Ep 139 Your Heart’s Desire

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Join me today as I discuss the idea of understanding your heart’s desire – what you truly want in life.  Thought work is great – but today o want to suggest you take a minute to stop – and listen to what you really want – or no longer want – in your life.  Listen today and let me know what comes up!  Click here to listen to full episode – 

In This Episode – 

  • Possible downfall of thought work 
  • Knowing your hearts desire 
  • Feeling all the feels – the most uncomfortable will bring growth 
  • Doing things you want to do 
  • Stop. Listen. Learn what you want
  • Making changes that are scary 
  • Having courage to make the change

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back friends 

How are you doing?

I have to be honest 

People have been asking me that lately 

And I just say

I’m living the dream …


So many changes going on right now 

And I have to tell you 

It doesn’t always feel great 

But you know what 

Its a good thing to pay attention to that 


Your feelings tell you a lot my friend

And a lot of times I talk about 

Thought work 

And thinking on purpose 

And deciding what to think 

But you know what the next level is?

Really paying attention to how you are feeling

And I’m not talking about indulging in things like worry and overwhelm 

I’m talking about 

Paying attention to how you really feel

Like listening to the internal voice 

That tells you when enough is enough

What I see is 

A lot of us are pretty good at either

Powering through 

Work work work 

And not take the time to ask yourself 

What is it you REALLY want?

Is it time for a change?

What happens if you make that change?  

It usually feels scary 


Sometimes its easier

To just thought work yourself out of it

Thought work yourself out of 

Out of not trusting what you really want 

Trusting yourself is everything friend

A lot of times  we look to the external sources for our answers

I assure you – 

We won’t find them there

They are within each of us 

Isn’t it a Wizard of Oz quote 

That somehow goes

You have always had the power

You just had to learn it for yourself

It’s true

And sometimes that learning 

Doesn’t always feel like rainbows daisies and butterflies

I mean listen

Of course you can ask for advice 


friends takes on things

But don’t discount what you want 

Like your hearts desire


What you truly want – or no longer want 

But here is the thing 

We are all running around 

Like chickens with our heads cut off 

Taking care of work

Taking care of the family maybe 

Taking care of parents perhaps 

And then you tell yourself 

You don’t have time for things like 

meditating lol.

I know – I used to say that as well…lol..

But you might be shocked how much something like taking even 2-5 minutes

To just be 

Be still 

Listen to what you are telling yourself 

And in todays podcast 

I’m more specifically talking about

Listening to your hearts desire


The crap you might tell yourself 

About not being or doing enough

I mean side note folks 


How often do we tell ourselves something is not enough 

We wake up and say 

I didn’t have enough sleep 

Then you think of the day ahead

And tell yourself you don’t have enough time 

And maybe your don’t make enough money 

For all the work you are doing

Pay attention to that for sure

But for today 

I want you to get still on 

What you want in life

Just allow yourself to dream

If you don’t even take the time to do that 

You will really have a hard time creating 

Changes in your life

And change can be great 

Especially change that you desire 

That you choose

A lot of change happens in work right?

And we can manage our mind around all of it 

And if you have followed me for any length of time 

You know I am all about managing your mind

I sometimes think I’m a mind ninja finding ways 

To see how things are happening FOR me 

Vs asking why they are happening TO me

There is a difference 

And all of that work is super important 

But I want to encourage you to even go another layer deeper

Because taking those couple of minutes 

can really make a difference in your life

To be able to see if what you are doing


What you have been doing 

Is what you want to keep doing 

And you know what?

If the answer is a no

That’s ok

I always say 

Do you like your reasons why?

Maybe you have managed your mind for years around something 

And now 

You just want a change 

Because it’s time 

And that’s ok

Courage my friend

Is having the fear 

And still moving forward 

Feeling fear doesn’t mean stop

It might actually mean you are heading in the right direction

Here’s something that might help 

I’m asking myself more and more these days 

What if ….

What if this idea could be even better than where I am now?

What if it all worked out in the best possible way?

What if the next best step is magical

What if …

Ask yourself the fun version of the possibilities 

Don’t just believe your brain 

When it tells you 

Don’t do it 

It will be terrible 

You will die 

They will not be happy 

You will never make it 

It’s crazy right?

Not really… 

it’s how our brain is designed to keep us safe

What I’m suggesting is you pay attention 

To you heart AND mind 

And how maybe they could be friends dare I say 

What if you listened to both

And paid attention to how you feel 

When you consider all outcomes 

It’s the feeling 

That drives your actions or choices 

It’s the feeling – or energy body some may say 

That gets you to the new frequency in life

Yes – that is a bit woo woo

But I’m reading so many interesting books lately 

That talk about the importance of 

Taking action from the aligned feeling 


Because you think you 


Or have to 

Or need to 

Or want to check the boxes 

Now listen 

Taking action from that mindset will get you new results 


Are they the results YOU want?

Or the ones you think others expect of you?

You get one precious life friend 

What do you want to do with it?

That is the question


To recap 

Most of what I’m saying today is 

Get still for a moment 

If you are struggling with making a decision 

Just allow yourself time to pay attention 

To how you feel when you consider the possibilities 


Give yourself the time 

To have equal airtime of both the “negative” and “positive” outcomes

Especially the positive outcomes 

Then take the next best step

To get you there 


Don’t forget to have your own back once you make that decision

No wasted time and energy on telling yourself it was wrong 

There is no upside to it 

Honestly – at the end of the day 

Believe in you

You are the one with the answers 

You do know what to do 

Ok friends 

That’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week 

But for now 

Stay healthy 


Make it a great day

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