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Today I want to talk about some ideas around weightloss and the mindset you choose to have around food.  It’s not as easy as calories in calories out – if it was we would all have the answer.  Join me as I talk about the importance of your thinking in order to gain the results you want around losing the lbs.

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Episode Transcript:

143 7.22 Weight loss 

Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

Today I want to talk to you about some ideas 

And tools around weight loss

I’ve had a couple of clients working on this

And I think the summer time brings it out 

With bathing suit season for some 

And let me start by saying 

You don’t have to do any of this 

There are a lot of people 


That talk about just loving the body you have 

And I think that is important 

Its actually super important because 

When we hate our bodies 

We are not as likely to take care of them 

And I think a lot of us spend a lot of our thinking time around food and weight 

What should I eat 

What shouldn’t I eat 

Why did I eat that 

And on and on

So for most of this podcast 

I’m talking about mindset 

I’m talking about planning 

And maybe some ideas around the science of weightloss

Because I know there are some folks 

That want to lose some abs 

Have tried a number of promised programs 

And haven’t felt successful 

And I know the topic resonates 

Because I did an episode awhile ago

And it was one of the most downloaded 

So whether you have a couple of lbs you want to drop

A lot of lbs you want to drop

Or you just want to shift your mindset around the topic 

Just remember 

This is not about making ourselves shrink because of society structures 

For me this podcast is about empowering yourself 

Around how much control you have over it 


How YOU get to decide 

What it looks like for you 


Let’s dive in 

Through all the years of my own work around weight and weight loss 

I have learned there really is only one person that knows the best solution

For your weightloss  

And that 

is you 

Let me pause 

For those of you who may not be familiar 

I was a fat kid 

Like 99 lbs in third grade

Pretty plus as you might recall 

I was not athletic at all

I got picked last in gym class 

And I joke a lot about it 

And I can now 

But if you were that kid 

You know 

It sucked ..lol..

And honestly it can linger with you 

Society has all these beliefs about weight 

Especially around women and weight 

And my personal opinion is 


I want to be a healthy weight 

For my health 

So I can move 

For me – movement is medicine 

And the reason I say you are the only one that really knows the solution 

Is because I have subscribed to many of the diets over the years 

Weight watchers – which did help me understand food a little more 

Pretty sure I did the cabbage diet 

The apple cider vinegar diet

Calories in calories out 

I thought going vegetarian would do the trick 

I was in a program that discussed very strict 

No sugar no flour 

I could go on but I’m guessing you are aware of the fads…

And I think it was just recently 

When I became involved with Corrine Crabtrees program 

That I really finally understood 

It’s listening to your body 

Having the knowledge yes of the science 

But knowing your life style 

Knowing your body 

Planning accordingly 

And checking in on the data 

Side note 

If you don’t know Corrine you can check her out

On the losing 100lbs podcast 

I will say – she likes to drop a few f-bombs 

So if you are not into that 

She might not be for you..lol..

Basically she says 

Don’t eat like and asshole 

Eat when you are hungry 

Stop when you are satisfied 

Drink water 

Plan your food 24 hours in advance 

It’s a lot of what I do with clients working on this 

But she has a bit more sass..lol..

It is not a diet mentality 

It is about lifestyle

I will be honest 

I think a lot of us 

Don’t really pay attention 

To our hunger signs 

We have been so conditioned to 

To beliefs like 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 

Says who … general mills the cereal company?

Or make sure you eat 6 small meals a day 


There are so many beliefs and actives and culture around eating right?

Some people get offended if you don’t finish the food they served you

I grew up having to “finish everything on your plate”

We are told food is comfort 

Food is love 

When we want to gather with others 

It’s often to get a bite to eat and drink 

It’s really just a great opportunity 

For you to get clear 

On what your beliefs and thoughts are around food 

They really are beliefs 

They are not facts 

So we can choose if we want to keep believing them 

Because here’s the thing

Let’s say food is comfort 

Food is joy 

So we eat – or more accurately overeat 

And get to a point that we feel terrible 

Like bloated 

Maybe gassy 


That is not comfort or joy my friend 

So we need to be on to ourselves and the stories we tell ourselves .

Food is fuel right?

And there is a lot of information out there these days

That discuss the importance of gut and brain health

What you eat and how that effects your brain 

I’ll come back to that 

But first I want you to start paying attention to how you feel when you are hungry

Which is different that 

I need to eat lunch because it’s noon 

For example 

I know for me 

I get up early 

I do like to eat more of my food in the early part of the day 

And not as much at night 

So when I go to bed 

I’m not too full 

How do you know when you are satisfied?

Not stuffed..lol

For example – I know for me 

And I’m guessing a lot of you

I tend to eat pretty quickly because I’m running to the next thing 

It’s important to take the time to slow down here 

Pay attention to how you are feeling 

As you are eating 

It’s ok to leave food behind 

We are so conditioned to think we don’t want to “waste” it 

But what does that mean 

You will eat it and waste it as extra lbs on your body 

Vs sticking it in the garbage 

Or maybe saving for later 


The idea around planning your food in advance 

And plan what you think is something you want to do

Not from a punishment standpoint 

Doing this really because it brings you awareness

And it gives you data right?

The thing is 

The number on the scale 

Is completely neutral 

It is just a number 

But man can we give it so much power 

I catch myself getting on the scale after vacation 

And telling myself 


Let’s see what the damage is 

What the hell kind of thought is that?

What thoughts do you have when you get on the scale?

We could just choose in advance one thought 

 No matter what the number is 

It could be I’m getting better everyday 

This will give me good data 

We don’t have to make the number mean anything about ourselves 

Did you hear me there 

The number does not mean anything about us 

It is simply a number that allows us to 

Look back at what we planned to eat 

What we ate 

And how it might have effected us 

And it might take time 

Don’t forget the variances in water weight 

Certain times of the month might be different for you 

When you start tracking all of that 

Then you can see the patterns 

Again – the more you do the data tracking 

The more control you have over all of it

And what do you tell yourself about weightloss?

I’ve never been able to do it?

We do not look to our past for any evidence of what we will accomplish 

In the future 

Maybe you work on thinking something like 

I’m learning new ways of eating for my body maybe 

I am always in control 

Sometimes we tell ourselves we have no control 

It’s just Not true 

We always have control 


Sometimes we don’t want to have to tell loved ones 

We are not eating the dessert today 

Because then we take on what they say about our actions 

Its fine friend

People can have their thoughts about whatever they want 

But we don’t have to sacrifice our goals 

Based on their thoughts 

Do you 

Do your goals 

Based on your thoughts and desires 


Let’s get back to planning your food 

How can you make it easy for yourself?

How can you make it food that you want to have and not feel like you

Are punishing yourself?

Plan that 

And the next day 

Reflect back on 

Did you follow that plan?

If now – why not ?

What happened?

Maybe something stressful came up 

And you added food you didn’t plan 

That’s a good to know 

That’s where you see the power you hold

Once you see –

Oh yeah, that thing came up at work 

Or with family 

And I grabbed something to eat 

To try to avoid it 


Once you see that 

You can ask yourself 


What do I want to do next time this happens 

And you know what 

It might take a couple of times for you to see it 

And learn from it after the fact 

Then you might see it as its happening 

So as you start eating to avoid 

You might say 

Oh – wait 

I don’t need to do this anymore 

And then 

You will know ahead of time 

Ok I know I’m going into this situation 

And I might get stressed 

How do I want to deal with it

Without feeling like I need to eat 

Making the little shifts

Is what adds up to lasting change my friend

I know

We are a society of instant gratification 

So that doesn’t sound like it’s as much fun right?

Just give me the pill

But think about it 

You don’t go to the gym and after one workout 

See an amazing difference 

Its work over time 

And as I say that 

I don’t mean like 

Hard work 

And it’s going to be so terrible

No – that thinking will not get you very far 

How can you make it fun for you?


As we finish up here … 

I said I would mention some science around weightloss 

But I feel like I’ve talked and talked here so I will give you a book to check out 

Or follow the author to get more info 

It’s called The Obesity Code 

But Dr. Jason Fung 

I found it super helpful 

In understanding 

The importance of 

Hormones and 

Insulin resistance 

The importance of what we eat 


Some ideas around fasting 


Jim Kwik actually talks about different brain foods in his book Limitless 

The connection between gut health and brain health is so fascinating 

I’m sure I’ll do another podcast about that in the future 

And if you want help with this let me know 

I have 2 spots open for 1:1 private coaching 

Just reach out on the socials with a DM

FB and IG


Linked in 

Michelle Bourque 

I would love to connect 

Ok friends 

That’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe and 

Make it a great day 

Take care!

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