Ep 127 Your Level of Worthiness

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Ep 127 Episode Notes

Episode Notes –

Please join me today as I talk to you about the idea of your level of worthiness.  I am discussing your past worthiness with grades, your worthiness from the scale, and your worthiness related to your sales numbers.  I will discuss how you are at 100% worthy, and what needs to be done to get there.

In This Episode:

  • Definition of worthiness
  • Worthiness related to numbers – grades, the scale, revenue sales numbers
  • Being worthy in this moment 
  • “Doing” more to gain worthiness 
  • Online coaching program with additional bonus content – www.michellebourquecoaching.com/course

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Episode Transcript –

Hello hello hello 

How are you doing today friends? 

Welcome back to the podcast 

And Happy Aprils Fools Day 

You want to hear a funny story 

Years ago 

I mean lots of years ago..lol.. 

Like maybe 15

When Marc I and I were just married

I left a message for my sister 

On April fools to let her know

She was going to be an aunt 

And as I took a breath in the message 

She apparently was so excited 

She didn’t finish listening 

And was telling her roommate 

And then her roommate listened 

And she heard the end of the message 

Where I said 

To a fish we just got 

April fools


Ohhh. My God

She was so 


I was dying 

These days though 

I’m don’t know that I have any great tricks 

To play ..lol..

I’ll have to think about it

If you have kids you must do something fun to them right?

I know I would ..lol..

Totally mess with them 


Let’s jump into todays topic


I can actually link part of that story 

To what I’m talking about today 

The idea of your worthiness 

And I’ll come back to that 


How you see yourself in regards to being worthy 

How we often think we can get more worthy 

Or how we think we are not quite worthy enough

And listen 

I’ve done a lot of work on this topic for myself 

And I know old patterns of thinking 

Still come up

So sometimes I have more work to do

Which is totally fine 

You guys 

I think the minute we think 

We have arrived 

And there is no more work to do to evolve 


life would be boring 


What do I mean when I talk about being worthy?

Let’s keep it simple 

Having worth or value 

Or you could use 

Having or showing the qualities or abilities

That merit recognition in a specified way 

Here is something that might seem a bit foreign

You are 100% worthy 

In this moment 

And every moment 

And listen 

I get it 

I know so many of us 

Have grown up thinking 

We have to DO something 

Or many things 

In order to be worthy 


If you are in a sales career 

Think about the importance we put on numbers 

For example 

Growing up 

You needed to get 100%

If it wasn’t an A

Why not?

There is also some imaginary weight 

That is the right number on the scale

And when you get there 


You think you will be worthy 

Think of how you talk to yourself on the way there 

Here is a perfect example 

I was recently at a dinner 

And one of the ladies said 

She wasn’t going to have the bread

Because she was “being good”


Does that mean when we do have the bread

We are being bad?

Think about that

And I get it 

I used to say the same thing

You know what I like to do now instead?

Is pay attention 

To how my body feels 

When I eat certain things 

Not listen to my judges judgmental brain

Tell me how terrible I am

But did you also notice 

We might even get to that goal weight

And then

our brains

Try to tell us


Maybe just one or 2 lbs would be better

It’s not quite enough 

Just yet 

Think about sales 

You go from hero to zero

You are only as good as your last quarter 



You are an amazing sales person

There are sometimes things we can’t control

There are some years when revenue might be a little down a little 

That doesn’t mean you

As a person 

Are any less value 

And to my earlier point in the story 

For me 

For years

I thought 

I would be worthy

When I had a kid

Maybe your are in place now 

That you think it will be 

When you get married

I was there too..lol..

But it’s just not true 

The external things 

Are not what determines your worth

I want you to think about 

a baby 

The most precious baby you can think of 

100% worthy right?

Just by being born


That was us at one point 

That is still us 

We are all born worthy 

We don’t lose worthiness

As we get older 

It’s so messed up 

We can’t DO

Anything more 

For any more worthiness 

And I want you to think about this 


Because a lot of us

Have continued to strive and strive and strive 

To obtain this 


And yet,

We never seem to get there 

It’s because there is no 


You are worthy

And here is why this is so important 

When you are in this mindset 

That you have to keep going going going

In order to be worthy 

It’s from a scarcity mindset 

It’s never enough 

But if you just decide 

Right now 

You are worthy 

Well now 

Your energy 

Gets shifted 

to so much more abundance 

You can create from an abundant mindset 


You know what else happens?

A lot of times 

When we are in the not enough mindset 

We are afraid to try new things

To think out of the box

To take a chance 

And we stay safe 

We play small

But if you know 

In your bones 

You are already worthy

Well now what do you attempt to do?

You know 

If you “fail”

Which by the way 

Is simply learning 

And if you know it’s learning 

And any action you take 

Doesn’t make you more 

Or less worthy 






How much more calm might you be?

Spoiler alert friends 

You will achieve WAY more 

And you will feel WAY more


I seriously want you to think about this

Being worthy 

Is just you deciding right now 

You are 

I am 

We all are 

And here is how I know why 

The importance is in us deciding 

We are worthy 

Just because we are freakin here 

On this earth 

To do some work 

And it’s not dependent 

on any of the external things 

Think about the scale example I just gave you 

I want you to think of that number on the scale 

And you thought when you got there the skies would open

And you would feel amazing 

And then you got there

And you thought… well… maybe I could 

Just lose one or two more 


Well….I should tone up my triceps

THEN I will be worthy

Or think about the last time you finished 

At like 100.5% to plan 

And you thought 


I could’ve made an extra 5,000 if I was just able 

To get a little more revenue in

THEN I would’ve been more worthy 

And I don’t know about school these days 

But back in the day ..lol..

My day 

You could get bonus questions 

I loved a good bonus question ..lol..

So 100 on the test 

Should’ve been like 

105 or 110

THEN maybe you would’ve been worthy 

You might be laughing 

Because you know I’m right!

So listen to me 

There is nothing more for you to do

In order to become more worthy


Don’t get confused

And think I’m saying 

Kick back 


Eat bon bons 

And don’t do anything anymore 

I’m saying 

Do all the stuff 

Become your next best self 

Create the life you want 

Do more of what you want to do 

But don’t do it because you 

Think you get some award 

From some Worthy 

Prize delivery person showing up at your front door

There is no such thing 

You are worthy 

Now what?

What will you do 

With the one precious 



You have?

Just because you can

Just because you want to continue to learn and evolve?

Just for the fun of it

Think about it 

It’s such a different mind space 


It’s so much better 

I promise you 

Now listen 

I’ve mentioned 1:1 coaching in the past 

And I will be honest 

When I started getting help with coaches 

I started with an online course 

Because I didn’t think I had any time 

And I’m guessing you might think the same


I have created an online course 

For you

It will give you all the foundational tools 

I share with my 1:1 private clients 

And you get to do

At your pace 

So you can do a little each day

Or everything on a weekend 

And then

You also get 

1:1 coaching with me 

Through an easy to use app

For the first 30 days 

It is seriously 

The best of all worlds 

To get you started 

And if you decide down the road 

You want to commit to a different coaching program


We can decide 

But get started 

With this initial commitment 

Oh – and I’m recording a new video 

For an upcoming presentation to a group of folks 

Here at work 

On this topic of worthiness

And I’m going to add it into the course as a bonus

That’s another amazing thing

If you get in 

And I add to the course 

You get all the extras

No additional cost 

I want to over deliver to you

Like my coach over delivers to me

So you should totally get there now 

And get started 

It will help you 

Feel more in control of your calendar 


be able to excel in your career 

But without the stress and overwhelm 

So you can do more of what you want

It’s sooo worth it 

YOU are so worth it 

Head to michellebourquecoaching.com/course 

And get going 

Ok friends 

That’s what I have for you today.

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day

Take care!

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