Ep 101 The Importance of Airplane Mode

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Episode Notes:

In today’s episode I want to talk to you about the idea of disconnecting and enjoying vacation time.  As you use these tools to improve work-life integration you will begin to see possibilities you never thought were possible – it does not have to be work OR life – it can totally be work AND life.  You get to decide what is important to you, and when you do that you have so much more power in life to do more of what you want.  Listen today to learn how using airplane mode can be the start of some amazing vacations.  

In this episode:

* Disconnecting on vacation 

* Empowering your team

* Being present 

* Planning your disconnection

* Having vs choosing 

* Waitlist for It’s Your Time course:  www.michellebourquecoaching.com/waitlist 

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Episode Transcript:

Hello hello hello 

Whats going on friends?

Welcome back – 

And if this is your first time – 

Welcome – 

We are excited to have you here 

Can you believe 

October 1st

In the final quarter of the year

Well – for most people 

Not exactly how our fiscal year goes 

But – for our lives it is the final quarter of this year





We are in the home stretch ..lol..


Before we jump into todays

I want to let you know 

I just opened the waitlist 

For my new course 

It’s going to include self paced online modules 

1:1 coaching access to me 

And and online group community and coaching 

It’s going to be so much fun

I will tell you 

It is specific to improving work-life integration

Specially for folks in the sales world

And I really use the industry I’m most familiar with 

Medical devices 

As some of my examples 

Along with personal of course

Because it is work -life right?

So – if you are interested in learning more 

Head to michellebourquecoaching.com/waitlist

So you can get all the info when it is officially launched

Here in early October 

Ok –

Now let’s chat about the idea of going on airplane mode

Do you even know where that is on your phone these days?


Its not like many of us actually go there

Unless we are on a flight right?

But I want to share a crazy idea with you 

The idea of going on airplane mode

When you go on vacation

I know – 

I know 

Crazy right?


It’s so funny because 

I have admittedly 

been terrible at disconnecting on vacation 

We often go to places that don’t have service 

On purpose because I can be trusted 


And that ensures I disconnect some of the time

I’ve really been working on it 

And this past week we went on vacation

And I watched all the thoughts I had around disconnecting 

And I thought it would be fun to share with you 

Because I’m guessing 

My experience might help as you do the work to do the same 

Ok – 

So leading up to vacation 

I kept telling my team 

I’m really doing it 

I’m going on airplane mode some of the time 

Notice how I didn’t commit to 

Just entirely going on airplane mode 



It was almost like I was 

Threatening them right? Lol 

I’m doing it – really 

Let’s be real

It was more like me telling myself I think

But here is what I want to share with you 

I did it 

I went on airplane mode for a little bit of  vacation

And I’m here to live to tell about it lol..


It wasn’t comfortable 

And this is the work we do friends 

This is what I talk about when I say 

Discomfort is the currency you pay 

To get to your next best self 

We have to be able to give up what is comfortable 

And this sounds crazy 

But the truth is 

For some of us 

Staying connected 

IS more comfortable

Because we always want to take care of things 


Growth can come from knowing 

Other people can be empowered 

Other people can take care of things 

And knowing that

is what helps to improve your work-life integration

And when I say it’s uncomfortable 

Let me give you some examples 

Now before I jump in 

Let’s be clear

I set the team up to know I was doing this

I changed the voice mail 

The email 

And I even let some of my customers know 

That I’ll be out and who they can contact if need anything 

So with that I know  they have solutions right?

And my brain in the past wanted to tell me 

How I will lose all the business

And everyone will be so disappointed if I’m not there 

Listen you guys 

let’s keep it basic here 

I could die in a car accident 

And everyone will take care of things right?

Seems a little drastic I know 

But question everything your brain wants to offer up

So – night one 

I have a customer calling in

And I let it go to voicemail

My brain was going crazy

Now stop and listen

This is the work here 

Watch your brain 

All of the sentences 

They are all optional 

So when my default thinking 

Includes thoughts like 

I have to take care of this 

I need to help him

I have to answer this 

Now – with my coaching tools

I can take a moment 

And see that 

And recognize that I get to choose what I think 

The truth is 

I can also 

Just as easily think 

My partner can totally help this person 


It is an option to believe your teammates can handle it 

You know 

As I was thinking about this topic

I remembered a time 

When I first started working 

As an intern – actually – I think I had just been hired full time 

Working for the farm team of a NHL team

Fun job 

But I was staying late finishing up some work 

And I recall

One of the most amazing gals that worked there at the same time 

Said – Michelle – you know you don’t have to be a martyr

Pretty sure at that time I wasn’t even sure what that was lol..

But I think there are a lot of us 

That often care so much about your work 

That you sacrifice your personal life 

And it doesn’t have to be that way 

It’s not a matter or work or life

It can be work AND life

You just have to be able to see all the possibilities 

And listen 

I also set aside time 

Where I did do some checking in 

But it was planned 

And I didn’t feel like I was angry for “having” to do so 

I recognize I choose to and I know I want to 

That’s a very different feeling then when I used to think I “had” to 

I accept there are some things I might want to check in on 

And that’s ok

The acceptance will help you really see how in control you are friends 

Who knows 

Maybe one day I’ll do a podcast about totally turning off the phone 

But for today 

I just want to tell you 

It is ok 

To take some time for yourself 

In fact 

My guess is 

Your company 

Would rather you 

Take some time here and there 

Vs just leaving entirely 

Because you are totally burned out 

And I can tell you that multiple times 


In order to truly enjoy more of you time 

You have to be willing to do this work

To develop yourself 

And I promise you 

It is worth it

And a way to practice

Could even be starting maybe once a week

For 30 minutes 

Or 15 

Start small and build on it to show your brain what is possible

But go on airplane mode

With an intention to accomplish a specific task

This will do a few things for you

First – you will be amazed at how efficient you can be 

When you really focus on one task

And no distractions 

I know 

I know 

You are an amazing multi tasker 

Just humor me 

Try it 

You might be surprised at the difference in what you can actually complete


Doing this in small increments will also help you build the evidence 

For your brain 

To see 

That it is ok

That you could actually maybe even grow your business

With the focused time 

To think about new solutions in your territory 

You never know until you try my friends 

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes 


That’s what I have for you today

Lets circle back next week

But for now 

Stay safe 

And make it a great day 

Take care!

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