Ep 114 Moving to The Next Chapter

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Episode Notes 

Join me today as I reflect back on 2020 and discuss the idea of past self living vs future self living.  You get to tell the story of your life – and 2020 in any way you want.  What are the beliefs you have today – are they useful in accomplishing your goals?  Do you live in the past – or look forward to the future?  You are the author of closing this chapter – and creating the next on purpose.  

In This Episode:

2020 Reflections 

Past Self Living 

Future Self Living 

Who are you being?

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Episode Transcript 

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends.

How are you all doing on this final Thursday of 2020?

It has been quite a year right?

And it’s interesting because 

It really has been all over the board for people 

I know some people who have had amazing years 

Making a bunch of money 

Finally having a baby 

Having the opportunity to step up at work 

And then 

We also have people 

Who have sadly 

Lost loved ones 

Lost jobs 

Like really 

Just know that if you are listening 

You made it 

And wherever you are 

Is exactly where you should be in this moment

How do we know this?

Because it is where you are 

And arguing with it 

Is fighting a battle with reality 

That you will onto win my friend 

There really was no right or wrong 

Way to do 2020

So whatever it was you did 

It was perfect 

And even more than 

Making new years resolutions 

I prefer to take this time to really reflect 

And I want to offer that you 

Give yourself permission

To take the time 

To do that for yourself 

Because the truth is 

We get to tell our story 

Any part of it 

The way we want 

What happens though 

Is a lot of times 

We tell the story in a way that doesn’t really serve us 


It’s just not useful 

And a lot of times 

Our brain wants to go to the past 

For all the evidence 

Of how either things were terrible 


To tell us how we can’t do something


Which is really a bummer 

When you do want to work on new goals 

So I want to talk to you today about 

Living in the past 


Future self living 

So as you maybe set new goals

You can learn from the past 

And move on 

The past is over 

In fact 

Do you know how the past exists?

It only exists in the thoughts you currently have about it 

It’s kinda wild right?

So often we think we are telling facts about the past 

But usually 

They are simply thoughts 

And remember 

Thoughts are all optional 

Here is how we know 

You can tell me a story about how you were brought up

And retell it 

As if it is all factual 

I can then go and speak to either 

A sibling 

Or your parent 

And they can tell me an entirely different story 

About the same circumstances 

So it really is 

How you tell your story 

And here is what is so important 

A lot of times 

We just go through life 

Believing these sentences 

As if they are true facts 

And tell ourselves 

It’s just the way we are 

So I’ll share one for you 

That I only realized in the last couple of years 

I was telling myself 

So – I was a fat kid


The way I recall it 

I never got picked for like 

The teams in gym 

And for the love of God

I never got picked for cheerleading ..lol

Which I might still be doing some coaching on 


Im pretty sure I was picked last 

For that scary game of dodgeball on the playground 


Side note 

I am sure 

You can not play dodgeball these days right?


I mean 

In today’s day and age 

I’m sure 

Someone would be getting in trouble 

When the kid came home 

And said 

They told me to line up against a wall

And slammed the ball at me ..lol..


Ok – 

So that has been a story of mine 

And a lot of it contributes to the thought 

I’m not good enough 

And listen 

I know I’m not the only one here 

Who has some form of that thought

I here it from clients and colleagues 

But hear me when I tell you 

What you do today is good enough

Thinking that thought 

Is not 

Who you are 

It is simply 

A sentence in your brain 

And it’s important 

To take the time to reflect 

To see 

And to gain awareness 

As to what you have been telling yourself 

And deciding 

If it is something that is useful for you 

To bring into 2021

Or if you want to let it go 

If you don’t start changing some of your stories 

You just keep living the same life 

Over and over 


Let me tell you how else living in your past shows up 

Around this time of year 

Lot’s of people will say 

They want to lose weight 

At the start of the New Year 

You know what I’m talking about right?

Before Covid (and Peloton)

Our gym would be packed 

From like Jan – Mid Feb I think 

But then people just go back to the way things were 

There are a couple of reasons for this 

Maybe they didn’t have clarity on the goal

Maybe they didn’t have a compelling reason 

And maybe 

They told themselves something like 

I’ve never been able to lose weight in the past 

So what?

Your past does not determine your future friends 

Don’t go to the past 

For evidence of accomplishing a goal 

You haven’t yet done 

It won’t be there 

You have to live from your future in that case 

Not your past 

It’s a huge difference 

And in order to live into your future 

You need to start implementing new habits 

And consistent habits 

Are more than just actions you are taking 

They become who you are being 

Are you being 

Someone who loses weight?

Are you being 

Someone who makes 400k?

What does your future self do 

The one who has lost the weight for example 

That you are not currently doing?

What does your future self 

The one that has made the 400k

Not do 

That you are currently doing?

See the difference?

It’s everything 

The thing is 

We think 

I’ll believe it when I see it 

That’s not how it works friends 

You have to start believing you are that next evolved version

In order to take the actions 

And as you take the actions 

You see the results 

But you have to believe it is possible first 


Everyone was impossible at one time

And then 

Someone had an idea 

And someone believed it was possible 

And someone created the iPhone 

Like seriously 

We fly in the air 

And sail on water 

You can totally lose those last pesky pounds 

We can do so much more in our lives 

Than we give ourselves credit for 


Jim Kwick talks about these 

As limited ideas entertained 

We are too busy 

Telling ourselves are aren’t doing enough 

Or we aren’t good enough 

Or smart enough 

When we could actually be using 

That brain energy 

On creating something amazing and new in our lives 

Where focus goes 

Energy flows friends 

So if you continue to think 

Something is not enough

You will get more of it 

You can decide 

This is the year 

You choose yourself 

for that dodgeball game 

And the playground now

Is your life 

Put your self out there in ways 

That scare you 


That you got your own back 

You will figure it out 

You always do 

And you keep going 

Now that 

Sounds like a fun way 

To bring in the New Year 

I would love to help 

I’m inviting you to join 

Our online community 

Where you can have access to 

All the strategies you need to make the changes you want in 2021

To be able to do more of what you want 

To excel at work 

But without the stress and overwhelm 

And have access to me for 

1:1 coaching 

It’s life changing work when you implement it friends 

If you want to learn more 

Head to michellebourquecoaching.com/course 

And of course 

Feel free to send me a message on the socials 

IG or FB – michellebourquecoaching 


As we end this podcast 

I just want to extend 

My sincere gratitude and love 

For you 

Being  here

Showing up 

And making a difference in your life 

I love doing this work

And I’m so excited for what is yet to come 

And so it’s wrap for 2020 – 

But I believe … 

This is just the beginning 

Lets do this 


That is what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy 


Make it a great day 

Take care!

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