Ep 118 The Importance of Tracking and Data Collection

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In this episode:

Join me today as I share a new tool my coach has me working – time tracking.  Are you telling yourself you don’t have any time?  This is for you!  Listen today as I discuss the importance of knowing where your time is spent, and what zone you are mostly living in.  The meta skill you learn through this practice can translate to helping you lose weight, save money – accomplish any goal.  What you do consistently is who you become.  The key to creating any new result is to gain awareness, and then make changes – just like a scientist.  The key to remember – do it all from curiosity and compassion.    

In This Episode:

  • James Clear, Atomic Habits
  • Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap
  • Time tracking tool
  • Weight loss 
  • Habit tracking 
  • Learn and move on
  • The importance of curiosity and compassion
  • Work with me:  www.michellebourquecoaching.com/guide

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Episode Transcript

Hello hello hello 

What is going on friends?

I want to share something with you that my coach has me doing 

And – I will be honest 

At first – I resisted it 

She has a group of us 

Time tracking 

So we have these sheets 

Set in 15 minute blocks 

And you put what you do in each spot 

And then

You go back and assess

In different zones


And how 

Your time is being spent 

So for example 

Zone 1 is zone of genius – 

This is your sweet spot 

Where you are most powerful and 

Some may say 

In the flow

The second zone is 

Zone of excellence 

This I where you can do the activity 

And your pretty great at it 

The next zone 

Zone 3 

Is your zone of competence 

That’s when you can do it 

Your good at it 

But someone else 

Could also do it too

And the last zone 

Zone 4 

Is your kryptonite 

You procrastinate 

You hide from it 

Full transparency 

When I actually started doing this 

I told her this actual

Activity of tracking 

Was my zone 4 hahahaha

So I can hear what you are saying

I don’t have time to be tracking my time 

I’m going out on a limb here right

Perhaps because I thought something similar

Plus – I feel like 

Between my Things app I’ve talked to you about 

Check out episode 104 if you missed it

And my Brendon Bouchard planner 


pretty planned 

on my calendar

But I have to tell you 

I am almost 2 weeks into this 

And it has been 


And that’s why I want to share it with you 

And the reason this is important 

I’ll take a quote from James Clear

Author of Atomic Habits

He says 

Every action you take

Is a vote for the person 

You wish to become 

Let me tell you

We first need to know what we are currently doing 


Your life essentially  is the sum

Of your habits

What you repeatedly do

For example

What do you spend your time thinking about

And doing each day

It all plays into 

How happy you are 

How successful you are 

How in shape you are 

You get the idea right?

This activity 

provides us the opportunity to see all oft hat 

And I have to tell you 

The awareness 

Of the zones 

Has been Crazy for me  

And I recall 

Learning about the different zones 

In the book The Big Leap

And if you want to hear more about that 

I did a podcast – 

Episode 60 

Where I discussed the book 

It’s so good 


I always talk about the importance of awareness 

And folks

Tracking gives you so much awareness 

And here is why I think it’s important 

So often 

We tell ourselves 

Things like 

I don’t have enough time to do that 


I don’t have any control over my calendar 


I can’t do what I want 

All lies


Because we all have the same amount of time 

We just choose 

Yes choose 

To spend it in different ways


Most of the time 

We are just unconsciously 

Doing the same things 

Running around for everybody else 

Without great intention 


We don’t even know 

What we don’t know 


When you start tracking it 

You see where 

Maybe you could ask for help 

With some items 


But what comes up when you consider that 

Well – if you are anything like me 

A control enthusiast 

You might not like to do that 

But own that 

Because saying you have to do it all

Is not true 

Owning it gives you power over it 

And you don’t feel like such a victim to your circumstances 

When you have the data 

In this case 

The data of how you spend your time 

And let me just insert 

I found sometimes it varies from what I planned

So that’s great to know 

And start exploring why things might change 

Some might be totally acceptable and make sense 

But question everything 

Because sometimes we avoid doing things 

Because we think they will be hard

Or we think we don’t want to fail 

So take the data 


Just like a scientist 

You analyze it all 

And decide where you want to make changes 

Here’s the truth 

You are what you do consistently 

And how you do one thing 

Is usually how you do everything. 

So get clear on what that is for you

And your most valuable resource of time 

You know where else it helps to track the data?

Weight loss

I always say 

There is math 

And drama

So the math is the number on the scale right?

That is your data 

Now what you make that number mean 

Which is how a lot of us have grown up right?

Just looking at the scale and then 

Telling ourselves how terrible we are 

Or how we will never get it right 

Or whatever it is for you 

But the other important component 

Is to track what you are actually putting in your mouth 

I’ve discussed the idea of planning in advance 

Writing down what you want to eat 

24 hours in advance 

Now listen 

If you are cool with weight 

Do you 

But if you are struggling with it 

This is a simple 

Clear way 

To gather data 

And make changes 

So plan in advance

With your pre frontal cortex 

On what you think will best fuel your body 

I know I know 

It’s a different mindset than 

Thinking about what you “feel” like eating 

Because we all know 

In the moment 

It’s end of quarter 

The stress of getting those last couple of orders in

And you have a headache 

Even after the second excedrin 

Of course something like a tuna sandwich 

And chips 

Or maybe some Cookies 

That’s the answer ..lol..


your primitive brain 

But then did you notice 

after you eat something like that 

My guess is 

You don’t always feel great 

And then it’s the negative chatter 

You have in your head 


What you had 

And you shouldn’t

You guys 

This is where we waste so much time 

In all the drama

In our minds 

So what I’m suggesting 

If you want help with this part of your life 

Is you start planning in advance

And then start tracking when you don’t stay on plan

And get curious 

Why not?

What was going on

It’s the same skill for tracking time 

As it is for food 

As it is for money if that’s what you are working on

But you have to come from curiosity 

And compassion 

In order to find the answers 

In order to make the changes 

You learn 

And move on

Keep moving forward 

And even if you “fail”

You are still moving forward 

And learning 

And if you hear nothing but this today 

Do not do this work 

From a 

Judgemental sate 

No beating yourself up 

Doing that closes down all access to answers 

You know 

I heard a great thing the other day 

Imagine if we greeted ourselves 

Talked to ourselves 

The same way we talk to our dogs 

Or for some of you your kids 


Hey buddy 

How you doing today 

Mamma loves ya..lol..

Not even close right?

I know I’m not the only one 

If you do the thought downloads as I suggest 

You might be frightened with what’s going on in your brain..lol..

I know I am 

And that’s why we get it out 

We look at it 

And we decide which thoughts are helpful

Lets start making those shifts 

So let’s recap 

Pick one area you are working on to get started 

Because like I said 

Learning the meta skill 

Will translate to all areas 

1.  Start tracking 

2.  Become aware of either where you are spending your time, or what you are putting in your mouth 

3.  Get curious if it’s not what you planned – why?  What happened?

4.  Learn from it and move on 

This is the work to create the life you want.  It sounds so lovely right – create the life you want

Kinda like that Progressive insurance commercial 

You do not need a live, love, laugh sign …. 

I have been so guilty of that ..lol..

But really this work is not a lovely sign 

It’s work 

And it’s not always rainbows daisies and butterflies 


It is so worth it 

Because you really are able to do more of what you want 

And still be amazing in your career 

And if you want more help with this 

Go to michellebourquecoaching.com/guide 

To download a free guide on 3 simple strategies 

To excel in your career 

But without the stress and overwhelm

In order to do more of what you want 

Ok friends 

That’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care!

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