Ep 110 Closing out 2020 & My Gift To You

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Episode Notes:

Here we are in the last month of 2020 and I thought the best way to bring it to a close is to share a gift with you.  Today I want to talk to you about how you can bring 2020 to an epic end and start 2021 on an upswing.  Join me as I tell you how you can start doing more of what you want to do, feel less anxious and overwhelmed, and know that you did enough at the end of each day.  Let’s have fun!  Listen now for the offer I am sharing.

In This Episode:

  • How to feel better today
  • How to feel less anxious and overwhelmed 
  • The relationship you have with yourself 
  • Brain Motivation
  • The Thought Model
  • The Importance of Feelings 
  • Relationships
  • Goals/Commitment/Compelling Reason for New Years Resolutions 
  • Better Results 
  • Networking and having fun
  • Saying no
  • Future Self 
  • Bonus – Confidence Guide 



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Episode Transcript

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends

Do you know what this is?

It’s episode 110


110 weeks of us getting together for a little chat



I love that you are here

And I love 

That we are getting more and more people each week

Finding us

So please share what is useful 

Because when you do 

You know what happens right?

We truly make a ripple effect 

In the world



For those of you that have been here for awhile 

You know every 10th episode 

I share a mentor or a learning 

And today 

I want to share a learning opportunity 

And a gift for you 

Because today I want to talk to you about 

The online course I am offering 


 For the month of December

I am offering at a ridiculous discount 

Because I want 

All of us 

To be able to end 2020 

On an upswing 

So when we get into 2021

We are ready 



So let me start by telling you a little bit of why I even put this together 

And who I think is a perfect fit for it 

And then what it’s about 


For years I thought 

I didn’t have any time to do anything 

Except for work 

And although I like to work 

I actually love working 

I get a little cray cray if I have to stay 

To relaxed for too long ..lol..

But there was a point 

About 3 years ago

Where I was like 

I just can’t keep doing this

And I blamed 

The job for all of it 

I thought the answer was 

To get certified as a coach 

And leave

But I was so wrong 

And I see this with so many people 

In fact 

I was recently coaching a couple of gals

And I said listen 

You can leave your job 

But just remember 

You take your brain with you 

Because you guys 

It is not the job that stresses you out 

And that’s good to know 

Because that would mean in order for you to feel better 

The job has to change 

Or you have to leave 

Which kinda leaves your in a pickle 


When you actually know 

You make a difference 

And you like your job for the most part 

So I completed my training 

And then started implementing the tools 

And everything has changed 

Not with the job friends ..

With my brain 

I have so much more time to do what I want 

And I wanted to shout from the top of the roofs

To more people like you 

It doesn’t ‘have to be this way 

And when I started coaching 

I only offered 1:1 

But I realized 

Not everyones schedule 

Can do that right now 

And that is why I put together this course 

So you can take it 

When you have time 

And when you complete it 

You will have a couple of new results 

  1. You will for sure find life outside of work

You will have more time to do what you want 


You will not feel so stressed and overwhelmed 

There are 13 different modules 

And I totally set it up for you to succeed 

Based on my knowledge of what tools I used 

And what tools I use with my one on one clients 

It’s part video 

A short video 

And part podcast follow ups 

And part 

You do some work to make it all specific to your life 

You can listen to the course in the car if you want 

You can listen on a walk 

Like really 

I want this to be easy 

And fun for you 


Not only is it the course to learn all the concepts 

But you also have 1:1 access to me 

For private coaching via voxer 

Which if you are not sure what that is 

It is an amazingly simple app to use 

Where you can either leave me a voice message

Or a written message 

Or – 

You can send me the written work you are doing 

For follow up 

Or coaching 

Or questions 

So we have topics like 

The most important relationship you have in life 

I’ll give you a hint … 

Its with yourself 


So important to all of your life friends 

And we also look at topics such as  

Brain motivation 

stress, clarity and self care, 

The thought model 

Circumstances in life

The importance of feelings 

Goal setting, commitment and compelling reasons – 

This will be super helpful for new Years resolutions 

Asking better questions and getting better answers 

Relatiionships, blame and responsibility 

Perfectionism and failing 


My guesss is a LOT of you 

Could benefit from the purscase with

That module alone..lol..

We also have a week for habit building 

And the importance of netowrking, contraint and having fun

And we close it out with 

Future self work 

That is really so much fun 


There is a bonus section 

Which has the 2020 reading list I suggest for you


A guide to building your confidence 

I can not tell you 

How helpful all of these tools are 

well, that’s not true 

I’m telling you right now 

It is the complete package of what you need 

In order to feel better 

And continue to excel in your job 


Not only do you have all the tools in the online course 

To do at your pace 


The voxer access – which is 24/7 and I return your message 

Within 24 hours 

I am also including 

A Facebook community in case you want to share and network 


We will be doing group coaching 

On various weekend hours 

Those are all announced 

Once you get in the course 

I mean 

It really is 

A crazy opportunity 

And I’m offering it for only 197.00 

For the entire month of December 

I’m not sure if I will do anything like this again 

But here’s the thing you guys 

I talk about how we have to try things and learn right

So my goal with all of this 

Is to help more people 

More people like you 

And I know 

This program will 

I know you have no excuse to say you don’t have time 

And if that is what you are thinking 

You REALLY need it 

It is life changing 


I want to offer it at this ridiculous 


To see if we can end 2020 on an epic note

And come into 2021 

Changing a lot of lives 


How do you get it 

Just go to michellebourquecoaching.com/course 

And all the info is there 

We have a call this Saturday 

December 5th at 9am EST 

So if you want to make it for that 

Get moving 

Sign up today 

And please 

Share this 

With anyone you think would benefit 


Maybe someone you want as an accountability partner 

Here’s the thing you guys 

2020 is going to be what we make of it 

You don’t have to wait to the new year 

To get heading in the direction of your dreams 

Take the first step

Get into the course 

And then take advantage 

Of all the ways 

you can create the life you want to live 

You do not have to keep feeling 

Like nothing is ever enough 

You do not have to keep feeling 

The overwhelm and anxiety 

And like you can’t take one more thing

You can do more of what you want 

You can feel better 

Don’t keep waiting to think about it 

Make a powerful decision 

For yourself 


How you do one thing 

Is how you do everything 

And I know 

When you are trying to appease everyone else 

And make everyone else happy 

You are not making yourself happy 

So do this for you 

And you know what?

Everyone else will benefit as well.

But you have to believe in yourself 

To take the first step 

I got you on the rest 

Ok – 

Let’s do this 



To get started 

Thats what I have for you today 

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Stay healthy 

And make it a great day 

Take care!


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