Ep 229 Self Care, Intentional Living, Your Future Self, and the Importance of Skin Care with Li Huo, MD and Life Coach

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Today I am sharing a recent conversation with Li Huo where we talked about the connection between amazing skin care and being intentional.  Li is a board certified gynecologist who pivoted to her lifelong passion of running Amed spa aesthetics practice.  She has always loved empowering women in different ways and not devotes her energy to helping women create and maintain a no fuss wallet friendly skincare routine so they can have healthy glowing skin.

Her unbiased opinions and suggestions are backed by scientific medical knowledge, experience and straight up passion.  She wants every woman to buy skincare products adapt at home methods and facial rejuvenation procedures with confidence and intention you you no longer fall prey too marketing ploys viral videos from influencers and celebrities.  

In This Episode: 

  • Skincare as selfcare 
  • Being intentional with your goals
  • Understanding the process of cell turn over process and the science in skincare
  • The importance of knowing what your are doing in your daily routine
  • Needing to be consistent and how to save time 
  • It’s never too late and starting today for your future self
  • Connect with Li: IG: @coachingwithli, www.coachingwithli.com

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Episode Transcript: Transcribed by OtterAi with minimal edits 

You are listening to the It’s Your Time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque and today’s episode I’m discussing being intentional your future self saving time and amazing skincare with Lee Huo


Welcome to the It’s Your Time the podcast where busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule so you can strive to be the best in your career but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress you are in the right place 

0:41 Hello, hello hello. Welcome back to the podcast. Here we are with another one of our amazing March lineups. And in case you forgot my birthday is this month and I thought it would be so much fun to give you a gift each week and share conversations with powerful women who can help you in a variety of ways. And today, I’m sharing a recent discussion that I had with Li Huo a Board Certified gynecologist who pivoted to her lifelong passion of running a med spa esthetics practice. She has always loved empowering women totally my jam, as you know, in a variety of ways, and now devotes her energy to helping women create and maintain a no fuss, wallet friendly skincare routine so that you can have healthy glowing skin. Her unbiased opinions and suggestions are backed by scientific medical knowledge experience and straight up passion. She wants every woman to buy skincare products, adapt the home methods and facial rejuvenation procedures that work for you with competence and intention so that you no longer fall prey to marketing ploys viral videos from influencers and celebrities and she had so much great information to share, you will be so amazed at the connection between skincare and how we do so many things in our life. So without further ado, please take a listen. I am so excited to get this conversation started. I watched your video earlier this morning. And I’ve already learned so much can you maybe just begin by telling the listeners a little bit about yourself. Introduce yourself and any goodness you see fit to share.

Sure. Good morning. Hi, everyone. I’m happy to be here. My name is Lee Huo. My journey has been a little convoluted. I started out I guess my main career is an OBGYN and I practice for about 15 years. And I stepped away from that to pursue Med Spa esthetics practice, which I also held and practiced. What happened was COVID came and that kind of changed the way I did business. My partner wanted to get out of the field, she sold a lot of the machines that I was using. So I really had to pare down what I offered as a service. But again, with COVID, in the pandemic, I actually shifted my business to online, and I present it to people’s homes there. I’m in Los Angeles, there’s plenty of clients who would like people to go to their homes, don’t go into the office. And so that’s what happened. And during that time, I also found coaching, and what powerful tools, coaching can do and transformation, and how it really applies to women. And how we look at aging, how we look at Unknown Speaker 3:38 the fine balance between vanity and taking care of ourselves, I found was very interesting. And so now I spend my time I can still have clients that I help to take care of for their skin and consultations. And I do a couple of procedures. But the bulk of my work is online to teach. And to basically provide a personalized online service for anyone who wants me to take a look at their products, go through what they’re using, and see what their goals are and I help them reach that goal for their skin.

Yeah, and I think that some people may initially see the title of the podcast and think skincare, this is about time and excelling in your career without the stress and overwhelm. But the first time that you caught my ear was at a coaching meeting where you talked about how it should be okay for us to want to look good. So I think it’s so much more and we’ve talked a little bit about this than skincare, right? So I think of for the listeners, we often are talking about ways to increase empowerment for ourselves. Can you maybe talk a little bit to that?

Yes. So I’m going to back up a little bit. So in seventh grade, I’m going to paint you a picture to I’m from a family of immigrants. We did not have a lot of expendable income. In fact, sometimes we were short on money for important things, utilities, etc. But in seventh grade, I distinctly remember this, my mother took me to a department store, to the Elizabeth Arden counter, which is a actually sort of a classic Elizabeth Arden, for those who are of age who remember that bought me a jar of cream, and said, you should always take care of your face, you should always take care of your skin. Unknown Speaker 5:24 From that moment forward, I knew that if they can sort of put any money that they had towards my skin that I was worthy. 

5:35 And there’s a lot there’s self love in there too, right? That money is obviously superficial, but you, but you when you are sort of putting it somewhere like in skincare, this shows importance of it. And so throughout my life, I have always taken care of my face. And what that means is just washing it, and you know, putting out moisturizer at night, etc. There’s a morning routine with sunscreen. But what it taught me was and so as I went through medical school and residency funds were not always abundant, you know. But what I allotted my budget to was always towards quality skincare. I would rather skip buying a coffee, a drink and college clothes, you name it shoes, so that I can have quality skincare. And that’s a commitment. Definitely in the commitment of the actual act the habit, right? How many times do we as busy people, I’ve been there, where you’re like, too busy. What do you mean, go wash my face? What do we put on a night cream? That’s just like, what is that, but I’ve committed right? So even, I have very fond memories, maybe not so fun. I’m being a little sarcastic during residency when we’re in random hospitals, because you know, you just rotate wherever or in medical school, you actually back then anyway, so you don’t have access to private bathroom. Sometimes either. By will literally take my little bag of stuff go into a public bathroom, use paper towels as towels to like wash my face, it didn’t matter where it was didn’t matter what I was doing, even as opposed to a mother when all the days and the hours blurred together. It was a commitment of nope, I’m going to take care of my face. It was like one moment in the day that I almost felt like this is for me. And it took five minutes. It wasn’t that long. Of course there are things you can do to make it more elaborate. But for me that is planning. And if you’re in the habit of doing that, that’s self love. And Unknown Speaker 7:31 and I think sometimes we get all caught up in well, I don’t want to be vain. I’m spending money. That’s not where I want to spend my money, I need to put my money towards my kids something more worthy. I understand that. But I’m not talking about perfection, right? I always say this, we’re really basically doing what is within our control, I can never change the shape of my face. I’m sure a plastic surgeon but I’m not interested in that. You know, I am like comfortable enough of self acceptance that I bring out my nose where before I would never talk to him knows I can’t stand the shape of my nose. I can’t do anything about it. And that’s okay now at my age, but what can I do, I can absolutely take care of my skin that is within my control. That is something that I know if I started taking care of her today, that 10 years from now, I’m going to I’m going to look the best today. But I’m also going to look the best 10 years from now. And there’s a chance I can put in this is completely doable. I could preserve the face that I have today. Because a lot of clients that I have at first are like Unknown Speaker 8:32 it’s too late. Why don’t you even bother to start? You know, what, what’s the point? Well, why don’t we start anything at any age fitness. Right? You’re not gonna get a six pack ab Unknown Speaker 8:47 but but we’re still gonna go walk, we’re still gonna do sit ups if we want to, we know we’re not going to get a six pack ab. So again, it’s not about perfection with skincare either about taking care of your face. I’m not saying I’m gonna be wrinkle free. That’s just not possible. I’m not trying to do the impossible and I have very realistic views. But could my skin look the best that he can? Absolutely. And by doing the best that I can, is it possible to minimize the number of wrinkles? Is it possible to perhaps allow the the timespan of wrinkles can we prove you know, can we put that off a little longer? Absolutely. You know, could my skin look glowing and dull even at the age? I mean, could it look glowing instead of drying dye age? 60? Absolutely. And that’s that’s sort of that’s the piece that I really emphasize is yes, it’s skincare, but behind it all. It’s self love and it’s self worth and it’s a commitment to a future you. Absolutely. And I think as listening to you, that’s exactly what I thought that this is the idea and I always talk about this when we talked about self care. It’s not always massages and bubble baths and some elaborate thing that people have this vision of it is literally taking five minutes to just take care of yourself and when people say I don’t have to

10:00 Time to do that. That speaks volumes to how much of a priority they are making themselves. What are your thoughts? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think about a shower, Unknown Speaker 10:10 or brushing your teeth, right? Like, I think brushing our teeth is so ingrained in us that we don’t think two seconds of it, but it is absolutely health. It is absolutely taking care of ourselves. Because who wants dentures at age 45? Who wants I mean, I can’t even name all the disease, you know, 

10:28 disease, I’m not familiar with you, I’m not a dentist. Because I’m like this with like, I’m so afraid of dental I’m like, I’m Miss, like, brush my teeth last night, you know, floss my teeth, go see my dentist, you know, I’m very vigilant about that. I know, I would much rather go see my OBGYN than my dentist. And Unknown Speaker 10:47 I know that’s how I feel. But right. It’s like a necessary thing that we have to do for ourselves. You know, I was so something as simple as like taking a shower, I know is so that you don’t want to smell. Unknown Speaker 11:00 So you can be presentable. But there is a self care component in there.

11:07 Feel better after you shower. I mean, not all the time, I get that, but a lot of the times. So just it’s almost like this moment, like a five minute moment to exhale. I’m just gonna wash my face, don’t out anything else. Put on these creams I know is gonna do something for my skin. It feels good. I know I’m doing something. And I think what you’re saying is so important. It’s you keep saying five minutes. Like sometimes I think people think it’s going to be like such an elaborate process. And you keep saying five minutes. Exactly. Because this brings me to another point. Unknown Speaker 11:44 Like anything we do in life, we need to be intentional. 

11:49 So what I teach my clients is what are your skin goals? First of all? And if you don’t have any, let’s just talk about that. Number two, how do we get there, there are certain things that we should be using to get to where you want to be. So that’s the intention. So when we go out into the marketplace, let’s be intentional and buy products that speak to that problem that you would like to solve. Because I don’t know about you. But when I go online, and when I go in the Elta, Sephora or Nordstroms I am bombarded my sensations are bombarded with this is good for your skin, you should do this, you should buy this, you should do this. And you get sort of like it’s almost like a smoke screen of marketing ploys that you’re like, wait, What? What? What? Oh, okay. And then you come home with stuff. You’re like, I don’t even know what happened because I was supposed to do this, is this supposed to be good for that? I don’t even know. And so, intention is really important. So in that, I think that’s also important. It was routine, right? Right. Now, there are a ton of you guys sell devices. But there are home devices Unknown Speaker 13:00 that are very appealing to me, oh, you should get the guasa you should get the Jade roller, you should get the pore vacuum, you should get the new faces. There’s all sorts of stuff. But you gotta like sort of strip it down and really be like, What am I hoping to accomplish with this home device. Unknown Speaker 13:16 And that’s how you move forward. Otherwise, we’re subjected to quite a bit. And even with finances, there are cheaper versions of things. So then I find I see people trying to find cheaper versions thinking that that’s what they need. And then they use it twice. And they throw it away, or they it just sits in the bottom drawer, never to be seen in the day, you know, light of day again. And so that’s why like intentions super important. Unknown Speaker 1

13:42 Yes, sorry. I think that’s a great point. Because as you’re saying that I’m thinking that people listening are super goal focused. And I don’t think I’ve ever asked myself, what are my goals around skincare, I just like put on whatever my sister says like she tried and then I write and that’s a lot of us. It’s like, So who do we listen to? We want to listen to influencers. If you listen to dermatologists, and that’s awesome, I applaud that they actual professional, that’s great, but that’s not most of us. Most of us listen to influencers who are actually they could be skincare influencers, a lot of time their fitness or their fashion. Companies have paid them to use something and they have gone forward and say, Oh, this is great. We listen to like our sister or family, hey, this is great. I’ll try our colleagues. Okay, run, you know, run out there and get it. And then you know, I have clients that literally have three, four bottles of the same type of stuff. Unknown Speaker 14:36 And yet, not something that’s actually important. So I’m going to just back up a little bit and just explain to you that the prot the one important ideology for aging. We have collagen in our skin in the dermis layer. The dermis layer is like a deeper layer. It’s not the top layer that you see. So collagen is what gives our is a protein that gives us structure Unknown Speaker 15:00 In strength it is in other parts of our body. I’m just speaking about skin right now. And so I want you to think of an air inflatable air mattress. Think of the air as the dermis with collagen and elastin elastance another protein that’s important to us, because it gives our skin elasticity. So if you notice when we’re young, young girl when we smile, and then as soon as we start smiling, our skin goes back. When we get older, the skin kind of sticks a little sticky

15:29 like it stays a little creepy, like what happened, I gotta push it back in place. 

15:34 That’s, that’s elastin, that’s the protein it’ll last and that gives your skin that elasticity. And along with hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that retains water and gives you that sort of supple look, all three are in the dermis layer. So think of the inflatable air mattress. And what’s the air that’s like keeping the top of the air mattress taught is the collagen elastin hyaluronic acid. Okay, as we age, that air escapes.

16:05 So then the top of that air metric air sinks. That’s what happens with our face. That’s the wrinkling process. That’s the fine lines. And that’s how as we get older, the same wrinkles actually deepen, because more air has escaped out of it, meaning we have less and less collagen, we have less and less elastin. And so I’m just going to talk about college. And just because it’s easier instead of referring to all three molecules, but and so a lot of the skincare products, of course, consumers don’t know this. Unknown Speaker 16:36 The bottom line is to stimulate collagen production. It’s in a lot of the in office procedures. In fact, some of your medical device reps probably sell lasers of some type a lot of times is to stimulate collagen production. And so, so that’s what it’s really geared and aimed towards and there are ways to protect your current collagen. So you know, after age 30, we lose one to 2% of collagen every year, Michelle, after age 30. And then perimenopause, menopause, first five years, we lose 30%.

 17:13 I need to get some air in this mattress. Right. And so that’s and so that’s the whole goal of skincare. But I don’t think people understand that right is to what products will stimulate collagen production. But they won’t say that in the label. Like you have to really know what you’re doing. Or alarum say collagen cream. 

17:33 Which that’s a lie. Because collagen you can’t put collagen on your face, and have it Unknown Speaker 17:41 like, penetrate and become collagen and Unknown Speaker 17:46 collagen supplements. I get a lot of questions about this. So I’m jumping ahead and just sort of talking about it already. Collagen supplements, Unknown Speaker 17:55 as far as the skin is concerned, also, does that help you build collagen in your skin? It gets broken down your stomach, and that’s the end of it. That day, this morning, when I was watching your video, I take the collagen powder and I was like Oh, I’m not supposed to be that’s not helping the skin? Unknown Speaker 18:13 You can take it I’m not so good. I don’t Oh my God, what did she say? No. Right and honest. I don’t know its effects on other parts of the body. You know, like people take it for Sometimes people even though it’s collagen, people say it helps with their nails and their hair. I’m not here to, you know, argue about that. That’s not I’m talking specifically about the skin that if you think that you’re taking supplemental collagen by mouth and that that is enough for you to build collagen in your skin. That is simply not the truth. Yeah, that’s that Yeah, that’s so that’s all I’m addressing. So once we know, oh, as in the other thing, the reason we get have more dryness and loss of glow, too, as we get older, there’s a whole process just called cell turnover, where we know all of our cells in our body gets regenerated, they’re dead ones, and the body clears it away. And so on our skin, same things happen. And so what happens as we get older, that process of cell turnover, where the new cells come to the surface, and the dead cells get sloughed off, if you will, so that you have that glow, that whole process complete slows down. And then so what we ended up doing, Michelle, is we put a bunch of products on our dead skin. We’re just rubbing the dead skin cells around you know, and then we keep moisturizing you know, oh my God, my face is trying to keep moisturizing. Well, all you’re doing is moisturizing dead cells. And it’s just like it’s not doing anything. Well we need to do is stimulate the cell turnover process. We need to sort of peel off the top dead layer or use products that will help you. I love that word slough off. 

19:52 very glamorous. Yeah, so not only that your new sales get to come to the surface, but your products will also work better the products that you’ve invested in They’re like, Oh, I know this is a good product for me. For ABC and D reason, well, let’s let it actually work and penetrate through the like the tons of dead cells. Let’s get rid of that. So the products actually work. So there’s that component to have for skin. So collagen stimulation of collagen production is important. Protecting current collagen Unknown Speaker 20:21 is important minimizing sort of environmental factors that can damage collagen is important. And then of course, increase cell turnover. So those are the basis of skin care. And sometimes I think that’s too much for people, though. That’s too sciency. Just Just tell me what Yeah. And that’s why they can call you because you can tell them but I have to imagine they’re asked to also has to be a component of consistency and doing this work. Yes, I hear that quite a bit too. Oh, I used it didn’t work. What did you use? And how did it all work? Great.

21:01 Yeah, it’s like fitness, right? Or weight loss or healthy or strength or push ups, sit ups, whatever you do. We need to be consistent. And we need to put the time in. And I think it’s especially hard. I see this in my children, like, they want to do something once and already be an expert in it. And so, no, I have to say like, for example, if so, for example, I’m 50, I started taking care of my skin at age 25. As far as using a certain antioxidant, I started taking care of my face in seventh grade. That’s every day since the age of 13. That’s consistency. That’s dedication.

21:45 Now, I don’t want to scare people off by saying, Oh, my God, I will it’s too late for me. I’m 45. No, because you can start today, it’s like health. You start today, there’s definitely some benefit. It’s like stopping smoking, the minute you stop, there are benefits. And the longer you go without smoking, the more benefits there are and you almost the risks. Sorry, I’m now going to medicine. But the risk, basically, we’re back to someone who’s never smoked. And so. So there’s absolutely been,  you need to be consistent. So this is what I really want to highlight. Some people don’t get high quality products, they go out and buy some random stuff that says they’ll help with wrinkles, help with whatever they claim. I think pigmentation is a big one, dark spots. So use a four month and they’ll be like it didn’t work. Well, yeah, it took how many years for that spot to come up? Well, by the time you see it on your face is 10 years in the making of sun damage and all this stuff, you have subjected your face to 45 years of sun damage, and you expect to use one product for one month. And you expect all of these things to be reversed and gone. All the while battling current, like gravity and current environmental toxins and sunrays and damages. It’s, you know, that’s not realistic. Yeah. And it’s just like fitness, same thing, you’re not gonna get a six pack abs. If at age 45, you decide you want to do sit ups. It’s a comprehensive approach. It’s continued diligence, and a trust and a process, I do believe that you do need to reuse the right products to see changes. So that that’s the piece, I think sometimes they use a wrong pie. They’re like, Oh, they’re all the same? Well, they’re actually not quite the same. Something that is poorly made with not as potent doses of things, or is just not going to work the same as something that is more potent, that has, you know, higher percentages, and has been shown by scientific research to work. And I think that’s important to note, because my understanding is that you do not sell products you explain from a science background and your own personal experience, like what those best products are for each individual client. Is that correct? Yes, that’s correct. So I, because I think I’ve always had a passion for skincare products. So I go out there and I’m one of those people I actually buy quite a bit. 

24:21 But part of that is for me, it’s for my research. I’m like, Oh, they claim but again, when I buy the product, it’s not random. It’s a very intentional how I’m going to buy product because it has this new ingredient that just came out that’s supposed to be helpful with, you know, hyperpigmentation. And I like this part because it has 3% of this 5%. So there is actually analysis that goes into it. But I do buy multiple similar types of products really is to compare and contrast. And I buy them at different price points. Again, compare and contrast. If I could get something for $50 instead of $150. And it works just as well. Hallelujah. I’m all in let’s go.  And so that’s why I do that. But I am not affiliated with any particular company. No one’s paying me to say that their products are good. Now, do I have a favorites? Absolutely. And because I am a carrier, or I’m, I’m a registered seller for that I carried to two companies. So do I make money? Because I sold a product? Yes, of course. But I decided to carry those products because they were good, not because they approached me to ask me to carry it, if that makes any sense. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So and there’s quite a few, I think in your world, you totally understand there’s quite a few companies that are what we call Cosmo, Cosmo, pseudo goals, or medical grade products, they’re not quite prescription, and but they’re not quite over the counter, they’re sort of somewhere in between. And they usually classically, they’ve been carried by physician offices or basically licensed, you know, sellers, they have to get permission from the company, a company has to verify that you’re a physician, or some type of skincare specialist before you can carry those products. But what happens is, the online world is so powerful, that they started selling counterfeit. So there’s a lot of counterfeit stuff out there, believe it or not, or offices who did carry those, but some things that have expired, so personnel will take it back and resell it. So I just want to caution, those, I mean, you know, that from selling medical devices, there are copycats left and right from different countries. So there is that phenomenon. So there, but because the online space is so powerful, these companies do now directly sell to the consumer once you know about it. But in the retail space is still a physician’s office. And most of the time, it’s physicians who do know about it, who tell their patients and clients about it. And that’s how they know. And then there are certain online stores that do carry the legitimate versions of these products. And I think we’ve touched on so some of the things that I know are important to you being intentional, knowing that it’s never too late, being consistent. And I think this is all an effort when we think about like it’s never too late. We’re kind of looking at, it’s never too late for our future self. Right. Can you make me speak? I love all of our future self work? Yeah. How do you tie that into like skincare? Oh, absolutely. So I have a client who is around 70. And she literally said that, to me. She’s like, I’ve never done anything until the last couple of years. And I’m not even sure what I’m doing. And so she’s like, what’s in it for me? Like, why do I even care? I said, well, because what if you live to 95?  That’s 25 more years?  What if you could just look, the way you look today at age 70 and 95? I say that’s a pretty good accomplishment. Right? Right. And so, so the I think that’s what we need to also keep in mind when I talk about future self. So right now, I’m, like I said, 50 I can think my past self Unknown Speaker 28:13 for all the work that she did. Unknown Speaker 28:16 It is only gonna work it’s like I said, five minutes a day of like, let’s just pause wash my face put on my lotions and potions and let’s move on and I just today, because I’ve seen the results of my past self. I am even more invested Unknown Speaker 28:35 into my future self. If I could look the way I look today at age 70 fabric, that’s all I know, and the listeners can’t see you. But if you guys could see her face, her skin is amazing.

28:48 There’s so much because I think it was important for my mom to she always back then she did Mary Kay, I’m probably still does Mary Kay. But she was definitely like the routine was there. And so I have the habit. But what I haven’t done is kind of learn the research of what you’re speaking to and knowing, like what I should be using versus just like, hey, I you know, have it or whatever it is, you know, on that particular day, and change it out, change it up, change it out, instead of being intentional. That’s so important. But you know, I think that your I think the fact that you already have the habits 

29:26 is very important. It’s like you’re you’re basically there, all you need to do now is like switch out the products and make sure that you’re using because this is this is the other point I tell people it’s like because you dedicate time even if it’s five minutes, it’s still time, right and consistently over years, it’s time so why not use the most potent thing that you can use? So that’s like you’re getting the most out of your five minutes. Yeah, and a lot of times when I’m you know doing this podcast, I always think because I’m 48 I’ll be 49 And I always think I Wish I knew, especially since learning all the coaching tools, I wish I knew all this stuff earlier. So that is my goal like younger people listening. Don’t wait until my age, right, like, start it now so that you can build that habit. And then again, your future self thinks you. Yes. And it’s it’s such an it’s a first is just seems so abstract. But again, I think the the idea and health and fitness is very clear.

 30:31 Right? Like people are like, I’m going to exercise I can minimize my risk of heart disease, I’m going to minimize my risk of diabetes, I want to, because I is but with skincare, people don’t think that way. There’s a lot of sort of societal messaging that it’s vanity. And but I don’t know about you, but when I see someone who has great skin, I know they take care of themselves.

30:55 That’s a great point. I was just going to say yeah, do you think it’s I feel like there’s so much societal messaging, especially for women. Like, don’t be too much this, do this, don’t do that. So I feel like there’s a back and forth of like, take care of yourself. But after you take care of everybody else. So I, I do want to speak to this a little bit. First of all, the definition of vanity is sort of excessive focus on oneself. It’s something to that it’s something about excessive emphasis on one’s appearance, or caring about one’s appearance excessive, right. And what I want to ask is, who gets to decide what’s excessive? Unknown Speaker 31:35 The society get to decide that.  And why why do they get to decide what’s excessive for yourself? So if you’re the one who’s deciding, then you can choose that it’s not excessive, right? And I think when we are self hating on ourselves about whatever, you know, you talked about health and fitness. So if it’s about our weight, if it’s about our eating, if it’s about then we are actually obsessing probably more about ourselves than if we just had a simple habit of five minutes washing our face and put some cream. Right. All right. Yes, absolutely. And I this is this is the funny thing, though. About Oh, you shouldn’t do too much like, oh, what’s she’s done lately? Ooh, she doesn’t. But we also talked about the woman or the friend. Oh, she’s let herself go, Oh, yes. Doing something. I mean, what is happening to her? Right. So it’s like, we can’t win either way. So let’s just decide right now. I went to damn good care of myself. Oops, I’m sorry. No, no, no, that’s good. Yeah. And how that shows up. Yes, it shows up in many different ways. But this year, I’m going to dedicate to spending some time on my face. And really being intentional about what I want to use. I’m not saying I want to spend 20 minutes on my face. And that’s totally fine. Because you can have beautiful skin without spending 20 minutes on your face every day. Once in a while. It’s kind of fun to do it. Like I like to do a fun mask and a scrub. And you know, I do like to do that once in a while. That’s up and that’s fun. But that’s, that’s different, right? That’s just like, I know that I’m going to do that. But I don’t have to do that. I know that there is an absolute essential way. There is a there are products that I can use, and it will help me accomplish my goal. Yes, I like that. I’m going to take damn good care of myself. That might be a quotable. 

Have we missed anything? I feel like we’ve talked about so much the science, the empowerment, the intentionality, the consistency, the future focus, and it’s not too late, but also get started, right? Yes. So I have a 13 year old and a 15 year old a 15 year old boy, or young man and he takes her his face because he’s got acne, but because he takes her he has very little now, and he could see the results. My 13 year old is dedicated to a routine. And so I will say it’s never too late to start. And it’s never too early to start a routine. When you’re younger, you don’t need a lot of potent stuff. We don’t need to do too much. Just simple. You know, wash your face, you make sure you use a sunscreen, that’s actually really great. If you’re, you know, under the age of 18. And you’re already doing that, that’s probably the best piece of advice for younger people. But as we are over the age of 30 then we start to need to add things and then when we are 40 We need to be a little more assertive. Unknown Speaker 34:30 I need to be a little more assertive. Yes. 

34:34 This has been so much fun. Where can people find you? So you can follow me on Instagram at coaching with Lee. I have a lot of posts and rails about things and that’s the best way to stay in touch with me. I’m very responsive on DM on coachingwithLi. I also offer a video the three things you should be putting on your face. Recommend. Oh, thank you. Yeah, it’s pretty. I think it’s valuable for people who are just starting that journey or who are not quite sure  How to Get Started. And I feel like that’s a good starting place. And if you’re already doing those things, if you’re already putting on those three things, then another way to work with me is to just schedule an audit and a console and the audit, I go through all of your current products that you’re using, toss out the ineffective ones and then keep the ones that are good stuff. Now, I don’t believe in actually tossing out products, I, you can relocate reallocated to your knees, to your elbows, to your heels to your neck to check the date, I always make a big joke. I was like I had the most well moisturized and colonized knees ever. Okay, that’s where all my stuff goes is on my knees. 

35:43 So that’s it, that’s a chance for us to work together and I streamline your routine for you. And, and then there will be some if there are pockets of where you’re missing something essential, I will make those recommendations. That’s so good. And we’ll have all of your links in the show notes for sure. Yes, that would be awesome. Thank you so much. This, this has been so helpful.

Oh, thank you for having me. I’m so happy to talk about anything about skin and empowerment, anything like in the topic. Perfect. Wasn’t that great. I really learned a lot from our short time chatting. And I love that she stresses the importance of not wasting money or time. It can be super simple. Maybe it’s just one new habit or simply improving a bit on your current routine in order to help out your future self help a sister out right. And if you’re ready to start getting help, be sure to check Li out all of the links are going to be in the notes. I would love to know what you came away with. And I have to be honest, for me, I had no idea that vitamin C was so important for your skin. So please share, tag me on Instagram @MichelleBourquecoaching and let me know what you’re going to start or stop doing. Okay? That’s what I have for you today.

Take what works leave what doesn’t and let’s meet back here next week for another opportunity for transformation. Make it a great day take care Unknown Speaker 37:19 Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one. Go to Michelle Burt coaching.com and click on get started to begin


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