Ep 263 BEST OF REPLAY: Transformational Change with Breath Work Expert Alessandra Caprice

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Episode Notes:  Join me today as I share a Best of Replay with breath work expert, business mastery and energetic coach Alessandra Caprice.  We discuss the foundations of breath work and how to get started.  She touched on the basic science around breath work, as well as how it can be used in conjunction with mindset tools, or as a stand alone option.  It’s a great place to get started with a taste of what to expect and how significant the transformations in your life can be.

In This Episode: 

  • Transformational change through breathwork for busy professionals. 0:00

    • Breathwork expert Alessandra Caprice discusses the importance of intentional breathing for overall wellness and longevity.

  • Breathwork and its impact on business growth. 4:13

    • Caprice, an energetic business mastery coach and therapist, combines breathwork with business strategy coaching to help women expand their businesses and align with their vision.

    • Michelle Bourque highlights the unique benefits of breathwork, including its ability to move individuals out of their heads and into their bodies, and its effectiveness in addressing patterns and beliefs that arise in both personal and professional settings.

    • Bourque notes that while she has undergone extensive training in various modalities, including mindfulness and meditation, breathwork stands out due to its ability to directly impact an individual’s subconscious mind and limiting beliefs.

  • Self-sabotage and the role of breathwork in overcoming it. 8:24

    • Caprice describes a pattern of success and stagnation in their business, despite efforts to change through mindset work and other strategies.

    • They found that committing to breathwork helped them access a different level of success and happiness, as it bypasses the mind and directly affects the body.

  • Breathwork for transformation and healing. 12:49

    • Breathwork provides exactly what you need in the moment, releasing energy, healing, expanding, or expressing emotion.

    • Effectiveness of breathwork in uncovering past traumas.

  • The power of breathwork and journaling for personal growth. 16:58

    • Importance of integrating mind and body practices, such as journaling and breathwork, to address the root causes of trauma and silencing.
    • Michelle Bourque compares breathwork to thought work, stating that breathwork accesses the subconscious mind more deeply than thought work.

    • Breathwork as a portal to a new world, where new insights and breakthroughs can be achieved.

  • Using breathwork for personal growth and financial alignment. 22:36

           * Importance of releasing expectations around money and aligning with what is meant to come in, rather than clinging to specific outcomes.
    • The speakers share examples of how they shifted their focus from a specific person to open up to new opportunities and people, resulting in unexpected income.

  • Breathwork and its benefits for mental and physical well-being. 32:36

    • Caprice offers various programs and breathwork services, including “Money Breathwork” and “Sales Alchemy,” to help individuals improve their financial well-being and business success. CLICK HERE to learn more.

    • More tools: Andrew Huberman’s podcast – The Huberman Lab


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Episode Transcript: (Transcribed by OtterAI with minimal edits)

You are listening to the it’s your time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque and today’s episode I’m sharing a best of replay conversation discussing transformational change through breathwork. With energetic business mastery coach, Alessandra Caprice Welcome to the richer time Podcast, the podcast where busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule, so you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. Hello, hello. Hello. Welcome back to the podcast friends. Okay, today, I have a best of replay for you with breath work expert, Alessandra Caprice. And let me just take a moment to share why I wanted to do this this week. Last weekend, we had a Pain Society meeting. And at one of the dinners, I was talking to a couple of our physicians about the importance of overall wellness in our lives, and preventative ways to increase longevity. And I truly believe that breathwork is one of the tools to help us get there. Now, it has only been about one year full transparency since I have gotten into this. In fact, I think it was November of last year, when I first started following Alessandra. And I have to tell you, the work she does is amazing. It is truly life changing. And you know, I am a huge fan of the mindset work. But what I found is that adding breathwork is like adding gasoline to the fire. We have to be intentional with what is going on in our nervous systems. You can Montra all you want, but your body holds an entirely different level of wisdom. And Alessandra discusses that in this episode. The other reason that I thought this was important was because I was recently listening to a podcast, and it was talking about how we define success, and how when we ask folks, what does it look like for you? Most people will say things like, make the money, get the promotion, get the relationship, you know, all of those external things. And rarely do we list health as the top answer, when in fact, for people without health, it is their only answer. Let that set in. We really do take things for granted. You need your health, and breathwork is one of the ways to help you with that. Now, before we jump in, let me just give you a quick bit of info about today’s guest again, Alessandra Caprice is an energetic business mastery coach, who has founded a unique combination of business strategy and breath work in her money breathwork method. She is a former private practice psychotherapist, and has her master’s in social work from Smith College. And listen, I’m talking about the health part of it here in the intro. But Alessandra also talks about the importance of advancing and business and making more money. She believes that women need to heal their limiting beliefs. And I agree around money, money traumas, and really take off what she calls our armors of smallness, while simultaneously expanding into what is possible. And let me just share a quick story for the past, I would say at least two quarters. The last two weeks for us in our team have looked far from stellar, shall I say, and I will get super intentional with my breath work. And I end up coming up with these ideas and actions that in the past, I would never have imagined it works. Now we might hit goal at the last minute, but it works. And Alessandra is really paving the way for the use of breathwork as business expansion. And using it as a business expansion tool, being one of the first to do so and focusing on money visibility, marketing and sales. And when you listen, you will understand her energy is contagious. So without further ado, please take a listen. Okay, thank you so much. I’m so excited to have you here. Can we start by you introducing yourself just sharing all the goodness who you help what you love to do? Speaker 2 4:13 Absolutely. I am also under Caprice and I am an energetic business mastery coach and I am actually a therapist by education and became a life coach and then moved moved into business strategy coaching. And now I kind of combined it all with breath work in the way of using breath work to expand your business. Through money I call it money breath work. I create programs and and experiences for entrepreneurs designed to expand their money, their relationship with money heal what they need to heal in order to expand into their business, and get more clients have the business that they love. Really, it’s the business that they love. Like, that’s the biggest thing, I think. Because I have throughout my journey through all these different pieces that I just said, like life coaching and business strategy. I was always in the search, I was always in the search for the thing that was really going to light me up. And that I could do when I was almost nine months pregnant. And I found it. And so my mission is really to help most I work work mostly with women align with that vision, and to become the woman who not only aligns with that vision, but it makes a lot of money at it. Michelle Bourque 5:49 Have fun and make money. Absolutely. Exactly. And you made me start with some of the foundational parts of breathwork. Because I think probably this is new to a lot of people listening. So maybe, I don’t know if it’s the science or the rationale, and maybe even just a little bit because you have so many different options and patterns that we do in the classes like what that all means, right? So Speaker 2 6:12 essentially breathwork and why I love it so much. And why I have granted gravitated towards it. Versus other modalities is breathwork gets you out of your head, and it moves you into your body. Right. That’s just like the simplest. You know, like, if you do not understand anything, like, that’s what it does, right. And what I’ve found so, as throughout the years, because I’ve been on online entrepreneurship for almost seven years, I was a therapist before that had my own private practice. It’s amazing. I didn’t, the stuff that didn’t come up when I had my private practice and does when I’m on an online entrepreneur is just it baffles me, we talked about this all the time. I’m like, none of this stuff came up when I was had my very practice. But anyways, but I’m sure a lot of stuff comes up for other therapists I know that it did for my colleagues at the time as well. But what I found as a as what makes breathwork stick out to me so much is over the years as I’ve been doing this work and doing the mindset work and the limiting belief work, and definitely the money mindset work is it’s all in your head. Right? Like, I’m working on the it’s all thought work. You know, I was trained in so many different modalities as a therapist, yes, one was mindfulness and meditation, and I use that a lot in my practice as well. But most of it was, you know, quick, evidence based type work that is all about, you know, rewiring your thoughts and, and reworking them and trying to learn new things and behavior therapy, you know, that kind of stuff, right? And I noticed that throughout the years of all the mindset work that I was doing all the education that I had all the work, like really, I was doing the work, I still had the same patterns, with my business with belief in myself with money, right, like my business followed a beautiful shape of a roller coaster. Like I would do really, really well. And then I would kind of crash a little bit, and then I do really, really well again, and then I’d kind of go back down again. And when that pattern started coming back up again, about a year ago, I was already certified with breathwork. At the time, I had finished my breathwork certification I had been doing breath work with my clients, but not like I do now. I realize I’m doing all this work in my mind. I’ve been journaling I’ve been doing the affirmations, the intentions, the reworking the thoughts, trying to choose new thoughts, bla, bla, ladder thoughts, all the things right, I was doing all the things. And yet, I was still showing the same pattern of what was going on. Like my business was kind of stalled. I didn’t know what to do next. I was kind of you know, had all my clients kind of ended at one time. So I was like, Oh my gosh, what’s going on? And so I said, I’m doing all this work in my mind. And something’s got to change because it’s clearly not working the way that I wanted to work. I still had success, you know, outs outward success. I was still doing well, but not the way that I wanted and it wasn’t looking the way that I wanted and I wasn’t happy, right? Like I was kind of like and so I of course I already was sort of certified his breath work and I said, You know what, I am going to do this work. I’m going to commit to this work. Because it’s something there’s something else here and it’s not just in the mind So I committed to doing breathwork, because of its nature of getting you out of your mind and into your body. And what I found was just the and I’ll get into like breath work in a second. But this is why I really, really am adamant about it. Because I’ve tried all the things, I’ve done all the things. And I know a lot of entrepreneurs have tried all the things and done all the things and people, they’re really working hard, and they want this to work. And why I love breathwork is because it’s so different, that it is not the typical strategy that you learn in a book, or I mean, I should I could write a book, and then you’ll learn in the book. But dude, I mean, like the things that we’ve like typically been exposed to. And so I committed to this breath work, and not only started seeing just really quick results in my business, I started using with my clients, and it started like them, instead of doing coaching with them, I switched to breathwork. And then we would coach between, and their results were astronomical. And so this very simple concept of getting out of your head and into your body was mind blowing to me, right? Like, there’s something between the two the mind and the body that is stopping you. And what I realized is, and when I looked back at my patterns, what would happen was, I would get big, I would start making more money, I would have some success. And my not my mind, because my mind was like, Yeah, let’s make a million dollars. Let’s do all the things. That’s what my, your mind is probably telling you. You can do this. Okay. You know, I always journal about 45k months, I don’t know why that was just my number 45 payments. And so my mind was like totally on board with like being a millionaire already. My body, on the other hand, was the thing that would literally like halt me. Right? And so when I was to start looking back at these patterns of the roller coaster, right? Oh, it’s when I had this success. When I started getting a lot of clients, what would happen with me is I would start to get a lot of clients. And then it would kind of like, I guess I didn’t think it in my head, but it would kind of freak my body out a little bit like oh my gosh, like what does this mean and more money coming in more clients more responsibility, whatever my armor of smallness is the fear of success. And we can talk about those in a little bit too. But my body was literally the thing that was stopping me. And so I would self sabotage. Right? And so when I came to that link, like, oh, wait a second, all my work actually needs to be done in my body. That’s where the commitment to breathwork came in. And breath work, meaning simply you are you are using your breath for transformational purposes. Right. And like you were saying, we have different breath works. I have different lengths of breath work, I have long ones, short ones, all that kind of thing, but using your breath for that intention of transformation. And would Michelle Bourque 13:15 you say is it like transformation of energy? Because I know I leave some of these breath work. And I am either maybe I feel lighter and more energized. But there are times when I’m like bawling. Were there are times when I’m like what time I was shaking so much. I like had to sit there and wait, like, I don’t even think I could walk what is going on? Speaker 2 13:35 Yes. So it is what I always say about breath work is it gives you exactly what you need in that moment. So if and sometimes it’s not what you think you need, right? Like I’ve gone into breath for exam and like, I want to leave the way that you described it the first way energize, I want to launch my program I want to sell I want to show up on a Facebook Live, right? And I go into a breath work and I’m either crying, or I’m super zen like I don’t even move at all right? And so what I say is breathwork gives you the shift the transformation that you need in that moment, whether that is the release of energy, the movement of energy, the expression of emotion, right, the healing, right, the expansion, you know, you need you and that’s why, you know, for Money Magnet, like I include all of those things in every breathwork right, so that we don’t just do the healing on because what if you do a healing one when you’re ready for the expansion, right? But if you’re doing the expansion one, and you really need the healing, so I you know what, what makes my breathwork very different is I make sure there’s room for all of it, so that you get the experience that you need. Right. Yeah, make sense? Absolutely. Michelle Bourque 14:54 And I think you know, I know you focus on entrepreneurs, but I feel like so many people Especially women could benefit from these Breathworks just in life, because I will go into a breathwork, to your point thinking, Okay, I’m going to do something specific to money, and then all of a sudden, all of this stuff comes up about maybe when I was younger or family relationships or something totally off, well, let me just re, I guess, restate that it’s probably not totally off, it probably is somehow related to my money, beliefs and thoughts, right. And when you speak about getting into your body and out of your mind, I started in Human Services. And I thought that I was going to get into like psychology, you know, psychiatry, psychology. But I also think like, through the years, I just never wanted to feel feelings. And I feel like this is that. Yep. Right? Is Am I on the right track there? Oh, Speaker 2 15:43 100%. So, you know, I had seen, I had read something. And obviously, I have experience with this. But I was reading a book the other day that she was talking, she was a therapist, and she was had been working with this woman for five years. And they, after five years, she finally revealed that something traumatic happened to her when she was a child. And I was like, five years. Whoa, that means they can showed up every single week and talked mind, by the way, for five years, until the thing that’s been holding her back came out, right. And I thought that we would have gotten to that maybe in the first session with breath work. Because you can’t hide, right? And we, and that can be what’s scary about it for some people, because it can be really overwhelming. I do believe that breath work doesn’t give you more than you can handle in the moment. So if you know you’re going into it, and you have trauma, like you might, it might come up, but you you the way that I structure it is I always have safety at the end of like really coming back to safety. Because a lot of times trauma does hold us back from showing up in our businesses or showing up in our lives in our relationships. Right. And so a lot of the time as, as children and ancestrally. You know, we are taught to hide our feelings and not talk about them or, you know, things that happened to so many kids have been silenced about traumatic things, too. And so when that stuff does come up during breathwork, it is an indicator to me. He’s I mean, you see this all the time with? Okay, why is my dad coming up in breathwork? When we’re talking about money, or sales or whatever? I mean, like, that’s really what happens, right? And same with me, right? Like, there’s so many things that come up, I’m like, Oh, hello, what was that about? Right? And the thing is, and especially as I’m deepening this work in my own self, I’m deepening my concepts even deeper, we just did a program called expressed that brought up so many other things. I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is incredible. What happens is these types of I don’t love to use the word blockages, but kind of like blockages like traumas and blockages and things that things that hold us back in relationships or did when we were a kid, you know, imagine you know, you were a kid. And you I think I have like very small kids. So I like I am thinking about this stuff all the time. I’m like, oh, okay, did you just get coded for like, you should not be quiet. Okay? Raise your voice come on, like my kids. Okay, I’m telling you to be quiet right now. Because it’s bedtime not because I want you to be quiet other times I’m like constantly doing this it’s really quite funny. But like imagine you showed up and you like ran out into the living room. And you were like you wearing your cute little dress or whatever you know costume and you wanted to perform or you wanted to do something and your your dad or your mom or your brother or your sister whoever was like get out of the way or the TV or whatever. No, be quiet, right? Imagine a little girl boy whoever feels silenced, right? No one wants to watch me no one cares, right? Can we see how that would impact the way we show up in our life online and in business or in relationships? Right? Michelle Bourque 19:28 Absolutely. And I think to when you talk about the difference of mind and body and I just keep going back to this because I feel like for so many people especially like the high type a people that just are going going going and like don’t have time to sit in journal or or write you know, do breath work. But I think there’s this extra layer with the breath work because I have been now coaching since 2017. And same thing journaled, modelled, done all of this stuff and I could tell you like for sure, I have money, thoughts from my dad working hard and you have Yeah, but I feel like the breath work takes it even like layers deeper of things that maybe I didn’t recognize consciously, right? Nope. When journaling? Speaker 2 20:10 Absolutely. i Okay. So the other day, I was thinking, I always say the other day, and it could be like last week, or it could be like three years ago. I don’t know if that if you’ve ever used that phrase. But this really was the other day, I was thinking about that concept where we only use 10% of our brain, you know, how they I don’t know the science behind that. But they say we only use 10% of our brain. I like to think of that of journaling is that, like, we only really reach 10% of what’s available, like available consciously sub like maybe a little subconsciously, if you journal long enough, you might get into the subconscious, right? If you journal long enough, like 45 minutes to an hour, meaning long enough, right? And what I see breathwork as doing is now accessing that other 90%. Like, I think of it, and maybe you have the same kind of experience when you do it. But I think I think of it as like walking through this portal to this, like, new world. You’re like, Whoa, I didn’t see this. I didn’t see that. I didn’t see this. Right. And you just, you just don’t get there with journaling, right. Like, you might get some good shifts. Like I love journaling. I think it’s fun and whatever. I haven’t honestly, since I’ve been doing breath work every single day. I haven’t really journaled like my journal is sitting there right next to my bed. I haven’t touched it because either I go straight into writing, or I just like sit with whatever came up. I mean, I don’t know, but I just haven’t. But I’ve had so much growth and so much aha moments and breakthroughs. And so I see it as that right, like journaling is a great. It’s a great surface level thing. I always said that thought thought work was more like CBT I don’t know if you’ve heard of cognitive behavioral therapy, I think of that as like, the basis for thought work. Well, there’s, of course, different thought models. But that’s like kind of what I was taught in school and what I used with clients, I always saw it kind of as this like bandaid, you know, this way of like, okay, let’s like train our brain to think differently. Versus breathwork is like, no, no, let’s like, literally reprogram our whole body and being Yeah, Michelle Bourque 22:23 it’s so different. And I love like thought work and mindset stuff has changed my life significantly. And I love the blending of these two, because I feel like it just it’s like fuel on a fire. Right? Yeah, just brings it to like such a different level. Speaker 2 22:36 Yes, yeah. And I love like, if you were to bring in like, that’s why I always start with a little journaling in my workshops, right? And if you start bringing in those thoughts, and then, and then I’ve done some really cool, cool breath works. It’s actually this is one of the ones and the program, money breath work, where I have you do kind of intentions at the beginning, and then I have you breathe, and have you then write them out at the end, too. And so it’s kind of the energy of thought work. But now the transformation happens between it and now you’re like, Okay, these are the thoughts that I want to embody. And now you can take action based on those two. So I think it’s so powerful to be be bringing that in, because a big part of the work that I do is taking action, right? Like, I don’t just have you do this work and say, okay, good, right. It’s like, what are you going to do next? And that does include, okay, how what are you going to embody? What are you going to think? How are you going to act, right? And those are important things to bring into consciousness so that you can move throughout your day embodying those things? Yes, Michelle Bourque 23:42 I think that I have become attached my friend Rhonda, she’s the one who turned me on to you. And I’m like, I am like a breathwork junkie. Now she’s like, every day, I’m like, I’m telling you. And so I think that’s important also, for people to understand, like, it’s not that you have to and you’ve been saying this, it’s it can be quick. It doesn’t have to be for someone who thinks like, I don’t have time for that, like you absolutely do. Speaker 2 24:02 Yes. And that’s why I create very different experiences, right? We have our full workshops, you could go to a full workshop, when I do it live, I go, I go pretty long, because I like to talk a lot. I like to teach a lot. But if you were to go watch the replay, you can just breathe and it’s you know, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, that’s kind of our longest at the moment. And then I have those 1210 12 minute ones that really give you that quick shift, quick movement. And then I’m even creating those kind of middle ground ones of the 15 Minute 20 minute ones that also give you that transformation, but I’m really conscious of how important it is to be able to do this every day. And not everyone has that 40 minutes every day to go do the full full flow. But you know, having these shorter ones that’s still breathwork that’s still moving you that’s still you know, stepping you into your magnetize them in different ways. And it compounds I talk about this work of compound, the idea of compounding this work so much. It’s like the more that you do it, not only the more that you heal, the more that you’re aware of the more that you can embody. But the more you do, like outwardly do, like you’re taking action, you’re thinking different thoughts. You’re embodying different ways of being, you’re creating different things that are all in, like every breathwork brings you more and more in alignment with what I was talking about the beginning with, like, what you’re meant to do, who you’re meant to be, right? Michelle Bourque 25:35 Yes. And what you also mentioned in the beginning, which has been such a learning and I’m still like, okay, Michelle, this is the way it’s supposed to be like, you will get what you need to get, because a lot of times, I think I need to make X amount of dollars, and I have to do it this way. And now I’ve tried to shift that to create X amount of dollars, like, however, because I started doing breath work, and then all of a sudden, I would like, I had an unexpected income tax return that was more than I thought, or like all these different things. I’m like, okay, that’s what I need to pay attention to that is still different money coming in? Speaker 2 26:04 Yes, yes, exactly. And I think we just did we just have this breathwork in money, magnet, the releasing expectations, we have one of those of like, releasing expectations of what it needs to look like, what, um, you know, I see this a lot in, in, you know, the coaching world of like, Oh, someone reached out to me about a program like, that person has to be the person that signs up next, because they’re the only ones that we know it. But when we were clinging to that expectation of how it needs to come in, we’re ignoring all the other people who are like, Oh, maybe I’m gonna come to and I’m like, No, but it has to be this person. And they’re like, Oh, she’s got some weird energy there, I don’t want to go in there. Right. But if we release our expectations, especially with money of like, it has to come in this way. Or it has to be in this amount, or it has to be from this person, then we open our eyes to different opportunities and other realms of possibility. And people can come in from, you know, we think of oh, these people right in front of me are the only people are listening. And if we only talk to them, or we only think about them, that we’re forgetting the person who’s just about to find us, and could literally come in and sign up with us right away. Yes, Michelle Bourque 27:14 absolutely. And I also love your work around receiving because I feel like for so long, I like to do and give and do and gift but it’s also that whole right, you have to be able to receive Yes, Speaker 2 27:25 yes. And I think that’s a really, I don’t think I know, it’s a really big thing with women, women just in general, like receiving compliments. Receiving people, like testimonials. Like that was one of the things that my husband had worked very hard on me over the past, I don’t know, six to eight months. He’s like, you’ve got to, like, allow yourself to receive testimonials and like, ask people for testimonials. Because like the work that you’re doing is, you know, so groundbreaking, that I just wouldn’t like I’ve been doing this work. And I wouldn’t ask people, you know, because I that was something I was like, I could receive money. But for some reason, that was a hard thing for me to receive. So receive, you know, the accolades or the appreciation, or the, you know, the transformations that people were getting. And so I find that receiving and we even work with, even if we were to do our money receiving because you were talking about how Yes, I work with entrepreneurs, but this is just so powerful for really anyone, right? So when even if we were to do money work about receiving, that’s going to show up in your relationships, being able to receive love and connection and people caring about you, or, you know, just recently I had a friend offer to host my baby shower, and it was wonderful. And it was like just the most open like it just like, opened my heart that melted my heart. It was this weekend. And I was like totally okay with hosting it myself. And, and, you know, a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that to her and she’s like, Oh, I’d love to host that for you. And you know, there was a there’s a part of me who like didn’t want to receive that, right? Because Oh, no, no, don’t do anything for me. That’s okay. You know, I’ll do it. Right. Versus like, Okay, I was I feel like after all this work, my she had texted my husband cuz she kind of wanted to be a surprise. And then we didn’t have to be surprised but she’s like, I he said, Well, would you like her to do it? And I said, yeah, yeah, that would be really nice. You know, and I feel like even though I do this work so much with my business, but it like changes you outward like with my kids and my partner and you know, just like out in the world. It makes those compounded shifts as well. Yes, Michelle Bourque 29:43 I love it. I love everything. Have we missed anything today? I feel like we’ve been able to share a lot but there’s so much goodness. Is there anything gosh, like Unknown Speaker 29:53 I can always jump forever. Michelle Bourque 29:54 Like we better be careful with that question. We might be here for two hours. No, seriously, Speaker 2 29:58 I really Good, Jim. Um, I know, I feel like we were pretty, we did a pretty good job of giving a good overview. You know, like one thing that I do want to talk about for newbies, if you were to go grab, grab, you know, access to my program money breathwork at money breathwork.com. So that’s really easy to remember that, you know, preparing that you know, some of the shorter ones, I do different breaths in, and that those are a little bit easier. But when you go into kind of the deeper ones, that first like eight to 10 minutes is really different than what you’re used to. And so just keep going, right? Like, if you were to keep, if you’re going to try this with us, and join us in this breathwork movement, I really encourage you to keep going and to keep trying it. I really encourage you to come join us in a in a program or come join us and a free event. I do free events every few months. That’s how I end up finding you expansion experience and money magnet and all these different programs as well for for different reasons. But I really encourage you to do this with us. Because it is one so much better. And community, you get to share it with others, you get to see other people’s breakthroughs, you get to share your own breakthroughs, right. But you’re also fully supported and held through like you know what you’re saying, Michelle, like things come up, and oh my gosh, hi dad, or hi mom, or Hi, trauma from my childhood. And and it’s really important, it’s always really important to me, that you’re in a space to be able to process that and to hold that and to be in, in a supportive community. I am I am trauma informed. I am a therapist by like I said education, I can hold and handle pretty much anything that comes up, I have seen it all we do money breath work, but everything comes up right. And so I’m not afraid of being able to go where a lot of people do need to go in order to break free of of chains that have been holding them back, right. And so if you’d go in and try. I know Michelle is a as a breathwork junkie, but you might try it and be like, Whoa, I don’t know about that. I don’t know if this is for me, right? So I just want to encourage you to keep trying. If you really want if you just feel if you just feel like things aren’t quite working the way that you want to work with that you feel like there’s something deeper for you. You feel like there’s a next level for you. You feel like you’re just you’ve been working to break free of something like breathwork can be that portal, Michelle Bourque 32:36 right? Absolutely. And you do have so many different programs and offers. And we’ll have the links in the show notes. But where is the best place for people if they’re driving or walking? Like can you just sit have that? I guess you are all again? Speaker 2 32:50 Yeah, money breathwork.com is where they can go and sign up for a free access to my program money breath work, where I take you through just all the ins and outs of breath work, right I kind of walk you through some of the science like how to do the breath, what can come up with breath work, I There are five different breath works in within this program. And so you can kind of test and taste a little bit of everything while learning about breath work and how I use it very uniquely with money and business. And even if you don’t have a business, even if you know you’re just like looking for something in life, like like I said, it’s all all relates to what you need. Right? So if it’s a mani breathwork and you’re like, Well, I just want to work on my relationship. Try it anyways. Because you’ll find you’ve got what you need. Michelle Bourque 33:47 Absolutely. And I think there are a lot of people listening are in the sales capacity like doing and I feel like this is still perfect for but to your point. It’s not just in my opinion, it’s not just the money thing. It’s just so much bigger. Right? Speaker 2 34:00 Right. And I you know, I have programmed I’ve programmed for sales, my sales alchemy too. So, right. I’ve got it all I’ve really got I mean, not yet because I still have so many ideas I have yet to do. But we’ve got such an incredible foundation in in my business expansion experience, which which includes it all. just such a great foundation of like when you need something like I gotta breath work for that. Michelle Bourque 34:27 Perfect. Thank you so much. This has been so much fun, and I just love being able to share this information because I do think it’s so helpful. Yes. Speaker 2 34:35 Oh, thank you for so much for having me on. I love. I love jamming with you. Michelle Bourque 34:38 Thank you. Okay, wasn’t that great? Here’s the funny thing. I was getting this episode prepped the other morning and when I did my meditation, it was a gratitude meditation and the instructor started by talking about being grateful for your breath. It’s something that we take for granted, right? And it’s fascinating because it’s one of the body’s functions that is both just done subconsciously, right? We don’t really have to think about it. And we can also be super intentional with it. And it doesn’t have to take a long time. You literally can in this moment, just take a minute, settle. Breathe in for a count of six. Breathe out for a count of six. And do a body scan from your crown, to your jaw, to your throat, to your heart to your stomach. Just take a deep breath in so often, we are running around and we just breathe into like our chest, take a deep breath, release. It is an amazing way to move energy and to settle your system. You know, who else is actually a great person to check out if you want to know more about the science of breathwork Andrew Huberman, the Huberman lab podcast is a great resource. He has some pretty long one, so you either have to speed it up or maybe listen to it in chunks, but his information is awesome. So as we wrap up, you can check out Alessandra at money. breathwork.com And listen, I also include a little introduction to breathwork in the confidence program that you can also check out MichelleBourquecoaching.com/confidence, it is nothing compared to what Alessandra offers it is literally just a little bit of a taste of what you might be able to expect. Again, Alessandra www.moneybreathwork.com And I’ll make sure that all the links are in the show notes. Okay, friends, that’s what I have for you today. Let’s move back here next week but for now, make it a great day. Take care Michelle Bourque 36:42 Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one, go to Michellebourquecoaching.com and click on get started to begin



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