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Episode notes – 

Join me as I discuss the idea of trust – questions around what it means in business, relationships and most importantly self trust.  Today I talk about the importance of building self trust, how to build self trust and why this is important for living the life you want to live as you excel at work – but in ways your can do more in your life.

In this episode-

  • Fundamentals of trust
  • Trust in business
  • Trust in relationships
  • Self Trust 
  • Steps to improve self trust, self confidence and self love

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

How are you doing today?

Coming into the last weekend of May!

Memorial Day weekend 

Hopefully you have some time to 

Reflect and remember 

Those we have lost 

And also enjoy time 

With those you love 


Lets jump into todays topic

I want to talk to you about trust


I think a lot of times 

Trust might look different for each of us 

And we talk about 

Know like and trust in business 

But what does that even mean?

We talk about trusting each other 

In personal relationships 

What does that mean

And I have been thinking a lot lately 

About where do we trust in ourselves 

Especially over our desires 


What we do for others 

So when I started looking into the definition of trust

I found some folks say there are 3 

Or 4 

Fundamentals to trust

One article I read discussed the importance of 




Meaning To trust someone’s competence is simply believe someone has the ability to do something 

Honesty—or integrity—refers to your sense that the person is not lying to you

And Benevolence is the belief that the person or company has your best interest at heart.  

I also ready




Can be added to the competency 

Interesting right?

I think when someone says I trust you 

We all just know what that means

But do we 

I think intuition plays a part too 

Think about when you get a new manager

They usually say 

Something like 

I want to get to know you 

I want to build your trust 


What does that mean?

I know 

You might have more questions 

Than answers after this podcast 

And that’s ok 

I think we need to be questioning everything friends 

Because I might trust our new manager 

Way sooner than another rep

And so I wonder how much it really has to do

With what the other person does 


Our thoughts about what trust is


Our past experiences with trusting others 


What we have been conditioned to believe 

Defines trust 

All of our life

Is built around what we have been conditioned to believe right?


I think for the sake of not sounding too 

Woo woo out there today 

I want to talk more about 

How much you trust yourself 

And I think it’s easy to 

Jump in and say 

Oh yes of course I trust myself 

But I want you to dig 


Are there areas where you

Are quick to change your plans because 

Others think they have a better idea?

Are there areas where you 

 Maybe play small

Because you don’t trust what will happen

If you fail

Are there areas where 

You take greater care of others

Vs your own self care 

Are there times when you don’t 

Speak your truth 

Because you are afraid you will offend

Or hurt someone 

It’s all part of those four fundamentals we started with right?




And competency 

Are you not communicating your needs 

Are you not having compassion 

For yourself 

Are you consistently 

Putting others in front of yourself 

Well friends 

It might be time to work on our 

Competency of trusting ourself 

Think about how quick you are to 

Criticize yourself when you make decisions 


There is no one more important 

Than yourself 

To build trust with 

You are with you all of the time 

It’s a great learning opportunity right? Lol

And you know why it’s important to build that trust?

So you can boost those 

Decision making skills

And your self-confidence 


So what could that look like?

What are some ways to start improving your self trust?

Number 1 

Be yourself 

So many times 

We are more worried about what others think 

And we are not true to ourself 

Start here 

And as you show up more and more for yourself 

And as yourself 

You build that relationship with yourself 

You know you alway have your back

The next idea is

Set reasonable goals

A lot of us with perfectionistic thinking

Have been programmed to believe 

It has to be all or nothing 

So we set these crazy goals 

And either don’t hit them 

Or avoid them 

And then use it as evidence to beat ourselves up 

It’s ok to set reasonable goals

Accomplish them 

Celebrate them 

And set the next 

Continue to build on them 

And see what you can create 

And in the process 

Be kind to yourself 

Celebrate those small wins 

Show your brain where you are succeeding 

It will show you all the negative on default 

This is the work to think on purpose 

To speak to yourself 

More than you listen to yourself.

And as you do more of that 

You can build on your strengths 

As you build more on your strengths 

And celebrate the wins 

And be kind to yourself 

Well then you will be willing 

To try more things 

Because you know 

If if doesn’t go as planned 

You won’t beat yourself up about it 

I have also found 

Quiet time with myself 

To be super helpful 

I know I know 

That means you might hear all the voices in your head ..lol.

I have to tell you 

I sometimes wish mine would pay rent 


But the truth is 

When we spend that quite time 

Maybe you mediate 

And just start with a couple of minutes 

Or just sit quietly 

You can start to listen to that inner voice 

Its’ trying to tell you something 

Pay attention to it 

You don’t always have to be busy busy busy 

We think we just keep taking action and we will get there 

But do you even know where there is 

If you haven’t taken the time to consider 

What you want there to look like?

I know this friends 

I have been just as guilty 

And that’s why I share this info with you 

Because I know 

There are lots of ways to do life 

And a lot of times we are so busy 

Just running around like chickens with our heads cut off 

That we con’t even take the time to really consider 

What we WANT it to be for us 

And it isn’t until you take the time to 

Consider what you actually want 

That you will honestly create it 

It can be different 

But you have to decide 

And when you decide 

In fact 

Moving forward

When you make any decisions 

You also decide 

That you will not question that decision 

You made it 

Now either move forward 

Or learn from it 

But do not question it 

There is no upside in that 

And when you question your decision 

It denigrates your self trust 

It has the opposite effect of what we are looking to accomplish.


Decide, learn, move on 

And you know what 

When you can do that 

You will move so much more quickly 

Towards your desires 






See the difference?

Decide, learn, move forward.

Decide learn move forward 

Doing that will help you build the trust you have in yourself 

It will build your self confidence 

And it will build Your self love 

Because you know 

You always have your own back 

And that can be fun 

Ok friend

That’s what I have for you

I trust that you will have learned something from  ..lol…

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe and 

Make it a great day 

Take care!


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