Ep 106 Quarterly Review Process

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Join me today as I discuss a process I use for myself, and my clients as a quarterly review process.  Taking the time to utilize this can make a tremendous difference not only in your professional life, but your personal life as well.  

In this episode:

  • The importance of making the time to review
  • What worked
  • What didn’t work
  • What can you do differently next time
  • Being curious 
  • Celebrating yourself
  • Pearson’s Law 
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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Welcome back to the podcast friends 

I hope everyone is doing amazing

And you know what 

if you are not

That is ok too

It’s ok to not always be ok 

We have to own it all

The messiness that sometimes comes along

With being human

And experiencing the full range of human emotions 

Let me fill you in on a little secret

Dropping any judgement 

Or thinking you shouldn’t be feeling 

Any of the ones we 

label negative 

Is what will help you process them 

And keep moving forward

Doing the best we can right?

I mean 

Isn’t that we all are trying to do?

Our best 

Well – at least In the moment..lol..


Let’s jump into today’s topic

I want to share a tool I use with both my 1:1 clients 

And is actually part of my course and group coaching 

Which by the way 

If you want to learn more about how you can double your time 

To enjoy life outside of work

And do more of what you want

You can get that info at michellebourquecoaching.com/course

It’s totally self paced so you do have time – check it out 

Ok – the tool I want to discuss is what I use for my quarterly review 

In fact 

I like to use it for a monthly review 

And sometimes weekly

But today I’m talking quarterly 

Because we just closed our quarter for work

I think it as we do this work 

To become more aware 

And intentional 

It is so important to look at 

What worked

What didn’t work 

And what can we do differently next time 

Before learning these tools 

I might end a quarter

And if I didn’t hit 

Would ruminate for days leading up

Popping multiple excedrins a day 

And ruminate after 

About how I was doing it all wrong 

And by it 

I think my brain meant life..lol..

You know what I’m talking about right?


Maybe even go into the blame game 

The number was too high


We didn’t have enough inventory 


Whatever it is for you 

But here is the thing friends 

When we are in that mental headspace 

What are we not doing?

We are not growing 




None of those are useful thoughts 


If I did make my number

I would just speed through life


Ok – that is what I was supposed to do

No big deal 

No recognition for achievement 


What I like to do 

And ask my clients to do 

Is look at 

What worked?

List out all of the things 

So for me this quarter 

I listed things like 

Launched It’s Your Time course- which I just mentioned 

Finished over plan at work – we actually had a great quarter – love my team

Started new system with Things app

Got all receipts in order for yearly taxes 

Freshbooks up to date 

Reinvested in MM for Futre MAB

Consistent reading – you guys – each morning I started reading for about 15 minutes and I’m 

Totally loving it 

Drank More Water 

ESLD started and having fun

That is a leadership development program for work and I’m totally digging it 

And I also 

Started taking a human Design course – super fun to learn 

There were some other things as well 

but I will spare you 

The point is

You need to start 

With what worked 

You need to put your brain on a mission

To find the good 


Our habit brain or

Monkey brain 

It has many different names 

But it is pretty lazy 

And likes to just look to the negative 

So on purpose 

You need to search out the good 

And you know what? 

I too it to the next level this quarter 

I actually celebrated the goodness of what worked 

I received flowers 

As a congrats on all of it 


It was signed 

Future MAB 

lol.. you should’ve seen Marcs face 

When he heard who they were from 

But the truth is 

What you do today 


for your future self

So of course 

She is your biggest advocate right?


Now the next step in the process 

Is to look at 

What didn’t work 

So for that I had things like 

Didn’t hit number of people goal signing up for the course 

Sometimes short tempered

Weight up a couple lbs – but not sure if b/c more water

Felt disorganized on some volunteer committees 

And thought I could do more if I cleaned that up 

So notice 

I don’t just include work stuff

We are whole individuals 


So I like to look at personal 

And professional 

When doing this review 

And then I like to think on purpose 


What will I do next time 

It is a process 

And you have to take some time to do this

What I see happen 

Is we think we are too busy to do this 

And just keep going and going and going 

But taking a minute 

To reflect 

To learn 

And to move on 

Will give you such a greater benefit 

All around 

So what will I do next time 

And this can be something that was listed under 

What worked 

Because maybe we can keep doing it if it worked right?

Or maybe it’s something different 

So for me 

I listed things like

Keep going/embracing ESLD

Clean up process of communication and activities for volunteer group and take next best step

Get Louder to help more people 

Enjoy rest time

Keep reading and drinking more water

Keep planning meals  

Stay on top of finances like they are my love 

You know why this tool is so important?

Have you ever heard of Pearson’s Law?

It states 

When performance is measured, performance improves 

When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates 

That’s why this tool is so important 

So even reporting back to yourself is helpful 

Of course I think having a coach and reporting back is the best option

Because honestly 

What does a coach do for you?

A Coach gives you space to be you

And can show you how you are creating some results in your life

And if you want new results 

Can show you how to do if faster

Sometimes people will say 

I’ll just do it on my own 

So the question becomes 

Ok – why haven’t you already accomplished it? 

And usually its because 

You can’t see all the angles like 

Someone who is objective can 

That’s why I keep investing in my coach 

She helps me get to my goals faster

She doesn’t believe some of the stories I tell myself 

So she can show me new ways 

New ideas 

And I get new results 

So if that’s what you are looking for 

We should totally chat about 

What it could look like for you

Just send me an email to tell me your are ready


It’s so much fun 

Your future self would thank you 


That’s what I have for you today 

Friends – Take some moments to breath this week

Stay safe 

And make it a great day

Take care!

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