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Episode Notes:

Ok friends, you are going to start getting more of my crazy brain here.  Today I want to talk to you about how important focus is and why you might not be getting the results you want in life.  Where focus goes, energy flows …. are you paying attention to where you place your time and energy?  

In This Episode:

  • Focus on my driving 
  • Focus on your work “problems”
  • Focus on your sales performance potential
  • Focus on your relationships 
  • Awareness of your focus
  • Deciding to change your focus
  • Work with me:  www.michellebourquecoaching.com/guide

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

What’s new and exciting in your world?

Or maybe not new AND exciting

Maybe just new 


Maybe just exciting 

Hopefully one of them for you

At some level

And if not

Today is a great podcast for you 

To decide if you want 

Something new and/or exciting 

And how to get it 


Let me start by telling you 

A little story about how this podcast came to be 


You know how I like to incorporate real life here 

And hopefully give you a chuckle along the way

I used to filter much more..

But now I’m like 

This is me 

My friends know how crazy I can be

In fact 

At times I think they keep me around

So they feel good about themselves..lol

So I figure 

After 125 episodes 

Of calling you friends 

You might as well see the crazy too ..lol.


So let’s just say 

Some people 

Don’t think I’m the best driver 

It goes way back 

To like the day when my dad 

Took me home from the permit test 

And I was doing like 55 around a corner 

And he said slow down

The sign says 45 


I shall we say 

Helped to educate him 

And I let him know 

That sign was in yellow

And that meant it was a suggested speed 

To which he replied 

I suggest 

You slow down ..lol..

And then there was my Uncle Fuzzy 

Who would ask for a blindfold 

Before he got in my car

But for todays topic of focus

I’ll tell you a story about Marc and I 

I don’t even get out of the driveway

And Marc has something to say about my driving 

So 2 weekends ago

We were on our way to our favorite local restaurant 

And he is like


What are you looking at when you drive? 

You are either 

On the rumble strips 

Or you hit ever damn pothole 

And it was funny 


In my brain 

I didn’t even really see the rumble strips 

Or the potholes 

I honestly 

Had my focus 

Way further ahead 

One of my strengthbuildiers is futuristic

So it fits right..lol..

I was like looking at the light coming up

Maybe thinking about what I was going to eat 

once we got there 

Definitely not focused on what 

Was going on right in front of me

So this past weekend 

I thought

Let me change my focus 

And you guys 

It was amazing 

How different it was for my brain

I remained focused on 

Trying to avoid potholes 

And the rumble strips..lol..

And we were like half way there

And Marc said 

Ok – you proved your point 

I’m getting car sick 

Just drive lol..

There may have been a little little bit 

Of who my sister calls 

Spiteful Shelley 

In that experiment …lol..


It really made me aware 

Of how different things can be 

When you change your focus 

And I have to say

For me 

The looking out more 

Felt so much calmer

The focus on the present 

Felt like it took more energy 

And I think that is true for us

In so many instances in life

It is so easy for our brain 

To worry about the future and focus on 

What could go wrong 

Or think about the past 

And how we did 

Or said 

Something we shouldn’t have 

But the truth is 

Staying present 

And really paying attention 

To what you have in this moment

Is kinda challenging 

But being aware 

Of where you place your attention 

And focus

Is so important because 

Where focus goes

Energy flows 

Let’s start with

Thinking about it from.a work standpoint 

Do you focus more on what the competition is doing 

Or on what you are doing?

Do you focus more on how your boss 

Or teammates 

drive you crazy?

Or do you focus on how you show up for your customers best?

Do you focus on all the ways you might miss your number

If certain things don’t happen 

Or do you focus on finding all the possibilities 

Of how you will make your number?


Our primal brain 

Lizard brain 

Monkey brain

Whatever you want to call it 

Is designed 

To find the negative 

It’s job 

Is to keep us alive 

And in order to do so 

It finds all the danger 

And tries to keep us safe


We also have a more evolved part of our brain

The pre frontal cortex

That is like the higher thinking part of your brain 


You must engage it purposefully 

You must intentionally choose to think 

On purpose 

In ways that are useful 

And that 

My friends 

Is the work 

It’s easy to blame, complain and make excuses 

And as one of my bosses recently said 

Excuses are real

They just don’t give you results 

And friends 

We are looking for results here 

Life is too short 

To be wasting our time and energy 

On blaming and complaining 

Not to mention 

It feels terrible 

And pay attention to this for you 

I know for me 

If I start to see my numbers trending 

Down lets say 

My brain wants to automatically 

Tell me 

I’m doing it wrong 

The competition is doing something better 

I must not be good at this 

And on and on 

Kinda like a dog with a bone right?

Something your brain 





It’s like a thought loop 

That just keeps going and going 

And when that happens 

We start to doubt ourselves 

And we feel more anxiety 

Or whatever it is for you 

But you will never take positive action

From negative feelings 

And if your focus is on how you are doing it all wrong 

Guess what you get more of?


Because you won’t be taking actions 

To get you positive results 


If you can see as those thoughts come in 

That they are optional 

And decide to change the focus 

On let’s say 

All the thing you are doing right

Guess what?

You will get more of that.

You start to gain 

More belief 

And confidence 

In what you are doing 

And you are able to take more action 

From that feeling

Which will give you better results 

It’s everything 


If you are new to this

Or maybe a little cynical 

Or honestly 


You might be thinking 

Well that seems delusional 

If numbers are trending down

I should not be happy 

And I’m not saying be happy 

I’m saying 

You get to choose 

But let me know how beating yourself up 

Has treated you in the past 

Just something to consider 

The opposite is always an option 

The question is 

When you place your focus 

In specific areas 

Do you like your results?

And it can also work 

In your personal life 

Think about your partner 

How often do you focus on feeling 

True love for them 


Unconditional love


I would love them more if they did more 

But just dropping into 

True love 

And as a reminder 

You are the one that feels the love 

And did you know 

On the scale of feelings frequency 

Yes – its a little woo woo 

But love and joy I think

Are like the highest frequencies 

that’s fun to know 


Are you someone 

Who maybe focuses on 

What they do “wrong”?


I’ve been there 


And in the past 

There were certain times of the month

I would let Marc know

He might not have been breathing right

I mean seriously 

Our brain 

Can do crazy things 

Especially when 

Splashed with hormones right?


But really think about this 

Because when we focus on on particular 


I will say 

For lack of a better word

Well then you see that problem

Is all the ways 


There is always another way to look at it


There are usually many different ways 

To look at it 

But you get to decide 

Where do you want to place your focus?

Because here’s the thing

When you are focusing on what others 



Are not doing 

Guess what you are not focusing on?


And showing up as your best version

Its funny right?

We think we know best for everyone else 

And yet

We miss out 

On the opportunities 

To make ourselves our next best version

Just another thing to get curious about 

This week

So first 

Pay attention to where you give your focus

Your energy 

Your time 


How do you feel when you do that 

And last 

Decide if you want to shift it 

Do you like your results?

If not 

You might want to shift the focus

Your brain is so powerful 

Engage that upper brain 

And truly create 

The results you want in your life 

It’s the secret sauce friends 



If you want more free content 

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michellebourquecoaching.com/guide and get on my email list

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That’ what I have for you today

Lets circle back next week

But for now 

Make it a great day 

Take care!


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