Ep 157 Redefining Hustle

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Join me as I discuss how redefining hustle might be the next best step in you reaching your next level.  This industry loves the busy badge of honor based on hustle – but is it what brings true success at the end of each day?  Today I discuss how to redefine hustle that works for you.

In This Episode:

  • Defining hustle and redefining what works for you
  • Women in the workforce striving for success 
  • Productivity, efficiency and reaching goals
  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • How to do more of what you want
  • Work with me – contact@michellebourquecoaching.com

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Episode Transcript:


Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to the podcast friends, everyone ready for Halloween. We don’t get that many kids. But I do like to have a few of my favorite candy bars on hand, just in case, right? People do trunk or treating now I think and it makes sense, right? But a gal still needs to be prepared. And so I ensure I get what I like, although totally not part of the plan podcast. But you might all get a kick out of this because I say I get the candy bars. I like with the underlying idea that if they don’t come, I wouldn’t want to quote unquote, waste them, right. Because if they don’t come and I like them, then I can at least eat them. But I want you to think of this because a lot of times we tell ourselves things like I have to eat all of this because I don’t want to waste it. I remember growing up, you have to finish everything on your plate before you actually leave the table. And on one of my recent trips with our nieces, we had that fancy dinner I talked about. And they were kind of in this mindset that we should eat all of it so that we didn’t waste it. And I just looked at them because I knew they were already full. And yes, at 12 and eight, I said ladies, if we’re full, we’re full, we can either wasted in the trash, or we wasted on our ass to meaning we have to start tuning in to how we feel and what we want to eat versus what we think we have to eat. And it’s not anything to do with having to be thin. It’s why would we over stuff ourselves and feel sick, which comes from a scarcity mindset thinking too, right? Of there’s not going to be enough we have to finish it all now. Now listen, I’m not saying you over order and be wasteful. I’m saying, which not many people teach us growing up, pay attention to how you feel. It’s redefining what’s right for us. Which I guess I can use that as a segue for the podcast because today, I want to talk to you about the idea of redefining hustle. And this came up over the past week, I had an amazing opportunity to present some tools for work life integration to one of the leadership groups in my company. And it was so much fun. And at one point, I thought, I’m not sure I should say this on a recorded presentation for this company. But here I go. And so since I did it there, I thought I should go ahead and share it here. And the thing is, and this industry and especially my company, really, we all love the idea of hustle. And it is reinforced over and over. And let me just pause for a moment because you often hear me talking about how I do like a good hustle, right and hear me talking about how much I love Robin arzani, who is all about hustle and swag. But to me, it’s an energy of going after what you want, like being determined having fun. And my human design is a generator, which basically means I have a lot of energy, and especially a lot of energy for things that light me up. So one more quick side note, if you want to know more about human design and your human design, you can go to my body graph calm, it’s free, and you can learn more about that so much fun. So I interpret hustle as a fun energy. Well, now I do. It hasn’t always been that way and I used to think the way many of you do and the way many of my coaching clients do, the way my company does. Like you hustle because you have to quote unquote beat the competition. You have to hustle in order to hit your number. You have to hustle in order to be worthy of
This job, you have to hustle in order to be successful. You have to hustle in order to do it right? You get my drift, right? Hustle is so ingrained in our minds, but for so many people, wait, let me clarify. From what I see, for so many women, we think the more we hustle, the more successful we will be, the more we hustle, the better, we will be perceived. As we hustle more, we gain higher status, or worthiness. And I will tell you, and I’ve mentioned to here before, for me, it showed up for many years, in relation to me not being a mom, and I bought into what society tells us as females, we get married, which I had already done later than most back then Right. And then you have kids. But since I didn’t have kids, I thought I needed to somehow make that lack up. And therefore I needed to hustle more in the job to be considered, quote unquote, worthy. And it sounds crazy now, but for years, I was in it.
Here’s the beautiful thing, friends, we all have to believe what society tells us is our plan. We get to design it for ourselves. And it’s fascinating because as we had the group engagement for my presentation, there were new moms who are challenged with the idea of having to now saying no to some things for work, because now there’s a baby in the mix of priorities. And what does that look like for the team? When you say no to some things, and one of the females was thinking that she didn’t feel like she was doing enough to be successful anymore, because she was saying no to some of the things to all the moms out there. You created a human. I’m pretty sure success can be redefined in that moment, right? You created a human and see what we do to ourselves. It doesn’t even matter so much if the kid is involved, because I know there are people like me, who think we should work more, because we don’t have kids, which is a lie. When we talk about work life integration, y’all we still have a life, right? And then there are moms who feel guilty doing the family thing, and they think they should be working more. It’s not how we just put ourselves in these boxes. And let me ask you this. I’m super curious to know if you even know, the definition of hustle. And I didn’t really know it until I looked it up for this presentation to tell you the truth. Hustle. When one goes to the old clickety clack on the All Knowing Google’s right means to force someone to move horridly or unceremoniously in a specified direction. It also means obtained by forceful action or persuasion.
Another definition sell aggressively, which maybe that one works for you. And then the last one was obtained by illicit action. swindle, cheat. Okay, so, three out of the four of those definitions. Do they make sense for your life? Do they make sense for your career? And as a CEO, do I really want my folks moving hurriedly or unceremoniously unceremoniously meaning lack of courtesy, roughly or abruptly? Call me crazy. But that’s a hell no for me, I want my people to be intentional, productive, thoughtful for the business and the colleagues and the customers and themselves. The truth is, and hear me when I tell you. I know this is a hard one to believe. It has taken me a long time and full transparency. I still work on it right? Sometimes, you can totally have the hustle and also need to take the time to slow down. We often need to slow down in order to speed up. I know when it’s end of quarter for example, I am usually running around sometimes like a chicken with my head cut off. So what is that time for you? Is it like a project and a month and think about it? Because for me, I get running around my car is the absolute messiest it ever is. I have stuff usually falling all over the place. I tend to toss my keys in the bag and every frickin time I go to get them. I cannot find them. And I hear Mark in my head
had reminding me, if I put them in the same place every time, I would know where they are, then I just have to remind him, leave me alone. It’s the end of the quarter. But he’s right. I waste time looking for them each time, I waste time trying to find the equipment I need, because I hurriedly ran from one case to the next. That is not productive. Oh, but boy, do I get to wear that busy badge of honor in those times, right. And you know what I’m talking about? Pay attention to how it shows up for you. Because in this industry, when you wear that busy badge of honor, that, again, is defined as some sort of quote unquote, success, right? But is it really the best use of your time? Is it really getting you to your goals? The truth is, if we slow down, we have a chance to be more intentional.
What is it that you want to accomplish on each call, because when we are more intentional, we gain better results. When we are more intentional, we are more efficient. When we are more efficient, we are able to have more time to do what we want. So think about what it is that you want to have finished by Friday, end of day. And what I mean is, what are the deliverables that you want done, the results that you want to have accomplished by the end of the day on Friday? The truth is, when I started thinking more like that, that’s when I started having the options to do more of what I wanted in life. That’s what has allowed me to do this podcast and still have my job. That is what has allowed me to have coaching clients and still do all of this stuff. The shift in thinking is gold. You know what I’m talking about? Right? We run around as if everything is urgent. And when we do that, you know what? Nothing is urgent. So how can you redefine what hustle looks like in your world? What if hustle
is not the main component of determining your success? If that was true, what would it be? What does success look like for you? Not? What does society tell you? Success needs to look like? What does success look like for you? And your life? At this time? Because the truth is, that can even change, right? Maybe early on in the career, it was all about the hustle. But now there is a child involved. Maybe now priorities shift, we can redefine not only what hustle is, but what success is for us in each chapter of our life. So what are your current priorities? Are you spending your time in alignment with those? Get real curious about all of it? And if not, why not? Sometimes just the awareness is everything? If not, what small steps can you take today to start moving in the direction of doing what you want? We are so good at checking the boxes, my friend. We love to do do do right. We love to take action, but pay attention to the boxes. you’re subscribing to when it comes to your life. We don’t have to live within the confines of what others expect for us. The truth is, we’re capable of so much more. So maybe you do keep a bit of the hustle. I’m in but you also hone in on perfecting what that is for you. Hustle and hone right. And if you need help with this. It’s a big one. I know for a lot of you. So just send me a quick message contact at Michelle Bourque coaching comm we can hop on a quick call. There’s no cost. We get to discuss how we can work together and if it makes sense. Okay, friends, I’d love to hear what you have to say about this. Don’t forget to hit me up on the socials at Michelle Bourque coaching and of course unlinked in Michelle Bourque. That’s what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week, but for now stay safe and make it a great day. Take care
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