Ep 162 2022 Goals from Your Future Self

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Episode Notes:

Today I want to talk to you about finishing up 2021 and looking forward to getting a jump start on one 2022 goal.  I am discussing how to close out the year, how to set goals for next year and the most important thing to consider when creating your future self.  Don’t miss out on the free upcoming coaching and connection call this Saturday 12/4 at 10am.

In this episode: 

  • Looking back on November 
  • Creating a new goal for 2022
  • Importance of knowing your reason why 
  • Dan Sullivan – your future is your property 
  • Joe Dispenza – creating from your future
  • The importance of feeling into you future 
  • Visualizing the path – Mel Robbins
  • Free Coaching call – 12/4/21 10am EST -sign up – www.michellebourquecoaching.com


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome back to the podcast friends. How are you doing today? Hopefully, if you’re in the US, you had a nice couple of days off for Thanksgiving. And you were able to rest a bit? And how is it that we are now venturing into the final month of 2021? Can you even believe it? So let’s do this. Today, I want to chat a bit about how you want to finish the year. And I don’t want us waiting until January to get started on our new goals. Let’s get started this month. So I will discuss some ideas here for them. And then I’m going to finish up by telling you a bit about the upcoming call free call that we have on this Saturday, December fourth. So this Saturday if you’re listening to the launch day of this podcast. So the overall podcast might be a little short and sweet. But with the extra time that you get back, I really want to encourage you to think about some of the questions that I’m going to be asking here and really think about what you want for 2022? And how can you get started on a day to day? So first, let’s discuss how do we want to finish this year. And I like to take a bit of time to just look back over the last month when I’m considering this, like, what worked? What didn’t work? And what do you want to either continue or stop or change doing in this last month of 2021. Also, give yourself a minute to think about what was the biggest decision that you made in the past month that you really want to ensure that you stick with. So maybe it was starting a new habit or stopping an old habit? And then get clearer to understand the reason why you have made that big decision? Why do you want to stick to that decision? Because it’s important that we know our reasons why. And I always say make sure the reason is powerful for you. So that you know, if you’re faced with a challenge to sway from that decision, you are super clear, and you know why you want to stick with it. Okay, so now that you have some awareness about what happened over the past month, again, what worked? What didn’t work? What do you want to keep doing? What do you want to change? What do you want to stop doing? Very simple, five questions. Let’s look forward to what you want to create. And I just want to take a quick pause here because I am curious, where you might say you spend most of your time thinking. And what I mean is most folks think about our past or the present. And you either tell yourself things like oh, those were the good old days. Isn’t it funny when we’re actually in those days? We probably didn’t think they were so good old days, right? Or sometimes we tell ourselves, oh, I should not have done that. Or maybe you’re just busy thinking about today, like what do I need to do to get through this day? And that’s even if we’re lucky enough to take the time to think about that, right? Because a lot of times, so many people are just going through the motions kind of on autopilot of their life. And I want you to ask yourself, How often do you think from your future? So not your past, not your present, but from your future. And Joe Dispenza talks about this. He talks about creating from your future, and I think it was Dan Sullivan that said Your future is your property. And we need to start thinking more about that in order to create more of what we want. Because if we keep thinking about the past We will create more of that. And I don’t know about you. But I think I’m good with what has happened so far. And I also want to see, how can we make the future even better, doesn’t sound like fun, we can be works in progress, and be grateful for all that we have. So athletes do this all the time, right thinking from the future visualization, practicing the shot, or the pot, or the swim over and over in their minds, to make it as good as possible so that on the day of, they’re not doing it for the first time. Because they have thought about it in their minds so many times before. And remember, our brain doesn’t know the timing of what it is we’re thinking. So it doesn’t know if it is happening now. Or if you’re just thinking about it happening now. And even to test this, you can just think of a scary situation, maybe from the past that you’ve encountered, or a sad situation, even a happy one, right? Usually, when we go back to that memory, we can generate that feeling, again, as if we were back in that time. So now the question is, how can we do more of that, from our future self, we have to imagine it. And if you told me that you don’t think you’re very good at imagining or visualizing, I’m going to call your bluff. Because I want you to think of a pink elephant. Okay, you can’t not think of a pink elephant, right? We all have the ability to imagine, we don’t utilize that skill, maybe as much as we did as children, but it is there, we just need to gain clarity on what it is that we do want. So that we can visualize more often, in order to create from the future, in order to think about it, visualize it, feel it and take action from that state of mind. So let’s think about this. As we close out the year, let’s go to December of 2022. In your mind, what is one goal that you will want to have accomplished? Make it as crazy as you want? And by crazy, I have that in quotes, right? It’s all relative, make it seem impossible, if you want the truth is anything really is possible. So what is it for you that you want to have accomplished? By this time, next year, when we come together here on the podcast? And then ask yourself, why do you want that goal? And I would say, once you get that answer, ask yourself again, why do you want that, maybe even dig in another three why’s because we really want to make sure our Y is at our core. So for example, let’s say you want to start exercising or losing five pounds. So let’s say exercising, you want to start doing it five times a day consistently. Ask yourself why. And you might say, to get healthy, or you might say to lose a couple pounds, but when the alarm goes off, and the reason is to get healthy, your brain will tell you hit snooze, we can get healthy tomorrow, right? So why do you want to be healthy? And as you ask why you might continue to drill down to something like, I want to be able to play with my nieces as I get older, or my kids or my grandkids or I want to be a role model for them. Those are usually more powerful reasons why and allows you to stick to it a little more consistently versus the reason why have to be healthy. See the difference there? You want to make sure it’s a very strong, powerful why for you. Okay, now, again, from your future self. Think about you achieving that goal. What will it mean to you to have achieved it? And again, it’s anything you want, it can be a health goal, a relationship goal, a money goal. So after you accomplish it, what will it mean to you? And then ask yourself, how will you feel once you have the outcome? So what does it mean? And how will it feel? And then really sit with that for a bit because we know our feelings drive our actions. So you want to consider How will you feel once you accomplish it? And I don’t want you to answer good, positive, I want you to really think, will you feel proud? Will you feel successful? Will you feel joyful? Will you feel grateful? What is it that you will feel once you accomplish that goal? Next question, what will be the same in your life once you accomplish that goal? So in what ways? Are you maybe already living into this goal? And can you find the evidence around you to continue to support you as you go? Next question, what will be different? So when you think of your future self accomplishing the goal? What is different about any given Tuesday night? What is different about the way you start your mornings? What might you have stopped doing Once you accomplish this new goal? Or started doing? Think about the person that has accomplished that goal? What will she have done? In order to accomplish it and really think about that person that you are becoming? What will you need to change as you become that person who accomplishes this goal? What will be different in your life? And when we come back here, this time next year, what will have changed? Okay, now, if your brain is anything like mine, and I’m going to guess perhaps it may be in part, right? I know, you don’t want to admit to doing too much like my brain. But I’m going to guess that your brain is also likely to serve you up all of the reasons why you won’t be able to accomplish this goal, especially if you made it a crazy, impossible goal. Write down all of the reasons why you don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish the goal. And Dan Sullivan talks about this as well. He says the obstacle is the way so for every obstacle, that you have every reason why you don’t think you’re going to accomplish that goal. What is the solution to overcome the obstacle, so there could be a list of obstacles. And every solution that you have, is the step to take in order to keep getting closer to that goal, because the path of getting to the goal is to overcome all of those obstacles. And this is so important, because a lot of times, we talk about visualizing, and we talk about the final outcome. But it’s also important to visualize the path there. Mel Robbins talks about this in her book, The High Five habit. So for example, if you’re running a marathon, you don’t want to just think of crossing the finish line. You also want to visualize getting the blisters, doing the practice runs in the rain, being overtired and still going for the run, visualizing all of it, and how you will handle it. So it’s not a surprise on the day of the race. When you’re at mile 23 And your shoelace breaks. So think about your goal, go to the place where it is as good as done, imagine it. Now think of all the obstacles, develop solutions for each one. And then you rinse and repeat. And you don’t just do this activity once and then you’re done. We have to continually remind our brain of what we are creating on purpose. Otherwise, we just fall back into default thinking we just go on autopilot and live life as if we’re just keeping up with the Joneses, right? And then we wonder why we feel stuck and overwhelmed. It’s because we’re not honoring the commitments that we’re making along the way. We have to be purposeful and reminding ourselves of what it is that we want to accomplish, and how we are accomplishing it. And I promise you this, as you get through each obstacle, you will become a different person. So that on the next round of doing this, you’ll have a whole new perspective on what it all entails. It’s just so much fun to create from your future. Now, I also want to just close by telling you about the free call that we have coming up because I know it can be crazy for some of us right the to do list get longer and longer, the stress might increase. And it is for that reason that I created this free coaching call on Saturday, December 4 at 10am. Eastern, and it’s going to be more like coaching and connection and it’s really going to just be an opportunity for me to offer some additional tips to get started throughout the month trying to help decrease your overwhelm. I’ll do some coaching and I would love for us to network. You never know who you might meet right? I’ll answer any questions that you have. And it will be for 60 minutes. Let’s just have some fun with it okay, to have a better understanding of how we can get all of the quote unquote things done without the stress and overwhelm, or, maybe more importantly, get clear on what is not necessary. And that list of things that quote unquote, needs to read and write. So in order to join and get the link and all of the details, just head to Michelle Bourque coaching comm click on the button that says Start Here, you will be added to the email list and that is where I will be sending all of the information and you will also receive weekly free content and updates moving forward. So again, the call is this Saturday, December 4 10am. Eastern, go to Michelle Burke coaching.com And I promise you, you taking the time for you is not selfish. In fact, you know how much I love the idea of the ripple effect we have in our lives right? And I truly believe that you taking the time to take this call will ultimately benefit those around you. So I hope to see you there. Okay, perhaps that wasn’t a shortest sweet as I thought it would be friends but that’s what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week and for now stay safe and make it a great day take care

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