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Episode Notes:

Every 10th episode I like to share a mentor, book, or interview with you and today I am discussing my thoughts on the book The Power of Awareness, Neville Goddard.  Whenever we want to make a change in life we need to first be aware of the stories we are currently telling ourselves, the beliefs we hold, and how we think we will feel once we get to our new desire, or goal.  This book discusses the importance of knowing “I am”, and why we must use our imagination in order to create change.  Listen in to learn more.

In This Episode:

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

Happy July 1st!

You guys

Can you even believe we are starting the second half of the year?

Where are you with your goals?

I like to take time to assess 

What worked

What didn’t work

What can we do next 

I actually like to do that weekly 

But I’m going to do it as a half year review this weekend as well

Here’s the thing 

We get running around doing, going, and doing more

And we don’t always take the time to stop

To build awareness 

Of what we want to stop doing

Start doing 

Or keep doing right?

You know I sound like a broken record 

Awareness is key 


That is why today 

We are at episode 140 

And you know every 10th episode

I like to share a book 

Or mentor 

So today I want to discuss 

A book I recently read

The Power of Awareness


Side note 

I love reading 

And I want to share with you 

Something that is actually part of my online program

Which I’ll talk about more at the end 

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Super simple 


So this book 

I believe the way I got turned onto it

Was listening to Lewis Howes 

Interview Bob Proctor 

I think that’s where I heard it …


Let’s dive in 

The book starts off by talking about the importance of I am 

The stories we tell ourselves

And the consciousness we have 

Around I am 

Determines the scenery of its existence 

What I mean is 

What is your inner voice saying 

I am so crazy 

I am a hard worker

I am forgetful 

I am strong 

I am choosing happiness 

You are the infinite I am 

Be wise with what that is for you 

One of the other chapters that stood out 

Was the one on desire 

Which by the way 

If you didn’t listen to last weeks podcast 

Be sure to check out what I had to say 

About knowing your hearts desire

But in this book 

He talks about the changes 

Which take place in your life 

Come from the result of 

Your changing the concept of yourself 

I’ve talked about this before 

A lot of times when we want to accomplish 

Something new 

We look to our past to find evidence 

Or the how 

But the truth is 

We have to change the way we think about what 

We want to become

And on page 20 it reads

Everything depends on your attitude towards yourself

That which you will not affirm

As true of yourself 

Can never be realized by you

The key is to 

Imagine that you are already experiencing 

What you desire

You have to assume the feeling 

Of the fulfillment of your desire 

Until all other options of consciousness

Are not even part of the plan 

If we can not imagine ourselves

As other that what we are 

We will remain the same

But you know what that means?

You have to allow yourself to imagine 

What that would be

And if you are like me 

Sometimes my brain wants to say 

I’m not really sure 

I don’t know if I can imagine it 

But if I suggest you imagine a pink elephant 

You for sure got that in your imagination 

Give yourself the chance to imagine 

What is would be like 

To get your desire fulfilled 

And sit it that 

Practice it 

Until you become it 


There is also a chapter on failure 

Let me just take a minute to say 

There are a lot of interesting chapters 

But I am just sharing a few with you 

To be able to talk about tools and concepts 

That might be helpful in this short time we have together 

So back to failure 

Always a fun topic 

But it’s important because it relates to 

Getting your desire 

He talks about 

How failure comes 

When we don’t feel natural 

In imagining ourself in the new goal

Or desire 

For example 

If it does not feel natural 

For you to get a new job 

You likely won’t 

So then of course 

The question becomes

How do you feel natural? 

One word the book reports 


You must consistently 

And persistently fill your consciousness

With imagination 

Imagining yourself 

Being what you want

Or having what you want

Imagination is what we all need 

For anything new to happen 

Any new technological advance

Any new process at work 

Anything new 

Someone has to 

Or had to

Imagine it right?

So what is it you imagine for yourself?

Here’s the thing you guys 

A lot of times we focus on what we don’t want in our life

And I’m as guilty as the next at times 

But I have become kinda boss like 

It moving through it quickly 

And managing my responses 

When we focus on what we don’t want 

We get more of that 

We shut down access to what we want 

The key is having that awareness to see what you are telling yourself 

See what you are focusing on

Do you want more of that?


Can you allow yourself some time 

Even 2 minutes to start in the morning if you haven’t tried this

And just imagine you have achieved the goal

The desire 

How does that feel?

It’s so much better than 

Being pissed about what you don’t want 

And trust me 

You will take different actions 

With those different feelings 

Its the think feel do model 

The way we evolve and grow 

Is to imagine 

Better than what we currently know 

And that is not to say 

You aren’t grateful for where you are 

It’s just knowing you can be grateful 

And perfect 

And a work in progress 

The magic is in the mess

We have to be willing to get a little messy 

Trying to get to those new goals 

And I love this sentence 

I loved it so much 

It has post it on the page 


And starred ..lol..

Success is gained not by imitating the outer actions of the successful 

But by right inner actions 

And inner talking 


It’s important to note 

When you are doing the practice of imagining 

You want to do is as a partaker from the end

Not as an onlooker thinking of the end 

Make sense?

So not as someone thinking about the end 

But actually thinking from the end 

You must actually be there in imagination 

That is also underlined and starred..lol..

And a final few points that I think are important 

The book talks about how you illuminate or darken your life 

By the ideas which you consent 

Nothing is more important 

Than the ideas from which you think 

The ideas which you feed 

Because remember 

The ideas are what we become 

So if you can occupy more of your time 

In the feeling of the wish fulfilled 

Then you are more likely to obtain that 

Practice more of that 

Just like any other habits 

Your habitual mood 

Reveals a lot about the state of your life 


Shift from thinking of the end 

To thinking from the end 

Center yourself from that feeling 

Still plenty of time to finish out the year my friend 

Give yourself the gift of a couple minutes each day 

In order to get more of what you want 


If you are looking for some help making some changes in your life 

But you don’t think you have time to commit to 1:1 coaching 

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You will really see some changes 

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As always 

Hit me up on the socials with any questions 


Ok friends 

I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend 

That ’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week 

But for now stay safe 


Make it great day

Take care 


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