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I have a special treat for you today – I am sharing a recent conversation with Certified Coach, Motivational Speaker and Business Mentor Patricia Cimino. April is Stress Awareness month and Patty is sharing some really great info that might help you feel better.  Listen and learn more about Positive Intelligence, the importance of intuition, and how these tools can help you in business.

In This Episode:

  • Positive Intelligence – www.positiveintelligence.com
  • Mental Fitness Muscles
  • How meditation can help in business
  • How your energy influences your day 
  • The importance of 5 senses and the work of Joe Dispenza

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Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the richer time podcast and I’m your host certified life coach Michelle Arnold Berg and today’s episode I’m sharing a recent conversation with certified coach, motivational speaker and business mentor Patricia Cimino. Welcome to the richer time podcast the podcast. We’re busy professionals like you get the practical solutions and support you need to gain control of your schedule so you can strive to be the best in your career, but without the stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking to increase your energy and decrease your stress, you are in the right place. Hello, hello. Hello, welcome back to the podcast. Friends, I have a special treat for you today. Today, I am sharing a recent conversation with Patricia Cimino Patty, and I normally share these discussions Every 10th episode, but today, I’m bringing it to you a little sooner because April is stress Awareness Month. And Patti is sharing some really great info and this episode. And I think it can be very helpful for you to reduce stress. Now listen, we have learned a lot about the role that stress plays in our lives over the years. And there is still so much more for us as a society as individuals in the workplace. All of it to learn and we had so much fun chatting. As always, I am sharing this with you unedited, as if you were just all there chatting, sharing and learning and connecting. Now, before we get started, let me tell you a little about Patty. Patty is a certified coach, motivational speaker and business mentor and she helps entrepreneurs and business professionals build their mindset and energy leadership so that they can thrive personally and professionally. Totally up my alley, right we talked about work life integration, and clients stretch their mental fitness muscles to optimize peak performance productivity, and their well being when working with Patti because she teaches individuals and teams how to handle challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress by learning how to strengthen the part of their brain that serves them and quiet the part that sabotages them. Now as a certified yoga instructor, inner voice facilitator and mindfulness practitioner, Patricia’s holistic approach combines neuroscience, totally my jam, positive psychology again, and strategies of Eastern philosophies to create game changing results both internally and externally. Patricia has been an expert on international podcast programs featured on iTunes I heart, radio, and YouTube. And audiences appreciate how she radiates high energy, which you can totally hear in this episode and infuses possibility and optimism into her presentations and her interactions with everyone she meets Now, prior to becoming a coach, she built a socially conscious business that donated profits to build libraries have books for children in need in both South America and the US. She’s a mom of three boys. And she recently made her dream of living near the ocean or reality and resides in southeast Florida. Also one of my dreams living by the ocean, I for sure have to visit. Now without further ado, please take a listen. Well, thank you so much for being here. I am so excited to talk about this today. And before we jump in, how about if you just start by introducing yourself and kind of telling everyone a little bit about your story what you do why you do it? All the goodness? Unknown Speaker 3:53 Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much for having me here. Michelle. I’m super excited to be here with you. So my name is Patricia Cimino, and I am a personal growth coach. I work with business professionals and entrepreneurs, basically individuals and teams. I help them uplevel their mindset and their energy leadership so they can not just survive, but thrive and create thriving, thriving personal lives and thriving professional lives. Michelle Bourque 4:21 Oh, I love that energy leadership. Unknown Speaker 4:24 Yeah. Michelle Bourque 4:25 Can you expand on that a little bit? Unknown Speaker 4:27 Yeah, I mean, we all are made of energy, right? Everything has energy. And you can control your energy levels. You can control how you show up. You can control what’s in your environment that’s causing you to either dim your energy or dim your light or expand it and there’s there’s just so much that’s part of that, that when I’m coaching my clients, just really helping them, show them where, where they can improve on at and where they’re showing up. In an area that maybe is not serving them and causing them to operate at that lower vibration, that lower energy level. Michelle Bourque 5:10 I love that I have been researching a little bit more about the energies and about vibrations. And I know it sounds kind of woowoo. But I feel like there’s definitely something to all of that that is so interesting. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 5:22 And there’s science behind it, too. It’s all you know, quantum physics really is Michelle Bourque 5:26 super interesting. Now, we met a couple years ago, but we’re both certified through the Life Coach School. So we’re familiar with what I talk about here a lot the model or think feel app cycle, but you also do Positive Intelligence coaching. Can you speak to that? Yeah, so Unknown Speaker 5:43 I found Positive Intelligence last year. And I absolutely fell in love with it, because it merged, what it is that I was using with a life coach tool of the model and thought management. But it also emerged, another part of me, that is the mind body awareness. So the last 10 years, I have been a yogi, I used to teach yoga. And that piece of that mind, body connection was such an important piece, and I felt like it was missing with the footwork. And when I found Positive Intelligence, it was a beautiful framework that brought both of those worlds together. Michelle Bourque 6:22 How so? Can you tell us a little bit about how you kind of incorporate the two of them with your corporate clients or business clients, individual clients? Unknown Speaker 6:30 Yeah. So just like with the model and thought work, Positive Intelligence is all about strengthening your capacity to how you respond to challenges in life from a positive lens versus a negative lens. And you’ve got three muscles, three mental fitness muscles that we work on. The first is your saboteur muscle, which is that part of your brain that is negative, right? We know from the work that we do that, as humans, our brain is prone to go to the negative 70% More than the positive. And we know that through thought work, we can work to change that. Right? So with this, this framework, it it actually there’s an assessment you take, and it will break down 10 different what we call saboteur some people might think of them as Gremlins, that hyper achiever the avoider that people pleaser when you take this assessment will tell you who’s running the show up here. Right? And then from there, we can, you know, with the with that work, it’s kind of like that work negative thinking, right? So if my hyper achiever is running the show, we can address how to handle that, right. And then there’s the sage muscle, which is that place where your higher level thinking happens, right? Your prefrontal cortex, how we talk about it, and how to get from one to the other is through what Positive Intelligence has termed PQ Reps, and that is these little mini bite size meditations that take you out of the chaos of your head and bring you into your body and your breath work. And it’s very small, little minor, minor, mini meditations. But by the time your two minutes are up, you are accessing the the front end of your brain, you’re accessing your your sage wisdom, where all of your creativity, your solutions, your higher level thinking takes place. So it merges those two worlds together. Yeah. Michelle Bourque 8:39 As I’m listening, I’m thinking there might be people because I think when I just started who would say why is a hyper achiever a saboteur? Like I feel like most of the folks listening, probably think hyper achiever is a great thing. Like can you talk about that a little? Unknown Speaker 8:53 Yeah, and there’s definitely strengths to being a hyper achiever, but then what happens is the saboteur, the hyper achiever saboteur will start beating yourself up. Why didn’t you do this? Why didn’t you do that? Why didn’t you say this? Why didn’t you go for this? Right? It’s all of that where that comes into play that it squashes out the strength. Right? Michelle Bourque 9:16 Okay, do you see one because you mentioned I think 10 Right saboteurs are there like consistent ones that you see with the folks you work with? Unknown Speaker 9:25 Or is it Piper achiever and people pleaser? Hmm. Michelle Bourque 9:30 Can you talk a little about the people pleaser? I think that so many folks, including Unknown Speaker 9:34 Yeah, yeah, it’s the person that just does not want to say no, and will take on more than they can handle and they’re worried more about what other people are thinking then about their own well being. And so they pile it on. They say yes, yes, yes to everything to please everyone but they end up being displaced, they end up being the one that is not, is not pleased at all. happy at all in Michelle Bourque 10:00 the end. Yeah. And I think it seems like such a good intention, right when we think we’re helping others, and we want to be the one to take care of it or like a martyr. But really, is it big picture? I guess if you have a client like that, what are some tips that you might share with them? Either the hyper achiever people pleaser on how to tweak that? Is it? Is it anything in addition to the mini meditations? Or? Yeah, so Unknown Speaker 10:25 when we access that sage perspective, that inner wisdom place within ourselves, we actually talk about five different gifts that that five different strategies that the sage perspective offers, and one of them is looking through the eyes of everything is a gift or an opportunity, right? Even in the most worst situations, when you look through the lens of how is this a gift? Or how is this an opportunity couldn’t be a really, it can completely change how you feel and how you show up, right? And the things that you do. So that’s a really important one. Michelle Bourque 11:05 And then when you talk about the inner wisdom, that sounds like it probably goes back to more of the mind body and people actually having to slow down I guess how, if it’s somebody who doesn’t normally listen to themselves, or know how to kind of get to that inner wisdom? Are there tips that you have to just get started with Unknown Speaker 11:23 that? Yeah, and and that is something that has been my life journey to listen to that inner wisdom. And it’s been something this last couple of years that I’ve been working really closely with, I actually am trained as the inner voice facilitator. And that’s just learning to know how, what voice is talking to just like, is it your saboteur that’s talking to you? Or is it your inner wisdom that’s talking to you because a lot of times we don’t even realize that we think whatever is happening in our head, is we’re being driven by that not to know that there is a choice in what we are thinking. And when we stop, stop to slow down, and we engage in some of these, this breath work, right? We can access that place of that calm notice that the sage perspective gives you and in those moments you can hear, it’s like that gentle whisper that you hear that you don’t pay attention to and then you realize you should have pay attention. It’s intuition, right? Yes. And so accessing that, being able to access that know that that is your inner wisdom, not your saboteur, and a lot of clients will say to me, Well, how do I know the difference? The easiest way to know the difference is in how you feel, I’m feeling horrible. If you’re feeling negative, if you’re feeling any, anything that is on that side of the spectrum, that’s not your inner voice, that’s your ego, that’s your head. That’s your Saboteurs that are coming out. If it’s coming from love, if it’s coming from compassion, kindness that’s coming from your heart that’s coming from your inner guidance, your inner wisdom, and using these terms interchangeably. So inner guidance, inner wisdom, inner voice, those are all coming from the same place within your intuition. Michelle Bourque 13:10 Might someone also refer to like trusting your gut? Is that something along those lines? Unknown Speaker 13:15 Yeah, so when I work with my clients, I teach them the various areas, there’s three specific areas that I like to focus on, and that is your gut, your heart, and your inner voice. So your gut is that you know, that gut feeling that you get when you just do you just know it at your at your, you feel it in your in your core muscles, you feel it, man, and then that heart pull that you get in those moments of life, when you just feel something, you just feel it coming from your heart, something is calling to. And then it’s actually that whisper, that whisper that keeps talking to so I like to focus on those I say tune into your GPS, when I say your GPS, that’s what I’m talking about. And I go deeper into those areas with my clients. Michelle Bourque 14:06 Oh, that’s so interesting. And as you were saying that I think I finally understood the when you say, Oh, I knew it at the core, or I knew it in my core. And I’m like, oh, that’s trusting your gut. That’s the same, literally. Unknown Speaker 14:18 Yeah, I mean, and they’ve done studies now that support that you have just as many neurotransmitters in your gut as you do in your mind, in your brain. Oh, right. Because they talk a lot about brain gut connection. Yes, you work in that realm. Also, when you’re working with clients, just on this particular area of of intuition, and, and really trusting that right. Sometimes our brain wants to know the answer right now, but our body really has the answer. Michelle Bourque 14:45 Yes. And I don’t think we listen. I know so many of the people that are listening because I have been there, like never knew how to feel feelings. It was too busy to meditate like what are you talking about? sit and meditate. Now I’m like no, if you don’t think you have time you really need to be the ones to be meditating, right? Yeah, absolutely. Unknown Speaker 15:03 And here’s the thing, Michelle, I remember when I first started getting into all of this, I thought to myself, There’s no way my racing mind can sit for 1520 minutes and meditate. So I challenged myself a few years back years ago, where I would meditate one minute, a day, a month. So for Date, Month, one, it was one minute, a day, then month, two, I went to two minutes a day. So by the end of the year, I was up to 12 minutes, then the end of the following year, I was up to 24 minutes, telling you doing it that way. It was gradual, and so slow, that it became a habit for me. And now I know, I know, those days that I don’t make time to meditate, the rest of my day is sloppy, it’s all over. So I think that is a mess on those days, the days and I can even if I can’t get in the full amount, just get in something, it makes a difference. So that’s what I love about this Positive Intelligence Program is it brings in those little meditations in bite sizes. And some of the meditations are not even with your eyes closed, you know, a lot of the some of them are with your eyes open, and you’re just really using all of your senses. Like how many times do you sit and use your senses during the day, Michelle Bourque 16:29 I think only probably one I’m actually doing a meditation that’s guided and telling me to like, you know, start at the top of your head and relax your forehead. But other than that, I’m like, off. Unknown Speaker 16:38 And so some of these little things that we teach in that program, you can even do while you’re sitting in a boardroom meeting. Oh, and your your eyes open. It’s unbelievable. You can calm your brain down in those moments with these little exercises that we teach in that program. Michelle Bourque 16:59 Oh, that’s interesting. And you talked about boardroom and I believe a lot of your work is around also empowering teams, like what are some of those top tips that you you might be able to share even here with some of the folks? Yeah, so. Unknown Speaker 17:13 So one of the biggest things is this piece of self awareness. And to in those moments, when you are just that awareness that you hear a voice talking to you, that sounds negative, in that moment, just to step outside of yourself, to know that, okay, I’m getting hijacked in this moment, right? I’m getting hijacked. And take a moment and just take five breaths to yourself. And then you could do, you could use this tool of empathy. And one of the strategies is to think of yourself, when you were a very small child, and get that picture of yourself as a very small child, and sink into those feelings that you had for that little girl. Right? That empathy that you have for that little girl who’s so innocent. And so in that moment, you know, loving in that moment, and when you sink into that, it calms you down and it then you create that, that empathy for yourself. And then the lens that you look out to your team plate, your teammates are with a more empathetic eye, you can even think of the person on your team as a small child. And there’s magic in that. Michelle Bourque 18:39 That’s a good one. I like that because I have done some of the work of like trying to go back as you know, my child and comforting her that kind of work. But I love that thinking of your teammates as that. And I think in these last few years, right, there’s been this huge shift about having more empathy and inclusion and all of that in organizations. So I think this work is super important that you’re doing. And I think, like one of the resonating themes that I’m hearing really is like if you just slow down, right, and listen to yourself and trust yourself. It could like have your career take off your life take off like it’s not just being busy badge of honor. It’s like being strategic? Unknown Speaker 19:20 Absolutely, absolutely. They they did research on this program. And they found that after the after people had gone through the program, that the teamwork and collaboration went up. 92% Wow. Yes, yes. Self awareness went up. 97% Empathy went up. 97%. There’s so many unbelievable statistics. They ran the program on over 500,000 people in 50 Different countries from top level CEOs, executives, to elite athletes to sales teams, and the results were just astonishing. So it’s ahead based research program, which I really, I found it to be just a really credible program. There’s a lot of companies, big companies that have put it into their, their framework. And I just going through it myself, and now putting people through the program, it’s just phenomenal. It I feel like it accelerates the work that I was doing with the thought work alone, it accelerates Michelle Bourque 20:26 it. That makes sense. And I think it’s because Unknown Speaker 20:30 you’re not just, it’s, I’m sorry, but you’re not just hearing something and learning about it, you’re actually putting it into practice every day. So with this particular pro program, there’s a phone app that gives you support every day, it’s giving you a focus of the day. And then it’s telling you when to stop and take a mini break to do these little mini meditations in bite sizes. Again, right? And then I, I would when I bring people through that program, I incorporate coaching once a week with them to talk about the concepts that the daily focus is on, so they can be even more aware of this. That’s why I feel like at the end of it, like they’ve built a muscle, because they built this pet this habit over the last six to seven weeks, where they’re doing this every day, and then it becomes part of their new normal. Michelle Bourque 21:27 And I have to imagine because you’re talking about the five senses, like even as you’re saying that doing the work and having the mini meditations, it reminds me of what Joe Dispenza talks about when he talks about the more senses that you can have involved, right, like when you know those life altering memories of you know where you were when you were because there were so many different senses that were involved in it. It sounds like it’s similar to that. Unknown Speaker 21:49 Yeah, it’s it’s, it does, it brings in your hearing, it brings in touch, a big part of it is touch. And it does wet. But the thing is, is when you are doing this, you are not in your head in that moment, you are focusing like one of the basic PQ Reps, the little things meditation that we do, you just take your first finger and your thumb, and you start to rub them together. And you’re focusing on what does that feel like? You I feel the feel the ridges in my fingertips, the temperature of my fingers, the rubbing back and forth. And the more that you’re like focusing on this, you’re nodding your head thinking about what is going on with your to do list or someone that irritated you. Right? Right, you are thinking you’re just focusing on this. And then when you’re done rubbing your fingers together for for two minutes. You You are feeling calmer, you can address the issue at hand for whatever it is that you were maybe stuck and confused about before starting it. Michelle Bourque 22:58 I love this. I love that there’s so many different components to it, but that at the end of the day, there’s so much research that you’re talking about that’s involved in it so that the people that are over thinkers, and maybe not fully on board with feelings took me a while. But that this is like if you want the science and the research like this is where to Unknown Speaker 23:17 go? Yeah, absolutely. That’s that. That’s what I loved about the program itself. And like I said, for me, it felt like such a great fit for what I was already doing it put it in a nice framework. Hmm. Michelle Bourque 23:31 Have we missed anything? Is there anything we need to add about the program or what you are doing Unknown Speaker 23:37 a offer on their website, positive intelligence.com, they offer two free assessments. The first assessment is a mental fitness assessment, it will tell you, it will, it will give you a rate a number of percentage of how many times your brain is operating in the positive zone, how many times it’s operating in the Negative Zone. So there’s a certain threshold. And it’ll tell you where you fall on that right. So I like I have my clients take that before we start. And then they take it again at the end. And then the second assessment is the actual saboteurs assessment, which we’ll break down who is running the show in your head. So if you go to their site, you can take those two free assessments. And then if if you are a leader in an organization, and you’re looking for ways to strengthen your team ways to bring in more of this type of work to build that trust. Trust is such a big thing, especially in environments of teams, right? This is a great program and I’m happy to share with them any you know, they can reach out to me at my website, Patricia cimino.com. And I’m happy to share with them how it is I can help them with this program and helping people navigate through it. I do workshops and I do group coaching on this specific tool. And framework. Perfect. And Michelle Bourque 25:01 do you do? Is it all virtual? Or are you doing some in person days? Yeah, citing and we’ll have all of the notes, also all of the links in the notes as well. Great. This has been so fun. Thank you so much. Thank you, Michelle. I’m Unknown Speaker 25:18 so glad I was able to come and be on here and thank you for having me. Michelle Bourque 25:22 Absolutely. Thank you. Wasn’t that so much fun. I love the positive intelligence information. Please take the time and check Patti out. She’s amazing, with so many different facets to what she offers for clients. And that’s what we need more friends options, right? We are all different. And we all benefit in different ways from different options. So do what works for you. We need more of that in the world for sure. Okay, friends, that’s what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week, but for now, make it a great day. Take care

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