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Episode Notes:

Today I want to talk to you about a new way to organize your time – it’s a twist on what I’ve talked about in the past to have complete control on your schedule.  I found a new app to incorporate – but more importantly I want to talk about the mindset you must have around scheduling.  Listen today to learn more about this – a recent set back I had and how to double your time enjoying life so you can do more of what you want, without the stress and overwhelm – AND still be successful at work.  

In this episode:

  • Planning your week
  • Calendar priorities 
  • 24 hours in advance 
  • Reverting to default thinking 
  • Results based on your choices 
  • Things App
  • New self paced course and group coaching – enrollment ends 10/23 – www.michellebourquecoaching.com/course

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello

Welcome back to the podcast friends 


If it’s your first time finding us – we are thrilled to have you 

Oh listen – I want to share an app with you which I recently started using 

I’m loving it 

It’s called Things 

And I started incorporating it into my schedule planning 

So I figured I’d give you the 411 on it

And how I am using it I’m case it’s helps you

On Sundays I like to take time to plan as much as I can for the week 

That way I have priorities set 

And I am way more efficient 

So I first 

I take time to make a list of everything I need to do 

And then I ask what else 

What else 

What else 

Get it all out of my brain 

Because you guys 

Our brains are not meant to be used for storage 

They are meant to be used for processing 

So with the Things app there is a section called Inbox and I just type all of it out there 

I also use the inbox section during the week if something comes up or 

If I forgot something 

As soon as I know I have to do it I put it there

And that way I don’t keep thinking 

Oh – I can’t forget to do xyz

It just get in the app and is there safe and sound for me to get to later 

There is also a section called Anytime

So in that area I put some of the things I do either daily 

Or weekly 

For example – 

Morning routine 

And I have a checklist of what I do each morning 







And I have weekend things like 

Weekly House blessings 

Which means cleaning lol 

But sounds so much more fun calling it weekly House blessings right? 

And there are project sections 

Something like my sisters baby shower and all the time dos 

And an area for 

Someday projects 


Buy A beach house 

Now – 

I take that list 

And I put the consistent things 


Like morning routine 

On the calendar


We don’t just do to do lists here 

We put things in specific spots

And listen 

There are things you can put on the calendar and stick to it 

Your brain may want to tell you you are not sure 

Not sure how long it will take 

Not sure when you can do it 

That is default thinking 

Totally human 

But this work is seeing how it’s all your time 

And you are in control 


I also get that sometimes we don’t know our schedule until the day before 

So on Sundays I put the big priorities on 

And then each night I take a quick look at what might be left in the inbox

And where on the calendar I can put it for the next 24 hours 

And then – when I complete it 

I can mark it off the Things app 

And it shows up in my log book 

Which is super fun to go back at the end of the day 

Or week 

And really see how much you got done 


Offer some opportunities to learn 

Where perhaps you can tweak some of the planning 

To be even more efficient 


Don’t be confused here 

The app is amazing 

But it’s the thought process

Your thinking about time 

That will is the key for you taking control of all of it

I mean 

I know when I started doing my calendar like this

I was like – what do you mean take time to plan time 

I already have any time 


What is the upside of constantly telling yourself

you don’t have any time? 

It feels terrible 

And is a lie

You have the same amount of time as we all do 

24 hours 

Every single day 

It’s your time 

And when you clean up your brain 

You will be amazed at what you can do 

You guys know I am usually pretty transparent here 

And share the work I do

So I will tell you 

I recently had 2 days

Where I was in the OR way later than expected

Like a 4 hour delay 

One of those days where you think

Anything that could go wrong did 

And I could soooo see my thoughts at one point 

Kinda revert back to the way I used to always think 

Things like 

I can’t believe this 

I’m going to miss my call with my parents 

This is dreadful 

Please just shoot me 

I can’t even 

Could you all just move over and I’ll take care of it?


Isn’t it so funny what we tell ourselves 

But here is the thing 

I used to believe thoughts like these 

And felt like such a victim 

And then 

I would come home and be pissed off 

That I didn’t get to do what I wanted to do

Which then takes away from the time we have to 

Actually enjoy our personal life right?

Now I see these thoughts 

And I kinda chuckle 

They are absolutely still options

But they are not useful

That’s a question I always like to ask

Myself and my clients 

Is that thought useful?

Are you getting the results you want in your life?

And for me 

The answer is 

Hell no 

So instead 


I notice them 

And then decide on purpose what I want to think instead

So in this example 

I found thoughts like

This patient is going to benefit so much from this

We could actually be changing her life 

I am very fortunate

Those thoughts 

Create way different feelings 

And when I get home after 11:00 on Friday night

I get in the door with a way different attitude

Marc made some soup for dinner 

So I had some of that 

Super appreciative 

He might know a thing or two about my levels of hangry right? Lol

And I just could enjoy the rest of the weekend

You guys 

It is sooo different 

It really changes your life 

Knowing It’s your time 

And taking control of all of it 

Its interesting 

I was in a locker room recently 

And I overheard part of a conversation

One of the nurses said 

Something to the effect

I’m not staying late 

I have an appointment 

And a colleague said 

Yeah – it’s your time

You know that’s what caught my ear right? Lol

Wait – do you listen? lol..

But aside from that 

It was the energy that caught my attention

It was more of a defiance 

I think that would be the word 

Maybe resistance 

Like – you show them kinda 

And what I want to suggest 

Is it doesn’t ever have to be 

Victim vs villain 

It’s always the story you make of it 

Make sure it’s a good one right?

It means everything 

That’s why 

I created the It’s Your Time course 

And coaching program

It is totally set up for you to be able to double your time enjoying life

So that you can do more of what you want 

Without the stress and overwhelm 


I will not accept you don’t have time as the response 

Because I created it with you exactly in mind 

So it’s a 12 week online module course 

All short bite tools and concepts for you to learn

And take action on in your daily life 

So you get results 

At your pace


We have an online group community

Where you can ask questions, network, have fun

that’s 24/7 friends 


We have group coaching calls 

Every other weekend 

Which will be recorded so you can always watch later if you can’t make 

I am offering private 1:1 coaching 

Via Voxer

Which is a super easy app to use 

And that 

Is 24/7 access 

I get back to you in 24 hours 

So anytime 

It is set up for you to succeed 

No matter what your schedule is now 

So you can have full control over all of it

It is a total no brainer 

It will change your life

Head to 


For all the info


That’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week

But for now 

Say healthy 

I hope to see you in the group 


Make it a great day 

Take care! 

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