Ep 117 Interview with Emotions Expert Rhonda Farr

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I have a treat for you today!  Join me as I discuss the importance of feeling your feelings with Emotional Expert and Life Coach Rhonda Farr.  We do not learn about the importance of feeling feelings in school, and yet it is on of the most important things to be willing to do as you move towards your crazy big goals.  Listen today as Rhonda and I discuss how she has helped me with self identity around not being a mom, and why being willing to process any emotion allows you to take your life to the next level. 

In This Episode: 

  • How we met 
  • The Life Coach School
  • The importance of feeling feelings
  • The science of emotions 
  • Being too “busy” to feel
  • 3 Tips to process emotions 
  • Living a facade
  • Creating emotions on purpose
  • The feelings wheel 
  • Work with Rhonda:  https://rhondafarr.com

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Episode Transcript

Hello hello hello 

What is going on friends?

Have I got a treat for you today.

If you have been here for awhile 

You have heard me talk about my dear friend

And fellow coach

Rhonda Farr 

Rhonda and I met 

Back in 2017

When we both attended training 

For the Life Coach School

We were in the same group

And actually 

We went on for some advanced training 

And I think we were together again 

But there was something about her 

That just clicked 


I think she tells the story that she remembers 

Seeing me up early and studying outside by the pool each morning 

Let me stop there 

Because I think it’s funny 

When I went to the training 

A day could be 9-5

With like a 2 hour break 

Which to me is nuts 

Like – when I go to training 

For my sales job

We go from like 7-10

And you do working lunch 

And I look back now 

And see how much further along 

All the trained coaches were 

Just la la la 

Going for a walk at like 730 

And I was like …

Shouldn’t we be starting??

For all of you who know what I’m talking about 

Busy long hours

Doesn’t always mean most productive 

When we were in those meetings 

We go work done 


I digress 

So Rhonda and I 

Have stayed in touch 

And we talk every week

So this interview is really 

A bit of insight for you to listen 

In on a conversation 

Around a topic that is super important 

And yet 

Not discussed enough 

We are talking about feelings 

I know, I know 

I was with you 

I’m a little too busy to feel feelings 

But I have to tell you 

Slowing down to do this work 

Has exponentially helped my career 

And honestly 

Even without that part 

My overall life 

Rhonda was really integral

To one of my biggest shifts in life 

And we discuss it a bit here 

But really working on my identity 

Of not being a mom 

And she talks about

Why feelings are so important 

She gives tips on how to start recognizing 

And processing 

What why that is important 

As well as 

How to create emotions 

On purpose 

And she is our go to for this because

She not only is Life Coach certified emotion expert

She is a former family counselor 

and has been teaching others 

How to recognize their emotions for years

She has trained hundreds of men, women, and coaches 

How to recognize and process emotions 

And she believes

Every emotion is normal 


If approached without judgement 

Can be used for good.

We had so much fun 

In fact – 

Marc was asking if I was doing an interview

Or watching a comedy show  the day we chatted

So without further ado 

Please enjoy our conversation 

Ok – isn’t she great?

So many pearls and nuggets of gold

I highly encourage you to check her out


And on the socials you can find her 



Thats what I have for you today friends 

Lets circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care!



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