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Episode Notes:

May is Mental Health Awareness month and today I am discussing why our mental health is important, how coaching can help, and what we can look forward to in the future.  Our mental health is one of, if not the most, important thing we have and today I want to share a new opportunity with you.  

In this episode: 

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Stress/Anxiety/Overwhelm
  • Coaching for goals – not from broken
  • Escaping stress and anxiety 
  • Flexibility coaching:  www.michellebourquecoaching.com/join 

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

Happy to be here chatting with you 

As always 

Ok listen

We are going to get right to it

I mentioned it last week

And I want to talk a bit more about it today

Mental health awareness month

And what it means for you

For all of us

I did not realize until I started researching for this episode 

That mental health awareness month has been recognized 

Since 1949

I have to be honest 

That is kinda a little shocking to me 

Because I feel like 

It has only come into my awareness 

In the last few years

And I’m not sure 

If that’s because 

I’m more involved in it


Because there is more publicity about it

I don’t know 

Maybe a combo of both right?


Sometimes things are right in front of us

And we don’t even see it 

Until we do

I’ll give you a simple example 

And wait 

Before we go too far

I want to tell you something 

Because I think this is important to share 

As we talk about mental health awareness 

And really being more open 

And vulnerable 

About the truths of what goes on in life

It’s not all rainbows daisies and butterflies

I say that all the time 

But I was recently asked a question in one of my groups 

What would a loved one want us to know about you

And for me lol..

The answer was 

Well Marc would say 

Living with me 

Is like a new day everyday 


I have to be honest 

Sometimes I might not have the most common sense 

Sometimes I forget things 

And sometimes 

I just don’t know 


Living in my world 

Can be quite delightfully surprising ..lol..

Marc says he would like to visit 

But not for long..lol..

And my family 

Would just straight up say I’m crazy


Why am I sharing that with you today?

Because I’m going to share more of the crazy here 

I think it’s so important 

To really see 

That this work 

The work on our mental health 

Can make such a difference in our lives

So yes,

More vulnerability 

Yikes lol..

I actually heard a great statement 

On a recent Lewis Howes podcast 

He said 

Your authentic self 

Is the coolest part of you

Wouldn’t it be great 

If we all were willing to show more of that 

And listen

Doing this 

Is not from a place of 

We are broken

And we need to be fixed 

That is not it at all 

Doing this work is 

Really the opportunity 

To get to your goals faster 

To have an accountability coach 

To be able to have someone on your side

That can see things you can’t 

Because you are in it 


Back to not always seeing things 

That are right in front of you 

Marc was recently talking about the WWE headquarters 

Yes – we were watching some special on like 

Behind the scenes of WWE

So he was telling me how big the building was 

And I was clueless 

Like why would I ever see this building right?


Except that it’s literally in the territory I work in …lol.

It’s apparently in Stamford CT 


Once I looked it up

I see it has an American flag flying high on it 

And a WWE flag 

I can tell you without doubt 

I have passed it 

And I can tell you without doubt 

The next time I pass it I will see it 

But before it was in my awareness

No clue

That’s how a lot of our lives are lived

We just don’t have the awareness 

Of what is maybe causing us 

The stress

The overwhelm 

The anxiety 

Like the root of the problem

A lot of times 

We just think 

It’s the job 

The other person 

Whatever it is for you 

But when we get to the root 

It always comes down to 

Our awareness of what is

Our awareness of what is possible 

Our awareness of what we make things mean 

It all adds up to our mental health 

And my mental health 

I mean emotional wellness

I mean your level of knowing 

Your own abilities 

The ways you can cope with the normal stresses of life

And the way you can be a productive member of your community. 

I would argue 

If we don’t have our mental health 

We really don’t have much 

Think about it 

Think about when you are stressed

Or Anxious 

Think about how you might want to escape it

Extra wine

Extra food

Extra working 


Just totally vegging 

There are other options friend

That’s why I do this work 

I want to help more people 

Just get super clear 

On what you want to do in your life

And then 

Actually doing more of it

A lot of times we are either running around 

Like chickens with our heads cut off 

Stressed and angry 


We feel like we are doing doing doing 

But stuck in life 

And not sure 

How to get out of it

It’s doing this work 

It’s having a coach

It’s doing self development 

Like doing it 

Not just listening to it 

And listening is great 

It’s more than a lot of folks do 

But doing the work 

For yourself 

Is when you see the changes 

That you really want

Think about Michael Jordan


Whoever your sports person is 

They have a coach

A coach helps you get where you are going faster 

Maybe its in your game 

Maybe it’s professionally 

Maybe its in your life 

Coaching is becoming 

So much more accepted 

And well known 

I think one day 

Most people will have one 

The more we talk about the importance 

Of our mental health 

I think the more acceptable it will be 

And the more people will be willing 

To invest in themselves

And then what could be possible right?

So fun 

And before I end 

I want to make sure you know 

I have a new coaching program 

1:1 private coaching 

But in a new flexible way

I’ll give you a quick overview 

Because I’m so excited 

It will be able to help more people 

We have a 45 minute call to go over your goals 

Basically look at where you are 

And where you want to be 


You have access to private coaching 

24 /7

With an easy to use app

Basically we can text 

We can voice chat

We can share attachments 

And then 

You have a set number of 30 minutes calls 

That you get to use as you wish 

So let’s say you are facing something challenging 

In a specific time Frame 

And you want to do back to back weeks


Maybe you want to do every other 

Or once a month 

It’s a 6 month program

And is literally like 

Having a coach in your back pocket 

And I made sure it is super affordable 

In order to help more people

So if you are ready 

Let’s get started 

Go to michellebourquecoaching.com/join 

And you will get on my email list 

Which is a great place 

To get more free tools 

AND you can alway reply to any emails 

And  just let me know you are ready 

I can not tell you how excited I am 

To get started with a new bunch of folks

Ok friends 

That’s what I have for you today.

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy 

And make it a great day

Take care!

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