Ep 112 Your Presence is the Present

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Episode Notes:

Join me today as I talk about the most important gift you can give – to yourself and others this holiday season.  Your presence is the present and giving yourself the credit and knowing you are 100% worthy as is – is the best gift you can give yourself as you reach for your 2021 goals.  Listen today to learn more about what I’m talking about – and the exact formula you need to  create the results you want.

In This Episode:

  • 100% worthiness in this moment
  • Celebrating all you do
  • The lie of not doing enough
  • The importance of feelings driving your actions
  • Using the thought model to create the results you want
  • Peloton Cody Ride xoxo 
  • Online course and group coaching – www.michellebourquecoaching.com/course

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Episode Script:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends – how are you doing?

I’m feeling pretty amazing 

I have to tell you 

I totally had a different podcast set for this week

But I took my Peloton ride this morning 

And thought 

This is what I need to talk about 

First – for those of you who ride

I highly recommend the Cody xoxox Festive ride


So good 

But something he said 

Really got me thinking this was the topic of discussion today 

Your presence 

Is the present 

I mean 

It does sound perfect for this time of year as well right?

But really 

Think about that 

Your presence 

Is the present 

And I question 

How often you think that 

And how often you give yourself credit 

For everything you do 

My guess is 

If you are anything like my clients 

Not often enough 

Which even as I say that 

Its kind of ironic 

Side bar 


Great song back in the day ..lol..

But isn’t if fascinating 

How often we tell ourselves we aren’t doing enough

And yet 

One of the things that could most help that thought loop

Is thinking 

Something more along the lines of 

My presence is a gift 

And I want you to think of yourself 

The gift 

As like the best gift 

With the best wrapping 

Not some regifted 

I don’t know 

Smelly candle..lol.. 


On a serious note 

Here is what I see 

So many women 

Have this thought loop 

That just runs all the freaking time 


I’m not doing enough

When you are with the family 

Thinking you should be doing something more for work

When you are at work

Thinking you should be doing more with the family

No wonder we feel exhausted 

Question all of this 

Why should you be doing more 

In either situation 

Sometimes our brain wants to tell us 

Something like 

Well if I think I”m doing enough

I won’t strive for more

That’ s a lie 

Actually the opposite is true 

Because think about how you feel 

When you think you should be doing more 

Usually pressure

Or Exhausted 

Or defeated 

Or overwhelmed 

Or stressed 

And what actions do you take 

When you are feeling any of those feelings?

Sometimes in action right?

Or sometimes you sit in confusion 

Because you are overwhelmed 

And have no idea where to start 

The result?

You just stay in the cycle 

And hence 

You might be feeling stuck in your life 

Yes, you 

I see you 

I get it 


There is an alternative 

There are actually many many alternatives

But I’ll give you one here 

Thinking along the lines 

That your presence is a present 

How about 

Something like 

I am 100% worthy 

As is 

Imagine that?

Just stop and think about it for a minute

So many of us 

Are in the hustle mode 

Because we think when we finally do enough

Do it all 


We will be enough

But have you noticed?

You never seem to arrive 

Who decides what enough is 

By the way?


That would be you my friend

And let me share another gift with you here today 

We watched Elf last night so I am feeling festive and giving 

Listen to me here 

You get to believe 

Whatever you want 

Did you know that?


The great thing about being a human 

And having a human brain 

Is you get to think whatever you want 


A lot of people 

just go through life 

Living unconsciously 

Thinking they are victim to their circumstances 


this is just they way it is 


This is just the way I am 

All optional

You can decide 

Right not

In this moment 

I am 100% worthy 

How does that feel?

Different from 

I’m not doing enough 


When you decide 

You are 100% worthy 

As is 

Then you drop that part of the

I like to say 


Part of the hustle

And you just do all this work 

And live your life 

Quite frankly 

From more abundance 

So sure you strive for more 

But from knowing 

You are already enough 

You know what that does my friend?

It makes you stop to think 

About all of the creepy people pleasing you do 

Makes you stop to think about what you want in life

Makes you stop to think about what your priorities are 

It totally opens up 

So many new possibilities for you 

And isn’t that what we all want 


Maybe not everyone 

But I think if you are here listening 

You do 

You want possibilities 

You want new ideas 

You want to not feel stuck 

I’m telling you 

This is one of the steps to take 

Give yourself the gift 

Of knowing 

You are already good to go 

Now what?

Then you have fun 

You expand and show up way differently 

You actually have more to offer the world

It’s so crazy 

You start thinking about what results 

You want to create in your life 

And you are the creator 

Your job doesn’t give you the results 

Your family doesn’t determine your results 

You know what does?

Your thinking 


I’ll leave you with one more gift today 

Did you also know 

That in addition to believing whatever you want in life 

You also can put anything you want in the R line 

I’m talking about the thought model here 

When we discuss 






And normally 

When I talk to you here 

I go from the top down 

And if this is your first time listening 

The thought model is the tool we use 

In order to see how our thinking 

Gives us the results in our life

If you listen to previous podcasts 

You will hear all about it 


I normally discuss it 

Top down 

But there is also the option

To do it bottom up 

So you decide what you want in life 

What is the result you want 

Maybe its to make 

400k next year 

Put that in the R line 

Now work your way up 

What will you need to do 

List al the actions 

And then how will you need to feel

In order to take all those actions 

One feeling 

And then 

Go up one more line

What do you need to think 

In order to feel that way 

Now practice that thought 

At minimum – daily 

So let me recap 

The r is 400k 

Actions might be call on new accounts, find new solutions, create new ideas, track everything more efficiently – whatever it is for you 


Now in order to take all the actions you have listed

How will you need to feel

I’m going to guess 

One feeling might be 


And then go up one more line on the model 

What do you need to be thinking 

In order to feel committed 

Maybe something like 

I’m going to make 400k – not matter what 

See how that works friends 

There is a big difference 

And this is everything 

So you thought isn’t 

I’m not enough 

Feel overwhelmed 

Not know what to do or change 

And the result is you feel stuck in life 

Remember – we did that model at the start of the podcast 


I’m going make 400k no matter what 


Take all the actions 

Make 400k – 

Little different than feeling stuck 

It’s the magic friends 

Thinking on purpose 

Let’s start doing this for 2021 more and more ok?

Thinking on purpose 

And we are all going in to the new Year together 

As Cody said in the ride 

2020 – bye girl  ..lol..

Ok – 

That’s what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week


Don’t forget 

For the month of December 

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Is discounted 

So we can get more people like you 

Making the changes you want 

Go to michellebourquecoaching.com/course 

For all the info

http://michellebourquecoaching.com/For now 

Stay safe and 

Make it a great day 

Take care!

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