Ep 100 Interview with Carrie Stringer

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Episode Notes:

I am excited to share an amazing client story with you for episode 100.  Carrie is a tremendous example of what is possible, and how doing the work on yourself truly leaves a ripple effect in the world. Listen now to hear how this woman has stepped up in her life starting a business for learning enhancement, and began a Widow Strong Chapter in her area all while holding a full time job and being a tremendous mom to her little girl.


*  Carrie Stringer story 

* Benefits of coaching

* Questions around coaching

* The importance of taking action

* Email Carrie: carrie@widowstrong.com* You can find out more about Widow Strong work and teams at www.widowstrong.com  Website for Learning Enhancement by Carrie is http://cstringer.processingskills.com


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