Ep 210 Thoughts on We Should All Be Millionaires

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Episode Notes:

Join me today for an exciting new offer and thoughts on the book We Should All Be Millionaires.  Author Rachel Rodgers shares this woman’s guide to earning more building wealth and gaining economic power.  Your money mindset can make a huge difference in being able to achieve your greatest results in life.  

In This Episode:

  • Socialization of women money thoughts
  • Rodgers formula for million dollar decisions
  • Knowing what you want in life
  • Broke ass decisions vs new money mindset ideas
  • What “should” you do
  • Ability to focus on more vs sunken costs of decisions
  • Being enough in the moment
  • New offer – www.michellebourquecoaching.com/connect


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Episode Transcript:

Transcribed by OtterAi with minimal edits.

You are listening to the it’s your time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Bourque. In today’s episode I’m discussing thoughts on we should all be millionaires. Welcome to the richer time podcast the podcast, we’re busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule. So you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place.

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Michelle Bourque 5:34 I mean, when we say that out loud, work hard, but don’t be too greedy. It sounds a bit ridiculous does it and, and it’s so funny, because ridiculous is often a word that my family tends to use when they hear how much I spend for different things. And in the past, I felt like I needed to kind of keep quiet about all of it. That’s the stuff that I want you to uncover for yourself. What are your thoughts around money? Where do you think you need to be quiet, and Rogers has a list of what she calls, broke ass thoughts, and offers suggestions on how you might be able to shift those. So for example, making money is hard. Instead of that, she suggest an alternate thought such as there are infinite numbers of ways to make money, I can find something that feels good to me. It may be challenging, but also fun and worthwhile. That can be true, you know, for you, part of the mindset work is unlearning what we already know, and deciding on purpose, what we want to think. And Rogers also reminds the reader that we are allowed to be ambitious for ambitions sake, on apologetically listen to that. We are allowed to be ambitious for ambitions sake, on apologetically. And she also quotes Oprah which of course, if there’s an Oprah, quote, We must include it right. Oprah says, create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. I mean, come on, I’m always talking about believing, right? And please tell me, why wouldn’t we want to take on some of Oprah’s thoughts around money? I think she clearly knows a thing or two about it. Right? Here’s the thing. More money allows people like Oprah to touch more lives, to help more people to be more charitable. Why do we not talk about that part Michelle Bourque 7:54 of having money more. And Rogers, also, in the book shares her formula for evaluating different scenarios for you to be able to make million dollar decisions. So I want to jump into the formula here for you now. And she uses the acronym wsa. BM, which is also the title of the book, we should all be millionaires now. W. She says, As for want, what do you want to do? So often, women crowdsource out that decision, we might ask three friends to co workers, possibly a spouse or a partner. And of course, we take into consideration what the family might think. But here, she is saying you decide. And what I know for sure, is that any decision could yield your desired outcome. If you knew that, what would you decide? And I think along the ideas of decision making, we also need to make sure that we have our own backs. If we make a decision, and realize that the anticipated results didn’t take place. We acknowledge it as what it is. So we did not achieve anticipated results. But oftentimes, we make it mean that we are wrong or bad. So I want you to shift that story. When you do not achieve anticipated results. Instead of thinking that you are wrong or bad. It’s simply a learning opportunity. I really want you to get that. It can be a decision that didn’t work out and you are not wrong for it. Think about that. Who decides if you made a bad decision? Usually, you it’s usually the way you beat yourself up after you make the decision. So let’s start dropping that part. And just knowing that you have your own back Okay, s should, what are all the shoulds? Around your decision? Is your want a should in disguise? And which should do you agree with, and which ones do you not? This is important because this step really is an opportunity for us to look at where we are shitting on ourselves, which, as women, we do that often. And where we are actually getting clear on what we want in our life. Let’s work on not telling ourselves the story, so much of what we should do, and start telling ourselves more about what we really want in life, there is often a big difference. Okay, moving on to A, A is for action, what action are you going to take towards your decision. This might mean an assortment of small actions, it might mean to take the top two or three big actions and get started. But take the time to think about it, what needs to be done. And once you’ve made the decision she moves on to be which is for body. She says, once you’ve made the decision, check in with your body. How do you feel when you think about taking the action, remember, your feelings will always drive your actions and your feelings will come from your thoughts. So if you are thinking that you should take action x, it might not feel exciting, you can take the same action. But most of the time, when you have a different feeling behind it, you will produce different results. What I mean is if you are taking an action from a thought that is surrounded by should, that will give you a different result than if you have a thought that is more in alignment with feeling, let’s say committed to the action. And you have to be on to yourself and know what you are thinking in order to make the changes. And in this case, we’re talking about making more money. But really the same applies for any decision that you’re making in life. Now she ends with M. M is for more. How will this decision lead to more for you. And she suggests focusing on that more than focusing on the cost of the decision. So many of the decisions that we make in life, we think about the sunken costs of the decision. So maybe I decide to stay in my current job. Because I’ve been here for 16 plus years, maybe you stay in a relationship, because you’ve been together for 20 plus years. And maybe you have the thought that you just don’t want to branch out and try something new, because of all of the time that you have invested in the current situation. That is when we are talking about this sunken cost perspective. And it really never is. It can

Michelle Bourque 13:15 all be chalked up to learning, growing and evolving experiences, you can always change. And when you focus on the possibilities of what is available, versus thinking that you need to or should stay in your current situation. Well, guess what? Not much changes, right? Focus on how you can start making decisions towards $1 million. Imagine that, and you will start seeing tremendous changes in your life. Rogers also discusses the importance of setting boundaries. And this alone might be a huge change in your life. She talks about socialization of women, and how we have been taught that we need to be the ones to take care of everything. The home, the kids, the parties, the doctor’s appointments, and still work. She talks about the importance of delegating some of those duties. And she also talks about your million dollar vision and how you deliver million dollar value. Things we do daily that we don’t even give ourselves credit for and how can that be helpful in this journey. She talks about the importance of knowing that you are doing enough. Many women think that we need to do the work on weekends and be ready for the boss on Monday morning, or help the friend or be the one to take kids to the doctors and to be the partner that does dinner every single night. And of course if you want to keep giving and giving and giving rock on you can But first acknowledge that what you are doing right now is enough. It’s a big one. When you can take action from an abundance mindset, guess what happens? more abundance, you have to be able to acknowledge that what you are doing now is enough. And from there so much more as possible. That is what I want for all of us. And whatever way that it looks like for you, right, it can look different. But knowing that you are enough in this moment, so, get started, let’s get going ahead of the game. Don’t be waiting until January to start our new goals like most folks, again, the book was we should all be millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. And if you’re interested in grabbing a copy, just hop onto the location of where you buy any book, of course. And remember, if you want help with getting your new year’s goal started now, sign up for a free call. The program is mindset of a rep. It’s your time to create the life that you imagined to be able to excel in your career without the stress and overwhelm so that you can make more money. Do more of what you want in life and feel better along the way. The bonus months start now so go to Michellebourquecoaching.com/connect to get signed up. Okay, friends, that’s what I have for you today.

Let’s circle back next week but for now, make it a great day. Take care Michelle Bourque 16:44 Did you know you can take this work to a deeper level with me one on one. Go to Michellebourquecoaching.com and click on get started to begin

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