Ep 107 Getting More of What You Think

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In Today’s Episode:

Join me as I discuss how you will always get more of what you want in life.  You always have the opportunity to decide how you want to think about all of it.  In today’s episode I look at how you can go from dream job to ….. not so dreamy.. and what you can do to truly make it the dream you desire.  Listen today to learn more.

In This Episode:

  • Medical Device Sales Dream Job
  • Having no control of your schedule 
  • Making a difference in the lives of others 
  • Changing the way you look at your personal and professional life 
  • Work with me – send a quick email – contact@michellebourquecoaching.com 


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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello –

Welcome back to the podcast

So happy you are here

What is new and exciting in your world?

It has been beautiful in NY these past couple days 

I’m loving it

You know what else I’m loving that I want to tell you about ?

This book I’m reading 

– Think Like a Monk – it’s so good you guys

It’s a lot of what I talk about here 

I talk about habit brain – he calls it monkey brain

I call it using your pre-frontal cortex

He discusses thinking like a monk

Get it?

Monkey brain vs Monk brain..lol..

It’s so good 

I’m sure once I’ll done I’ll bring you my book report lol

Ok – he also talks about living in the present moment 

So let’s dive into todays topic for now 

Today I want to talk to you about the idea

Of you getting more of what you believe to be true

In your life 

And I’m going to start with 

how you see your job

And honestly this topic 

can relate to how you see so many things in your life

But I thought it would be good 

to start with job 

because I noticed something in my new mastermind group recently

I think I told you guys – I reinvested in my coach 

Because I think she is amazing 

And all the work I do 

I get to share with you


during the intros I discussed how I coach women in device sales 

who want to find life outside of work

And how I am a device rep myself 

And one of the other amazing women in the group 


Oh – medical device sales

That was my dream job years ago


it made me stop to think

I remember when I first started

Over 14 years ago…

I was shocked at what exactly the job was

In fact – I wasn’t sure if it was for me 

After all.. I was a communications major 


By the way

When patients ask me if I’m a nurse 

And I tell them no – I have my masters degree 

In public communications 

They kinda give me a look 

And I just remind them

We are communicating right? Lol 

But, back then

When I started 

so many people I knew 

Talked about how it was an amazing opportunity 

And I think what happens is

It does seem like a dream job 

And then you get in it

And maybe your thoughts change

As you are in the OR late

Or find out last minute about an add on case

Get called from a family event to take care of someone in the ER

Or have to cancel another personal doctors appt 

Because the schedule changed 

Not thinking dream job so much now right?

I might know these examples 


They may or may not have happened to me 

More than once 


Intersting point to notice 

The job didn’t change 

Our thoughts did 

It really can still be a dream job 


What I see with so many people I work with 

And myself years ago 

Is we get in this victim mentality 

I have no control over my time 


You guys 

This is such a poisonous thought 

I can not tell you how long I thought it 

And it’s simply not true 

You always have control of your time 

The issues is 

The more you think that 

The more you play the victim role 

The more you stay overwhelmed 

And the less you take action 

To set priorities 

The less you take a breath 

To stop and think 

If this next fire to put out 

Is really even a fire 


Could it have been avoided 

With some proactive thinking 


Using your brain energy 

To yell yourself 

You have no control over your time 

When you can take ownership 

Of knowing 

You control every second of your day 

I’m serious 

If you just looked at me 

With the same side eye the patients 

Give me when I tell them 

I’m a communications major 


This is your work 

And it is so worth doing 

I tell you this

Because it took me awhile to get it 

And I want to help you move through the process 


So you can get back to 


Deciding this is not for your and move on 

But from knowing you are doing it because you want to make a change 

Not from being a victim 


You can get back to seeing how it really can be

A dream job

I’ve said this before 

And it’s true 

You look at my brain 3 year ago 

Before coaching 

And I thought

I can’t keep doing this 

Im on the hamster wheel every day 

There has to be more to life 

And I thought coaching was the answer 

I would just leave and coach

But you know what happened instead?

I learned all the tools 

I implemented them 

And I continue to do the work 

And I can’t imagine leaving right now 

I have become more engaged than ever 

I am part of 2 development programs

I chair two different parts of an employee resource group 

My territory has doubled 

My team is cut in half 

And I have my coaching practice

And I have never felt better with my life

And my time 


I still have areas where I can clean up more of my mind

And take it to the next level 

I love when I make a difference in our patients lives 

And I love when I can help reps make a difference in their lives 

Which in turn 

Helps more patients 

Its crazy!

And imagine 

I was going to leave 

So think about that if this is you 

You don’t have to go anywhere to feel better 

I know this in my core 

And I want you to keep doing this work 

The more you believe you don’t have any time 

The more you will find all of that evidence 

You guys 

Like I said 

This is for all areas of your life 

The more you think one political party is better than the other 

The more evidence you find

The more you think your brother is crazy

The more evidence you find 

And it goes both ways 

The more you think how much you love your partner 

The more evidence you find 

Try it out 

Just try on a thought like 

I just want to love him


He never does anything right

I’m not claiming to be Sherlock here or anything 


I know you will find clues 

For either you choose to believe 

Oh – and you know what 

Sherlock ?  Where did that come from?

I always wanted to be a Charlies Angel ..lol.. 


I guess since I’m neither you just trust me and try it for yourself 

And btw 

This is not me just communicating to you 

There is science behind the concept 

I talked about the reticular activating system 

In episode 81 

It’s the filter we all have 

Super side note 

And a fun example 

I had a meeting with someone recently 

Who told me I should start watching 

The Queens’ Gambit 

Pretty sure that’s what it was called 

And don’t you know 

All weekend 

I saw posts on FB 

About how I should watch the Queens’ Gambit 

Truth is 

I would’ve never noticed those posts 

Except for the fact 

That someone brought it into my awareness before hand 

So what is in your awareness now?

What do you want to start brining more of into your awareness?

Find all the ways your do have control of your time 

Let me share one not so obvious fact 

You are choosing to be in this job 

You don’t have to be 


You have control 

Start there 

Now get to work on finding all the other evidence 

That is true for you 

And once you start seeing that 

Have fun and find all the ways 

Its truly is a dream job for you 

And you guys know 

If you want help with this work 

Because I get it 

I was IN it deep 

I needed help 

Send me a message 

Either michellebourquecoaching on the socials 

Or email 


And we can discuss what might be best to get you started 


That ’s what I have for you today my friends 

Keep going 

– you are creating an amazing ripple effect in the world

And it matters – you matter 

So stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care 


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