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Hello hello – welcome back friends – I’m so happy you are here today.

Ok – I am going to jump right in because I know how busy you are… or at least how busy you tell yourself you are…hmmm.. this will be fun right? Lol

In today’s episode I want to talk to you about time – and how you can have more than you think you do.

This is a big one folks.

I mean – I coach on this all the time. Especially in my free consult call – people sometimes tell me they don’t have the time to commit for themselves and my answer is – of course you don’t! I mean – who Seriously has time already set aside to invest in actually accomplishing the goals you want in your life – vs what you do for everyone else right?

So often we let life run us instead of us running our life.

I love coaching on this topic b/c it was a BIG one for me too.

I can not tell you how much work I did on this.

When I first started I didn’t think I had the time to begin classes.

I vividly remember thinking I will likely have to quit this because I am so busy.

What I have found is – since I’ve invested in coaching I am sooo much more productive at work, year on year I’ve increased my income about 45%, I started building my business, and I don’t feel like my personal time has been sabotaged.

Honestly, I feel more in control of my time than ever.So really – I needed to take the time to do this work, in order to gain so much more time to my life.

Now listen, I realize listening to one podcast is not likely going to do the trick and just magically give you all this time.

It took me months.. well maybe even years to get where I am now – and listen – I keep investing in myself because I know I can take it to even higher levels of effeciency .

I can see such a difference in how I operate and I want to tell anyone who is in this boat – it can be so much better!

Ok – now – some of this to start may blow your mind a little,  but I want to encourage you to listen through the end so you can begin implanting these ideas in your life and see where you find time.

To begin – what is time?

Time is a mental construct.

What? You ask..

Think about it – we all have 24 hours in a day right?

What we do with those 24 hours is different for everyone so the results we produce in the time vary.

How is it that the same amount of time produces different results for different people?

Hmmm.. something to consider.

Now, I think time is the most valuable asset we have –

So as I go through this I want you to really think about what you do with your time.

And of course – most importantly I want you to think about what you think about your time.

Are you thinking you don’t have enough? (That SO used to be me)

Or – are you thinking you have plenty (it may be a stretch right now, but I’m telling you – you – how you think about this will determine the results you get.

So just keep that in mind as we go through this.

I want to begin discussing a couple of high level concepts around time, and then I will leave you will some ideas to implement today.

Before I got too far in – I have to say – one thing that freed up so much time for me was when I cut back on my Pinot G. I still enjoy my wine here and there but it is so different.

To begin, I got back all the time I was thinking about how I couldn’t wait for a glass of wine after my long stressful day and then I got a bunch more time back when I gave up all the negative chatter the next morning.

All of that brain energy can now be placed on creating new goals.

Ok – so there are things we do that cost us time, and there are things that create time.

Remember how I said time was a mental construct?  We all think time is very fixed right – like an hour is an hour.

But an hour in traffic does not feel the same as an hour watching a great movie right – or – we say – wow time flies … when you are having fun.

Some of the things I see costing us time are things like worrying, confusion, indecision, being overwhelmed, or regretting.

Worrying pretends to be necessary – but it changes nothing.

So we take up all this time worrying about something and most of the time doesn’t even happen

Confusion, indecision, and overwhelm – well they all have us usually spinning in inaction.

I’m not sure what to do,

I don’t know where to start.. and so we waste time.

Regretting – that is just us going over the past in our mind – again, its’ not changing.  Instead we could be thinking about what we want to create for the future.

Think about your life and how often you spend wasting time in any of the above.

Now – ways to make time – things like planning, honoring your plan, constraining, saying no, and making and sticking to decisions will help you create time.

Let’s look at planning –

you plan for a certain amount of time to get something done – and then get it done in that time.  This was a big change for me because it’s not like a to do list.

I have always been a lover of a to do list – are you with me? I think you know who you are.
When you have a to do list you get to check things off and feel so good right?

But what used to happen is  I would have clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, do dishes, – you know the routine – all of it on my list.

And as I was taking the laundry down I would realize – oh, I need to dust – and then as I dusted I would find a piece of mail – that for sure I needed to pay a bill..lol – you with me?

And now my list has gone to hell in a handbasket..lol.

Instead – make a results list – so by 9am I will have completed the bathroom, the living room, and the bedroom.

That’s it.

No to do list that gets me side tracked – it is a specific result in a specific time frame.

No negotiations.

Here is a funny example I recently tested.. I was making this amazing cookie recipe – I should totally put the recipe in the notes b/c it was a hit.. anyhow – part of the recipe calls for melted caramels.

I was pealing the paper off the wrappers of the caramels – those are tricky  little suckers -and the last time I made the recipe it took forever – I actually swore I would never make them again – but I did.

This time I told myself I had to have them all unwrapped within – I think I said 4 minutes.. and I watched my brain get after it!

It was so funny to see how a simple shift made such a difference – so much faster – and I created more time vs the last time I made the same recipe.

Planning is also great for food and drink.  You take some time up front to plan out meals and drink plans and it frees up soooo much time in the future.

When clients tell me they don’t have the time to plan ahead I just question that – how much time does it then take each day to think about, negotiate with yourself, maybe let your toddler brain decide, and then feel terrible.

Making decisions – this is another big one – you make a decision and you take action.

If it doesn’t work as planned you make another decision and take action – you keep doing this and you will figure it out faster than if you just sit around wondering where to start.

Constraining has been another big one for me.  At first it seems like you are being restricted maybe – like – oh – I want to be free – but I’m telling you – planning and constraining actually allows more freedom because you know what you are doing.

And saying no.  This is a big one – for all you people pleasers… and listen – I’m still sometimes in recovery for this myself..lol.. But when we start saying no to what others want us to do we can say yes to more time in our lives.

So here is what I encourage you to try this week.

Take some time to think about what you want in your life – what is valuable to you?

For example – for me I love to be on time, I enjoy time with the hubs and our dog, I love to workout and meditate, and I want to be an example of what could be possible.

So I plan my time accordingly.

I encourage you to consider this your last 24 hours of life.  It’s not being morbid – I mean let’s face it – it really could be.

Write down all the things you would like to do in those last 24 hours.

Next,  Take a look at how you spent your last 24 hours.

Really – write it all down and see.

Now compare the two lists and decide what changes you want to make.

Ok – that is what I have for you today.

So good!

If this resonates with you we should get on a consult call – go to michellebourquecoaching.com/freebie – not only will you get access to my calendar – you will also be able to download a free guide on how to drink less tonight.  Spots are limited so don’t waste time – decide today for you.

Ok – hope you plan to be here next week – but for now – make it a great day – take care!

Cookie recipe:  https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/white-chocolate-snickerdoodle-blondies/

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