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Episode Notes:

Join me today as I share a few lessons I’ve learned over the years of being a device rep.  Change ins the one constant in life and today I am sharing best practices on how to embrace change as well as help give you some tools to help as you move into – and continue through – your career as a device rep.  I was able to learn the lessons and now I want to return them to you – all while having fun doing it!  

In Today’s Episode:

  • Being an aunt 
  • Organizational change 
  • Reorganizations
  • Other peoples opinions
  • The competition 
  • Your brain energy 
  • The relationship you have with yourself 
  • Gender and size in the field

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

What’s going on in your world?

I have to tell you 

I have a lot going on over here 

First off 

Let me just tell you some fun family news

I am an aunt again 

Super exciting 

And – I have to say 

I’m thrilled 

Her time of birth was 3:11am

A girl after my own heart ..lol..

Let’s see if she keeps that schedule …lol.

I would love it when she visits 


My sister …lol..

Well – let’s just say it could be a new experience for her 

If the baby keeps that schedule 

Isn’t being an aunt so great lol…

Ok –

We also have lots of change at work 

A reogranization of sorts 


Listen – for me 

I know 

Change is the one constant 

I have been here almost 15 years 

And there is always a change this time of year 

Totally fine in my mind 

Honestly I think for me 

I look forward to change 

It’s new opportunities 


Our human brain doesn’t always go there immediately 


If you are new 

And this might be something happening to you 

Pay attention to what your brain is telling you 

You don’t have to believe it 

I have colleagues that I hear 

And they are worried 

They think 

We will lose our manager 

We will lose accounts 

Territory lines might be changed 

I don’t know 

Maybe that will happen 

But the fact  is 

All of those scenarios 

Are just as true as 

This is going to provide so many new opportunities

Both are equally true

Until they are not 


So until you know anything differently 

You get to choose to think about all of it 

The way that is most helpful to you 

I remember when I worked for my last company 

I know 

I know 

Yes, I can remember back 15 years ..lol..

Well – for somethings 

Other things …

Lets just say my memory isn’t the best 

Which Marc says 

Makes me the best..lol..

Because it’s like living a new day everyday with me ..


I’ll choose to think of that as a loving compliment 


At the last company 

I remember the RVP using a quote I said 

I might have taken it from someplace 

That I don’t remember lol

But I said 

Change is the spice of life 


I mean – if we aren’t changing 

Are we 

As people 


I don’t think so 

And all of this got me to thinking 

About things I’ve learned 

From customers 

And I wanted to share some funny stories here with you

And tie in some concepts 

That I wish I knew 

Back when I started in this field 

So hopefully it helps you 

Along the way 

And give you a couple of laughs here today 

Ok –

Let’s dive in 

A couple of years ago I had a doctor 

Tell me he could give me some botox for a deal

He said 

It’ won’t save your marriage 

But it might help with the younger reps coming in 

Lol.. you can’t make it up right?

But here is what I like to say about this 

I love the question – 

How is this happening for me?

And since I’ve learned the tools in coaching

 I use it everyday.

You ALWAYS get to choose how you react to anything ANYONE says.  

I choose to find the upside, and I love to laugh often. 

So for sure – this made me laugh.

As you start in this industry – 

and continue to succeed – 

remember this:  

everything in your life is a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Choose wisely.

Choose a way that empowers you along the path 

Ok – and lets go back a few years before that encounter

And I think I was still fairly new 

One of my doctors said 


The competition is trying to bring I the pretty young girls 

We are glad your company doesn’t do that 

I almost bust a gut laughing after picking up my jaw

And one of the nurses was like 


And he said 

Oh – wait 

That’s right 

You used to send us 

One of my old coworkers..lol..

We were dying 

Here’s the truth – 

if you spend all your brain energy 

on your competition 

you will miss some amazing solutions 

for your clients, customers, and patients.  

Simon Sinek says – “we’d achieve more if we chased our dreams instead of our competition”.  

I love that 

Go after those dreams with all your heart 

and have the courage to step up 

And be willing to play for the long game.

Side note – Not that long ago I finished Sinek’s book

The Infinite Game 

Highly recommend it 

Ok – 

When I really first started I remember 

A nurse coming over to me and saying 

We are not used to seeing little girls in the OR

Usually the reps are big guys 

First off – I have mentioned this here before 

I weighed 100lbs in 3rd grade 

  • I have never been considered “little”… 
  • “pretty plus” – yes, little – not so much.

But this does speak to the industry back when I started 

But that doesn’t mean it’s the way it has to be 

 If you are just starting in this field 

know this – you are here for a reason.

You do you.  

Show up as yourself, 

bring your top game, 

serve your doctors, 



and you will be successful no matter what your  size or gender

Now more then ever we hear about the importance 

Of diversity and inclusion 

I want to encourage you to step up 

And lead 

You get to be an example of what is possible 

And I’ll close with 

Something patients often ask me

Are you a doctor or a nurse 

And my reply is 


I have my masters in public communication 

And if they give me the head tilt 

I just say 

We are communicating right?


Here is the takeaway for this 

People will always have thoughts about you, 

and that’s Ok.

We only question or get worried about 

Other people opinions 

 when our own belief in ourself is not strong.

As you progress in this industry 

it is imperative you have your own back.  

Honor commitments you make to yourself.  

Say no 

in order to open up more yes for growth. 

“Belief in yourself” 

sounds a bit airy fairy… 

but the truth is – 

the relationship you have with yourself is essential to you success 

  • and longevity. 

Don’t take that lightly 

The more you build that relationship 

The more success you will have 

And if you want to 

Be able to continue to excel in your career 

Make more money 

Take on new roles 

But without the stress and overhwhelm 

I can help 

Go to michelelbourquecoaching.com/guide 

You can start with the 3 simple strategies to 

Excel but without the stress and overwhelm 

And from there we can get on a call 

To discuss your specific 


Ok – 

That’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care!


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