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I recently had an amazing opportunity to speak on a panel discussion with some powerhouse women who have had amazing careers, and lives.  The amount of change they have gone through over the years is evident to their current success.  Today I want to share some thoughts on change, why it’s important, why we don’t like it and how you can begin incorporating more into you life.  

In today’s episode:

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Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

How are you doing today?  

I hope you are safe wherever you are – I keep hearing crazy stories of weather all over 

I am sending good thoughts your way

I have to tell you guys 

I had the most amazing opportunity this week 

I think I’ve mentioned in the past how I’m involved with this employee resource group at work that is so amazing for women and professional development – 

Well earlier this week I had the chance to take part in a panel discussion with some powerhouse women 

One who went from being an associate rep – and back then I think she said there were only 3 females to now being Vice President of a division 

One woman who conquered the 7 summits.. 

Ummm… kinda makes my Peloton enthusiasm seem a little JV lol 

And then a few additional reps who are in the field doing the work with patients day in and day out 

It was such an honor 

And it made me think about this episode 

Today I want to talk to you about change and possibility 

The woman who completed the summits had such an inspiring story 

Because she talked about her first attempt on one of the mountains failing 

And she attributed it to –

Not her body failing 

But her mindset not being where it needed to be 

And she knew 

When she did it for the second time 

She would have to change the way she approached it 


That is the work 

Here’s the thing you guys 

Our brain doesn’t like change 

I mean 

To the point that 

We even say things like – keep the change 

As if – we don’t want that 

We even have change containers 

At the registers 

So you can toss yours away lol 

It’s funny right? 



The motivational triad of the brain 

Is to avoid pain 

Seek pleasure 

And be as efficient as possible 

It is designed to keep us alive 

So whenever something appears to be new 

The brain often perceived it as a threat 

Our brain says 

Oh no 

Let’s not do that 


Back in the day 

When we were living in caves 

And needed to avoid saber tooth tigers 

That was important 

But nowadays 

That response translates to things like 

Reorganization’s at work 


Going for a promotion 


Changes in your schedule 

Our brain wants to keep doing what it knows to be safe 

And what it knows how to do do – efficiently right?

You know 

A lot of times 

We have the opportunity to take on 

New roles at work 


Especially as women 

We often think we need to have all the boxes checked 

Before we go after it 

And side note 

I might even add that sometimes 

We might have those boxes checked in some capacity 

But we don’t give ourselves credit for it 

So we have these new opportunities come up 

And we tell ourselves we have to wait until we are ready 

If you hear that in your brain you need to stop 

And get super curious 

Why do you think your primitive brain is telling you that? 

It’s simply because 

It’s doing it’s job 

It’s trying to keep you safe and comfortable 

Be wise the new role 

Could be death lol 


It’s not a problem 

In order to evolve 

We have to embrace change 

And in order to do that 

We have to manage our minds 

We have to use our 

Pre frontal cortex 

And speak to ourselves 

More than we listen to ourselves 

In these situations

Your primitive brain 

Is kinda like your barking dog brain 

You know

The one that barks like crazy

Every single time the ups drive shows up 

It’s just trying to protect you 

But really – it’s going to be ok 

You tell it to settle down 

I mean literally 

As crazy as this may sound 

You can simply note it 

So when you notice yourself 

Thinking something like 

We should wait for the next opportunity when o have more experience 

You can just say 

Oh – thank you brain 

I’m hear you 

But we are going for it anyway 

This is intentional thinking folks 

You have to practice it 

You have to give yourself new beliefs 

In order to change 

And embrace new possibilities 


Just like going to the gym 

You have to be consistent in practicing it 

On purpose 

And I will tell you 

It is uncomfortable 

When you are trying new things 

You are literally becoming 

A meeting version of yourself 

And it’s uncomfortable 

Because it’s not familiar 

But if you can get comfortable 

With not feeling comfortable 

That’s where the magic is 

Think about it 

If you are comfortable 

That means your brain is doing the basic job 

Of keeping you alive 

But if you want to thrive 

You have to get into 

What we call 

The river of misery lol 

That part in between where you are 

And where you are going 

And you guys 

This is why it’s so important 

To know your why 

Like what is your compelling reason 

For making the change 

You have to make sure it’s compelling 

Because your barking dog brain 

Is going to come back 

Every single day 

To tell you to go back into the cave 

Stay in your current position 

The compelling reason 

Has to be greater 

Than whatever lame reason 

Your brain is telling you to not do it 

Get curious 

Why have you not yet achieved any change in your life that you desire? 

My guess is 

You haven’t gotten clear 

On what your reason is to do it 

And I mean crystal clear 

Let me give you an example 

Sometimes people will say they want to lose weight 

So they can be healthy 

That sounds lovely right? 

But let’s go to the place 

Where you are out with your friends 

They say let’s go get some nachos and margaritas 

Or you are waking up in the morning and plan to get a workout in – 

But its been a late night of working

In those moments 

I want to be healthy 

Might not cut it 

Your brain will tell you 

Oh – we can eat clean tomorrow 

Or – let’s just sleep in this one day 

It’s those little things 

That seem so insignificant 

But are everything 

Because it’s the little things over time 

That add up to your result 


You chip away at the relationship you have with yourself 

When you don’t honor commitments 

To yourself 

So when you start with your reason why 

I always like to suggest asking yourself 


A few more times 

So – let’s say you start with 

To be healthy 


Yo feel more energized daily


To be able to play with my kids more 


To show them an example of what is possible 

Oh – now that might be a little more compelling right? 

And I know this might seem extreme 

But it’s always fun to just shock your brain a little 

To show really 

How much more powerful you are 

Think about something you tell yourself you can’t do 

And then let me ask you 

If I said I was going to take your child 

Or your dog 

If you didn’t do it

Might you think differently about your ability 

If I said I would pay you a million dollars 

Might you think differently about your ability 

My guess is yes 

Make it that compelling ok? 

And I’ll just wrap up here

With a reminder 

Failing is only what you make it mean 

We have been taught we should never fail 

Question that 

Failing is nothing meeting expected results 

But failing can also be learning 

When you attempt change 

And don’t get the expected result 

So you go for a promotion 

And you don’t get it 

It does not mean you are a failure 

What can you learn from it 

I guarantee you became a different version of yourself through the process 

And so the next time you go for it 

You go after it as a changed person 

And there in lies 

What we call living friends 


Let’s do more of that please 

Ok – that’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week 

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care! 

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