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In today’s episode, I’m discussing doing hard things. I’ve recently been dealing with some back pain, and a friend suggested I try restorative yoga. Let me tell you, it may have been some of the most challenging workouts I have ever done. I am always on the go, and these classes forced me to slow down, and in those moments, it was uncomfortable. But by doing hard and new things, that’s where you grow. And by sticking with it and the commitments you make to yourself, you will become the next best version of yourself, and you will build up the relationship you have with yourself.

Topics in this episode:

  • You get to choose what you’re thinking
  • Human doing vs human being
  • Why do things need to be hard?
  • How your brain tries to protect you
  • Motivational triad of the brain
  • “I got this” leads to the outcome you want
  • The key to managing your thoughts


Podcast – doing hard things.
Hello hello hello – how is everyone doing today?
I feel great –
it was a nice weekend – time on the patio with the pup and hubs –
easy – no fuss –
football and the chimmenea – all good.
I was finally able to get back on the
Peloton –
had to take a break because my back started bothering me – I’m not 24
my husband loves to remind me.
And there’s a reason I’m sharing this.
It was so hard for me to take the break.
I love to workout – it helps my mental state for sure.
So to not be able to was hard.
I’m sure a lot of you know what I mean
So a friend suggested I try restorative yoga –
omg – it’s like you are doing nothing.
It may have been some of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done.
I posted about it on Instagram over the weekend –
Which by the way – are you following me?
I am having fun sharing stories and all the jazz
Ok – so in this restorative yoga
They say things like –
Tune into yourself
Notice how you feel
Give yourself permission to let go
Give yourself the gift of not doing
Replenish your energy
My brain was saying things like –
This is boring
You should be doing more
You better watch what you eat because you are going to gain weight
People do this for more than 20 minutes??
But here’s the thing –
The difference since self coaching now is
I can see these are all just thoughts – and I don’t need to believe them.
Keep that in mind you guys – pay attention to your thoughts and know they are
not WHO you are
They are just what you are thinking
And you get to choose – always- what you are thinking
But in the moments it was so uncomfortable.
I know it might sound odd – right
But it’s hard because I’m always one to go go go
And my guess is –
if you are listening to this you are likely the same
It’s easier for a lot of us to just keep going
Just keep doing, just keep going
Funny – I remember a therapist I had years ago – Barbara –
she was great –
and she called me out back then – asking me
if I was a human doing
Or a human being
What’s it for you?
Interesting right?
Im always telling my clients the discomfort is where the growth comes –
so I know this new yoga is exactly what I need.
And I know this is exactly what more people like me –
like you
need and I will be so much better at helping moving forward
So why do things need to be hard?
They are usually hard
because we haven’t done them before.
Our brain wants to protect us from dying and when we do new things it is
uncomfortable –
Remember the motivational triad of the brain
We’ve discussed it before
To seek pleasure
Avoid pain
And do it as efficiently as possible
So when you are doing something new it usually doesn’t feel good
Because it’s not efficient –
It’s not like an easy
Effort for us
And that’s ok
it can be hard
But you guys – we don’t really want easy.
Easy is not where you grow.
You deserve more than easy
And as humans we do have this desire to continue to evolve.
So as we change we will encounter hard things.
Think about this – you have survived 100% of your hard days.
And I have clients who have gone through some hard things –
and I can’t tell you the growth they are seeing on the other side.
Well, I could – but that might be another
They are all so amazing and I am loving all that they have going on
But they are accomplishing all of it
Because they are not giving up.
They are continuing to do all the new stuff.
And they are continuing to feel all the feels –
Meaning – they are willing to have it be hard
Because they know I’m the end it will be so worth it.
One of the most important things to keep in mind
is to not judge.
What I mean is – sometimes we get in this cycle
and tell ourselves it’s hard –
and we feel terrible –
and then we quit
But you get to choose what you want to think about it
You can also choose –
it’s hard – and I can be pretty badass – I totally got this
Much different feeling
Much different outcome
This is the difference of staying stuck in the life you are living
and taking your life to the next level
So remember – it is supposed to be hard, and that’s ok
Next – I want to warn you about your tricky brain
Often times we get side tracked when we are working on new –
Hard things
Here’s an example –
This past weekend I was working on some new financial projects
In my brain – it’s hard
I’ve told myself I’m not really good at it
Which by the way – is my brain looking for evidence of the past
And remember – we never find evidence in the past
for something new we want to create
So as I’m in the middle of the project I’m like – Oh –
I should go change over the laundry
And you know what – it is so nice out
I should clean the closets out
Do you see what happened there?
Changing laundry
And cleaning closets
Is easy
My brain wanted to avoid the pain of getting this new project done
But I could totally see it
This is the kind of stuff I want you to start watching for
When you can become the watcher of your mind you can start managing it
So I am totally on to myself
I knew I had to sit and do the work until my allotted time was up
And you guys
The beauty in sticking to your word
Honoring the commitment you have made for your time
And yourself
That is where the magic is
So not only will you feel proud once you get through the discomfort
You will learn a lot
You will become the next best version of yourself
You will build the relationship with yourself
Because as you stick to commitment after commitment you know
Now matter what comes your way
You totally got it
I know you do
I hope you realize that as well
Ok – that’s what I have for you today
I’m getting ready to head out to my coaching Mastermind
Where I will get all sorts of new ideas and inspiration
Bring it back here to you
Thanks so much for listening today
Let’s circle back next week
But for now- make it a great day
Take care!

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