Ep 174 Upcoming Class: Setting & Achieving Goals

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Join me on this special episode where I talk about an upcoming (free) class on setting & achieving goals. You will leave with a step by step process to implement any goal in your life – and it’s nothing I’ve ever heard in the corporate world. Join me 2/26 at 10AM EST. Replay will go out to email list.

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Episode Transcript:

Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to the podcast. Friends, I hope you are all doing amazing. I am actually going to just jump right into today’s episode, it will be fairly short, because what I want to do is give you a heads up on an upcoming class that I have this Saturday, so February 26, if you’re listening on the day of release at 10am, Eastern, it is going to be a class on setting and achieving goals. And I will tell you, it is not going to be about smart goals. It is not going to be choosing from your SWOT analysis, what goal you want to accomplish, it’s going to be way more impactful, because I’m going to be teaching the number one tool that you need for any goal. I don’t care. If it’s work related, personal financial, it will work for any of them. So if you’re someone may be looking to increase your sales numbers, for example, or help improve our relationship, maybe help you feel like you have more control over your time. Or maybe you have a goal to just have more time to yourself. Or you want to be able to leave work at the door in order to have more fun with your family. If that issue, this class is for you. I’m going to do some teaching at the beginning and then open it up for questions. And coaching. If you want, it is going to be a blast. And I will walk you through a step by step process. So you can leave with a goal in mind, I want you to be really crystal clear on it and have some action steps when you get off the call, so that you can get started and keep going. So we will be talking about getting clear on the goal. Having your compelling reason. And I think this part is gold. It really is what keeps you going when things get tough. We will talk about motivation, the importance and the beauty of obstacles along the way. And what we need to do as we inch closer and closer to the goal. And of course, the number one concept or tool that I mentioned, will also be discussed. But for that you have to join the class, it’s likely not something that you’ve heard before, especially in the corporate world. Now, if you’re interested, go to Michelle Berg coaching.com, forward slash goals. And remember Burke is b o u r que so Michelle Burt coaching.com, forward slash goals that will get you on the email list, which is where you can get all of the info and reminders for the call, as well as moving forward. Additional free content each week. And if you’re on the email list, I will also be sending out a replay. So typically when I do these classes I teach like I said in the beginning, and then we go into the coaching and the questions. And it usually is more beneficial for you to show up live so that you can have your specific questions answered and get coaching. But I also get it I myself often end up watching replays and I still get a lot out of that. So if you’re on the email list, you will have that opportunity as well. And there’s so much goodness in this podcast, right? You can always reply to any message that I send out. Or of course, follow me on the socials Instagram at Michelle Bourque coaching Facebook, Michelle Bourque coaching LinkedIn, Michelle Arnold Berg, and there you can also DM me ask questions. It’s so great. Now, let me tell you this if you know that you are Ready to work with me one on one. Let’s do it. For that you can go to Michelle Burt coaching.com Ford slash connect. And then we just get on a free. Some people call it a console call. But basically, it’s where we talk about what it is that you want, where you are. So maybe for example, you are just done with your job, you are so frustrated and overwhelmed. And you just want to be able to like it again. Or maybe your numbers have been pretty stagnant and you want to increase them. Or maybe you’re just overworking and it’s spilling into your relationships. Or maybe you just want to start some new habits and achieve some new goals. But you want to do it privately. That’s what we do. So let’s connect. I’ll have both links in the notes. And I hope to see you at the class. It’s going to be a really great time. Okay, friends, again, this Saturday, February 26 at 10am Eastern is the free class on setting and achieving goals. You can head to Michelle Burt coaching.com Ford slash goals to get all of the details. Now that is what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week, but for now, make it a great day. Take care

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