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  • Special Announcement of change in podcast
  • Living with less stress and overwhelm as you learn to manage your time
  • Special opportunity for round one of new program – 4 candidates – deadline May 8th – sign up for free consult michellebourquecoaching.com (click get started)
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Hello hello hello!

What’s going on?

Well for me it’s Sunday morning – and I normally have the podcast recording scheduled for Sunday morning – but it’s Easter and we will be traveling. So – you know what I talk to you about here – it’s in the schedule – I honor it – I just planned to do it earlier so it’s done. That’s what I encourage you guys to do – honor commitments you make to yourself.

And –

Oh my gosh – I have some exciting information for you today.

I’m making some changes – and I know it’s going to be so good – and help so many more people.

I’ve been coming to you about drinking less – and for some weighing less – but with all of it the overall benefit is to be able to handle stress and overwhelm in a new way.

I’m seeing more and more of you feeling so stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of the job / or the family – and feeling like you have no control of your time – and trust me – I’ve been there before

– so what I’m going to pivot a bit and focus on the core of what’s going and really dig into your time, energy and productivity – without the stress and overwhelm.

What I’ve come to realize is I am going to be able to help more of you by teaching about different ways to accomplish this.

This is going to be SO good.

Here’s the thing – I’ve talked to you in the past about how managing my time has changed my life – from a career and a personal level.c seriously you guys – my sales numbers increased, I started building my business, I’ve taken so many new courses – and I’ve never felt more energized and yet – calm… well – calm for me lol

And I have sooo many tools to share with you – I want you to have the same benefits.

Some of this will still overlap with the drinking and food right – because let’s face it – a lot of the drinking and eating is done to avoid the stress and overwhelm. And so often when we clean up the drinking and eating we increase our energy.

I’m not sure if you can tell – but I am bursting with excitement about this change.

You know I’ve said I’m on a mission to help change the world – and being in control of your time is SO important to creating the life you imagine.

Ok – so what does it mean for you know?

A few things –

  1. I have so many amazing tools around energy, time management and productivity – and I’m launching a new program. I want to offer you the opportunity to go through the first round for a discounted rate. But here’s the thing – I only have 4 spots open / and you have to have your consult call complete and signed up by May 8th. If you are ready and committed to make these changes go to com– I’ll have the spelling in the show notes – and click on the Get started button to sign up for the consult. Once we get on the phone we can discuss how it would specifically work for you / how to increase your productivity and time management without the stress – and I’m telling you – once you get that down your will increase your energy.

And let’s not waste time thinking about it – ok – this is my first tip to you for increasing your time – make a decision – and go. The time you take going back and forth – not useful.

So If you are thinking about it – don’t waste time – go sign up for a call.

Next up – if you haven’t already downloaded the free guide to drink less you can still go to Mindfulweighs.com/freebie to download and get on the email list for all future updates.

If you are here for just the drinking less – I know the new tools I’ll be sharing in the future will still help you so hopefully you stick around.

Here’s the thing – I will be changing the name of the podcast to reflect the concepts being more about your time.

I’ll announce it next week – I just want to ensure everything goes through the approval process.

And make sure you subscribe so if you miss the new name you will just automatically get the update.

You guys – I think your time is so important – it is one of – if not the most – valuable assets your have in your life – in your career – and for yourself.

When you are able to take control of your time without the stress and overwhelm – you will improve so many aspects of your life.

It truly is a game changer.

So – remember – if you want to increase your energy, time management and productivity / without the stress and overwhelm head over to michellebourquecoaching.com and click on The get started button to schedule a call.

And / you can also follow me on social media for additional updates – Michelle Bourque Coaching.

Ok / that’s what I have for you this week. Next week I will be here with the update on the new podcast information. Let’s circle back then – but for now – make it a great day – take care!

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