:56 so great because I think that brings us back to write this is about multiplying your impact. So it can look different for different people. And any way you sort of give back, it will make an effect and make an impact on these people’s lives. These kids lives 1,000% Speaker 1 30:11 And I found the date, it is March 6 at 6pm. Eastern Standard Time. So we’re going to have a couple of speakers from child enrichment Come on. And again, I’d just like to say, a couple of caveats here, you know, child enrichment ‘s mission is to provide and coordinate intervention, stabilization, advocacy and prevention, in the best interests of abandoned, abused, neglected, sexually abused and sex trafficked children. Yes, children as young as six years of age or sex trafficked. And it is sad and awful A you can be the difference. About one seven children experience abuse and neglect this past year alone. And so again, when you look to your point of multiplying your impact, you can do it by just learning more and joining the webinar to see if there’s, you can find a place that works for you. Again, it could be making a donation, it could be providing food for the people at child enrichment that are doing God’s work every single day to let them know, Hey, we’re in the community, we care about you, what can we do to help you could provide dinner one night for the trainees, like myself that go through a training program. And so there’s a lot of different touch points and ways to give back. And, and for those of you that are listening, I really hope that you can join the call. Michelle Bourque 31:25 Oh, that’s so great. I love that. And as we’re kind of bringing it to a close, since this is about multiplying your impact, you’ve talked about a number of ways that you’ve made impacts in people’s lives and how others have impacted your life. Do you think there’s one person you would say, who has really made like the biggest impact in your life work, work or personal? Speaker 1 31:45 Wow. God, there’s so many people, you know, so I know this sounds crazy. I know that sounds nuts. The Michelle Bourque 31:57 theme of what we’ve done here today, Speaker 1 32:00 yes, multiply your impact. I feel like it’s one of those where I’ve had so many people that have changed my life based on where I was at at that point in time in my life. And so maybe a role a different role that I’m in where I had to lean on someone for something that I didn’t know whether it’s professionally or personally, it could be that I was struggling, struggling mentally with something and I bumped into that person that gave me the aptitude to want to find and do more. You like Coach Paige, who I talk about all the time has been such a godsend. You know, I’m a very religious spiritual person. And so Church has always been very important to me, I’m Episcopalian and that I feel like overall that that church as a whole has just so accepting of all people. And so I feel like a lot of my mentors have kind of birthed out of that, because at the end of the day, you know, we are imperfect people. And I feel like, again, I’ve just met some really, really good people there. So to answer your question, it’s not one person. I feel like it’s everyone at different times in my life, and hope that in my life, I can be that for that person in that one day. Michelle Bourque 33:06 That’s perfect. Yes. Have we missed anything? This has been so much fun. No, you’re amazing. No, you are amazing. I know. It’s totally like, fangirl here talking to you. Or can people kind of connect with you, and maybe best oh my Speaker 1 33:20 gosh, it anywhere. I’m Elizabeth, that c.mainers@medtronic.com. So don’t be confused by the money. There is a mani masters. So he gets my emails all the time. He’s like, money. And then also, as I’m not on LinkedIn every day, but I do check it every week. And I respond to every single message that comes through there. Even the individuals that come from medical sales college that are finding a way to one or break in, I talked to every physical and you never know. Michelle Bourque 33:49 You never know I like that and evolve as you might Speaker 1 33:55 work. Exactly. So when you’re building your bed sheet, do that. So again, LinkedIn email, I’m an open book and happy to connect with anyone anytime. Michelle Bourque 34:04 Oh my gosh, awesome. Thank you so much. Or actually, Speaker 1 34:07 you know the best way to connect with me. Do you want to Spire? Come on. Committee, come learn about what we do. Come join with me in Georgia Casa or any caatsa any of those things I’ll have the things that I’m important. Come with me. I’ll take you with me and we can do it together. Michelle Bourque 34:25 Better. Be careful because I’m taking you up on that. I’ll be knocking on your door. Speaker 1 34:29 I’ll welcome you any day of the week. Well Michelle, I truly enjoyed it and you’re the best. Awesome, Michelle Bourque 34:34 thank you so much. All right. Okay, wasn’t that great? I am telling you this gal is a rockstar and I will be fully transparent. I mostly work with her through a spire not necessarily every single day. But even with that interaction, I am blown away every time we are doing something together on a project her level of fun her level of keeping it real, it is what we are all about here. And to think that she is multiplying her impact in so many amazing ways, is just a tremendous honor to be again, part of her universe. And a reminder, check out the child enrichment program. That’s if you are or are not Medtronic, you can check it out, no matter where you live, check it out. And if you are Medtronic, keep an eye out for all of the details on the march event that she talked about. And for all of you connect with her on LinkedIn, she is a blast to know. Okay, friends, listen, I just want to close by saying thank you. We tried a lot of new things this year. And the plan is to keep building on all of it next year. And I so appreciate that you are here. And you are doing it with us. I hope you take the time to reflect on how much you have evolved this year. And you did. Sometimes I think it might not always seem super obvious on the outside, or your brain might just like to tell you like the normal default negative thinking right? Like, Oh, you didn’t really do that much. But you did. You showed up, you kept going. And there’s still a lot more fun for us to do, right. So many more changes, so much more fun to have. So reflect on all the good that happened and 2023 Let’s think about where you want to be this time next year. And don’t be super focused on the how we can have a plan for sure. But we don’t want to think that’s the only way. We want to, in fact be open to the magic of what might be possible. The magic in the realm of potentiality and there will be so much more that we talked about and 2024 around that. It’s going to be fun. Let’s do this friends. Enjoy. Take a breath. I look forward to meeting you back here next week. But for now, make it a great day. Take care Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one. Go to MichelleBourquecoaching.com and click on get started to begin

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